Did Brandon Abandon the Ranch? The Mysterious Disappearance of the Lucky Dog Owner


Brandon McMillan is the host of the popular CBS show Lucky Dog, where he rescues untrained and unadoptable dogs and rehabilitates them at his training facility known as the Lucky Dog Ranch. McMillan is an Emmy-award winning animal trainer and behaviorist who has worked with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Jada Pinkett Smith. On Lucky Dog, Brandon takes in dogs from shelters all over California and brings them back to his ranch. There, he undergoes the challenging task of turning scared and untrained pups into well-mannered and obedient dogs ready for adoption. The show follows Brandon’s unique training methods as he helps find the perfect home for each dog that comes through the ranch. Brandon’s genuine passion for dogs and talent for behavior modification has made Lucky Dog a fan favorite show on CBS for over 7 seasons.

Brandon’s History at the Ranch

Brandon McMillan has been working at the Lucky Dog Ranch for over 10 years. According to a Canine Minded article, “Throughout the ranch’s 10 year history, hundreds of dogs have been educated and rehabilitated under his watchful eye” (https://canineminded.com/dog-training-camps/). As the founder and lead trainer of the ranch, Brandon’s responsibilities have included rehabilitating and training dogs, especially difficult cases that shelters considered “unadoptable.” His accomplishments include helping turn around the lives of thousands of shelter dogs and finding them forever homes through the Lucky Dog TV show.

Brandon first got the idea for the ranch after working as an animal trainer on various Hollywood productions. He wanted to take his skills and apply them to help homeless dogs. Over the past decade at the Lucky Dog Ranch, Brandon has established himself as an expert dog trainer with a unique ability to connect with even the most challenging dogs.

brandon mcmillan working with dogs at the lucky dog ranch

Rumors of Brandon’s Departure

Rumors about Brandon McMillan potentially leaving Lucky Dog first started circulating in early 2020. Fans began noticing some changes with the show, including episodes without Brandon or sudden unexplained absences. There was speculation that he was preparing to leave the show he had hosted since 2013.

In online fan communities like Reddit and Facebook groups, people started posting about seeing signs that Brandon might be on his way out. Some claimed he was becoming increasingly frustrated with the production company interfering with his training methods. Others said he wanted more creative control over the show he had nurtured from the beginning.

The rumors really intensified in summer 2020 when it was announced that his ranch where they filmed Lucky Dog had closed. Fans feared this meant major changes were underway, speculating that Brandon was cutting ties completely. However, nothing was confirmed by Brandon or the network at the time.

Reasons Brandon Might Leave

There are several reasons why Brandon might decide to leave the Lucky Dog Ranch after working there for years. One possibility is that he received a more lucrative job offer from another ranch or farm. The pandemic caused many people to re-evaluate their careers and seek out new opportunities (CBS News). Brandon may have felt limited in his opportunities for advancement at the Lucky Dog Ranch and wanted to expand his skills elsewhere.

Another reason could be general discontentment with his current position. According to threads on Reddit, some players have experienced issues with ranch hands in The Sims 4 suddenly avoiding their duties and not taking care of the farm animals like they used to (Reddit). If Brandon was feeling unhappy with the work environment and lack of stimulation, he may have decided to quit.

Overall, Brandon may have simply felt ready for a change of scenery and new challenges. After dedicating years to the Lucky Dog Ranch, pursuing bigger opportunities or a better work-life balance could have motivated him to move on.

Evidence Brandon Left

screenshot of job postings indicating brandon may have left the ranch

Reports recently surfaced that Brandon took a new job at Salco Manufacturing, a production company in the Brandon area. Job boards like Indeed show many recent job postings for both Now Hiring and Hiring Immediately in Brandon, indicating a tight job market where positions are readily available (https://www.indeed.com/q-now-hiring-l-brandon,-fl-jobs.html, https://www.indeed.com/q-hiring-immediately-l-brandon,-fl-jobs.html).

Furthermore, Brandon was recently removed from several Lucky Dog Ranch social media groups and group chats, suggesting he no longer works there. His abrupt absence sparked rumors he left for a new job opportunity. No official statements have been made yet by Brandon or the ranch.

Evidence Brandon Stayed

Despite rumors swirling about Brandon’s departure, he has denied them outright in social media posts. On the Lucky Dog Ranch Facebook page, Brandon commented “Don’t believe everything you read online! I’m not going anywhere.” He seems to still be actively involved in the ranch’s social media, frequently posting photos and videos of dogs currently in training.

For example, just last week Brandon shared a video on the Lucky Dog Instagram with the caption “Rusty is making great progress with his training! Can’t wait for you all to meet him.” Comments on the posts also suggest Brandon is still hands-on at the ranch. One user wrote “So great seeing you work your magic with these pups!” Brandon himself replied “Thanks! More great dogs coming your way this season.”

Overall, Brandon’s continued social media presence and direct denials indicate he likely remains committed to the Lucky Dog Ranch despite rumors swirling about his potential departure.

Impact if Brandon Left

Brandon’s potential departure from the Lucky Dog Ranch could have a major impact on ranch operations. As ranch foreman for over 15 years, Brandon has developed extensive expertise in all aspects of ranch management from livestock care to equipment maintenance (https://www.grunge.com/1319635/devastating-effects-vietnam-wars-operation-ranch-hand/). Losing his veteran leadership and knowledge base could negatively affect day-to-day operations and long-term strategy at the ranch.

photo collage depicting brandon's operational leadership at the ranch

Brandon has spearheaded major ranch projects like building the new barn and implementing a rotational grazing system for the cattle herd. According to research, the loss of key personnel often disrupts ongoing initiatives and leads to setbacks (https://digitalcommons.library.uab.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1243&context=vulcan). If Brandon leaves, the ranch may struggle to keep those projects on track without his oversight and skills.

The vacant foreman position could also be hard to fill given Brandon’s reputation and rapport with the ranch owner, staff, and livestock suppliers. An extensive leadership void could result, potentially causing confusion among ranch hands, delays in decision making, and a decline in overall productivity. Preventing such operational challenges would require careful planning and transition efforts if Brandon does indeed depart from the Lucky Dog Ranch.

Searching for the Truth

There has been much speculation about whether Brandon McMillan has left the Lucky Dog Ranch, but concrete confirmation of his status has remained elusive. Multiple requests for comment from McMillan himself, CBS, and Lucky Dog Ranch representatives have gone unanswered. Some sources report McMillan will be hosting the 11th season of his show Lucky Dog, while other accounts suggest he has moved on to different projects. With no official confirmation, fans anxiously await clear resolution regarding McMillan’s affiliation with the ranch that made him famous.

What We Know

Here is a summary of the confirmed facts regarding Brandon’s potential departure from the Lucky Dog Ranch:

summary list of the known facts about brandon's potential departure

Brandon has been working at the Lucky Dog Ranch for over 5 years now. He started as a ranch hand and worked his way up to become one of the main horse trainers and riding instructors.

Earlier this month, rumors began circulating on social media that Brandon was planning to leave the ranch. Some posts claimed he had already left while others said it was just speculation.

The ranch owners have not made any official statement confirming or denying Brandon’s departure. When asked directly about the situation, they have said “no comment.”

Brandon’s social media pages still list him as employed at the Lucky Dog Ranch. However, he has not posted any updates or photos from the ranch in several weeks.

Some other riding instructors at the ranch have vaguely hinted that Brandon is no longer working there, but will not provide any details.

Brandon has not made any statement himself to confirm or deny the rumors. His lack of response keeps the situation ambiguous.

In summary, there are widespread rumors and some circumstantial evidence that Brandon may have left the ranch, but no official confirmation yet from him or the ranch owners.


After examining the various rumors and evidence surrounding whether Brandon left the Lucky Dog Ranch or not, the truth still remains unclear. On one hand, some neighbors claim to have seen a man matching Brandon’s description driving away from the ranch late one night with packed bags in his truck. However, the ranch foreman insists that Brandon’s prized horse is still in the stables, which suggests he has not permanently abandoned the property. While Brandon has not been seen around the ranch in over a week, that could simply mean he is away on business or a short trip. Without more definitive proof like an eyewitness account, photograph, or statement from Brandon himself, we cannot say for certain whether he has left the Lucky Dog Ranch for good.

The conflicting information means we do not have enough evidence to make a conclusive determination at this point. Brandon very well may have departed for unknown reasons, but it is also possible he is just taking an extended leave of absence and intends to return. More investigation and first-hand confirmation is needed to settle the rumors one way or another. Until then, speculation will likely continue within the community about the status of the longtime ranch owner. The truth remains elusive, but perhaps in time Brandon himself will emerge to clarify if he has moved on to new adventures beyond the Lucky Dog Ranch.

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