How to Find Your Soulmutt. Dating Tips for Dog Lovers From Hallmark Movie Stars


The Hallmark movie Xmas follows the story of Jen (Clare Bowen) and Max (Brant Daugherty), two single strangers who meet after being mistakenly added to each other’s dog-walking app. Jen is focused on her career and not looking for love, while Max is struggling to move on after a recent breakup. They are brought together by their shared love of dogs and their chemistry quickly develops despite their hesitations. The Hallmark Channel is known for its feel-good romantic movies that appeal to animal lovers, making Xmas a perfect fit for its network. The story highlights some of the unique challenges dog owners face when dating, such as introducing a new love interest to a devoted pet. It also shows how a shared affection for dogs can help create a bond, as Jen and Max initially connect over caring for each other’s pups.

For dog lovers who are navigating the dating scene, Xmas offers a heartwarming take on finding both human and canine compatibility. Its lighthearted tone and happy ending provide the kind of uplifting entertainment that Hallmark fans enjoy. While the plot may be predictable, the appeal lies in the characters’ sweet relationships with each other and their furry companions.

Challenges Dog Lovers Face When Dating

One of the biggest challenges dog lovers face when dating is the commitment and time required for dog ownership. Dogs are living beings that require daily care, exercise, affection, and attention. This can mean limitations on one’s schedule and flexibility for dating and romantic getaways (source). Significant others may feel neglected if their partner has to rush home for dog walks or can’t stay the night. Compromise is key to ensuring both the relationship and the dog’s needs are met.

a photo collage of dogs looking sad or jealous when their owner shows affection to someone else

Dogs can also be territorial and experience jealousy when their owner shows affection towards someone else. Some dogs act out with bad behavior when they sense a rival for their human’s attention. New partners need to be patient and go slow with earning the dog’s trust and acceptance. Owners should give dogs adequate reassurance as the new person spends more time around. With the right introduction, dogs can learn to see a partner not as a rival but as an addition to the “pack.”

Travel and spontaneity can also be challenging for dog owners dating. Going away overnight or for weekends means arranging care for the dog or bringing them along. Vacations may be limited by the dog’s ability to travel. Compromise and understanding is needed from both parties to balance adventure with responsibility (source). With good communication, the limitations of dog ownership can be overcome through creative planning.

Tips for Introducing Your Date to Your Dog

When introducing a new partner to your dog, it’s important to take things slow and pay close attention to your dog’s reactions. As the expert from Rover suggests, “Before you and your dog separate from your date, hand over a few small training treats. Every time your pet comes over to say hello or sniff your date, ask him to sit first, then reward him with a treat” (source). This allows your dog to warm up gradually to your date in a positive, reward-based way.

It’s also a good idea to plan the initial introduction in a neutral setting outside your home. As Bark recommends, “Instruct your date to stand or sit sideways and avoid looking at or speaking to your pup. Even if the dog approaches immediately away, have your partner remain neutral” (source). This allows your dog to investigate the new person without feeling threatened. Let your dog approach and sniff on their own terms without forcing interaction.

Be patient and go at your dog’s pace when introducing a new partner. It may take multiple brief, positive encounters before your dog feels fully comfortable. Pay attention to body language and don’t push it if your dog seems nervous or uncertain. The key is to make the experience rewarding so your dog forms positive associations.

Ideal First Date Ideas

a couple walking their dogs together outside on a hiking trail date

When dating a fellow dog lover, planning dates that include your furry companions can be a great way to bond over your mutual love of dogs. Outdoor activities like hiking trails that allow dogs are a perfect option. Walking and talking while your dogs play together and explore nature makes for an active, engaging date. According to this article, visiting your local dog park can also be a fun first date. Let your dogs run around and play while you sit together and chat. Many cities now have dog-friendly restaurants and bars with pet-friendly patios where you can bring your pups. Sitting outside over dinner and drinks with your dogs nearby makes for a relaxed and enjoyable date night.

Conversation Starters

When chatting with a fellow dog lover, the conversation will naturally turn to discussing pets. Ask them questions about their dogs like their names, ages, breeds, and funny personality quirks. Share amusing anecdotes about your own dog getting into mischief or making you laugh. Discuss your favorite and least favorite dog breeds and why you feel that way. There’s an instant connection and rapport when you find someone else who is as crazy about canines as you are.

Some good opening lines when messaging a match who has dog photos could be:
“What a cute pup! What’s your dog’s name and breed?”
“That dog pic is adorable. Tell me all about your fur baby.”
“I see you’re a dog lover too. What’s your favorite thing about having a dog?”

Exchanging stories about priceless moments with your pets leads to meaningful conversations. You can also swap opinions on the best dog parks, pet products, training tips, and more. Dog lovers have so much in common that the chat flows naturally when focused on their shared passion.

Signs of a Dog Lover Compatibility

a checklist with signs to look for to determine if your date is a true dog lover

When determining if you and your date are truly compatible dog lovers, there are some telltale signs to look for. According to the article 10 Things You Should Know About Dating A Dog Lover on Dogtime, someone who volunteers at animal shelters likely has a big heart for dogs. You can also look at your date’s dating profiles – if dogs are mentioned or dog photos are included, it’s a good indication they are a true dog enthusiast.

One of the biggest giveaways is if your date engages with interest when you share stories about your dog. They’ll ask questions about your pup, want to know their name, age, breed, and see photos. An compatible dog lover will be just as eager to tell you all about their dog. This mutual interest and excitement is a green flag that you’ve found a fellow canine companion lover.

Long-Term Relationship Considerations

When dog lovers enter into long-term relationships, there are some unique factors to consider related to cohabitating with dogs, sharing dog responsibilities, and traveling with dogs.

Cohabitating with a partner’s dog or dogs takes compromise. According to one Redditor, “Shared custody with a dog almost never goes well and is not good for the dog either” (source). Decide whether one or both partners will be the primary caregiver. Discuss schedules, financial obligations, training, and rules so you are aligned in caring for the dogs.

Taking on joint dog walking and care responsibilities can impact the relationship. As described by Refinery29, “adopting a dog is a bigger deal than you can imagine. It will fundamentally change your relationship” (source). Have open communication about sharing dog duties like feeding, playtime, vet appointments, etc. Schedule equal time for each partner to have breaks.

When it comes to vacations and travel, consider if you will bring the dogs or board them. Research pet-friendly destinations in advance. Compromise on some getaways including the dogs and others just for the humans. Discuss costs and logistics of bringing pets on trips so you are both comfortable.

Setting Boundaries and Expectations

When dating as a dog lover, it’s important to set clear boundaries and expectations around your dog early on. This helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures your dog’s needs are met.

Clarify your alone time needs. Be upfront about how much one-on-one time you need with your dog for activities like walks, training, or cuddle sessions. Discuss a reasonable amount of alone time so your date doesn’t feel neglected. According to Furry Friends, setting boundaries around alone time gives your dog confidence and enhances your bond.

Find a balance between dog time and human time. Make it clear to your date approximately how much time you spend focused on your dog each day for care, play, training etc. Assure them you want to make time for the relationship too. Lifehacker recommends being transparent about your dog commitments so significant others know what to expect.

Set expectations around dog training. If you expect your date to help with training like reinforcing commands or boundaries, communicate that upfront. Discuss your overall training philosophy and methods so you’re on the same page, as suggested by Patriot K9. Consistency is key for dogs, so align on training approaches.

Making Compromises

Balance and mutual compromise are essential when dog lovers date. Couples need to accommodate each other’s pet care routines and preferences. Here are some tips for making compromises:

an illustration of two people negotiating and compromising over shared dog ownership

Plan dog-friendly social activities that you can both enjoy. Go to outdoor restaurants with patio dining, hike trails that allow dogs, visit dog parks together, etc. Taking turns choosing dates allows you both to integrate your interests.

“My boyfriend always chooses his dog over me. Should I compromise?” Sometimes there can be tension when one partner prioritizes a pet. Open communication is key – discuss compromises like taking turns picking activities, but set boundaries if you feel neglected. As this Quora discussion notes, ultimately partners should make each other feel valued.

If cohabitating, have frank conversations about pet care duties beforehand. Compromise on household rules that accommodate both your preferences. “Seeking advice on living together, compromise, and animals,” one couple negotiated meticulous areas for the dog versus carpeted rooms kept pet-free.


In summary, dating as a dog lover has its unique rewards and challenges. While having a shared love of dogs can bring two people together, there are other important areas of compatibility to consider for a successful long-term relationship. Open communication with a partner is key – be upfront about your dog care routines and expectations, but also willing to compromise. Though dogs may feel like family, remember that human-to-human connections matter most in a romantic partnership. Evaluate your compatibility beyond simply loving dogs. With understanding and effort, dog lovers can find love while still caring for their furry friends.

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