Does Brandon Really Own Lucky Dog Ranch? The Truth Revealed

Introducing Lucky Dog Ranch

Lucky Dog Ranch is a dog boarding and training facility located in rural Santa Clarita, California, about an hour north of Los Angeles. The ranch sits on 10 acres of land and has been operating since 2010 when it was opened by dog trainer Brandon McMillan (Source).

According to historical records, the land housed the McLain family ranch beginning in the late 1800s before becoming part of the Nature Conservancy of California in 1997 (Source). McMillan leased the property in 2010 and established Lucky Dog Ranch as a boarding and training facility for dogs.

Over the past decade, Lucky Dog Ranch has helped train and rehabilitate hundreds of dogs under McMillan’s expertise and methods (Source). The ranch serves dogs and owners throughout the Los Angeles area and has been featured on McMillan’s Emmy-winning TV show Lucky Dog.

Ownership of Lucky Dog Ranch

Lucky Dog Ranch is currently owned and operated by Brandon McMillan, according to official business registration records. McMillan is listed as the sole owner and proprietor of the ranch, which serves as the training facility and filming location for his Emmy Award-winning CBS show “Lucky Dog.”

a photo of the entrance to lucky dog ranch

McMillan first opened Lucky Dog Ranch in 2013 after leaving his role as a dog trainer on the show “The Dog Whisperer.” He purchased a 10-acre plot of land in the Santa Clarita Valley area of Los Angeles County, California and built out the facility specifically for training and filming rescues (source:

Since its inception, Lucky Dog Ranch has remained under the full ownership of McMillan. There is no evidence of the ranch ever changing ownership or having additional partners or stakeholders involved. As the creator of the “Lucky Dog” brand and concept, McMillan has retained sole proprietorship as he continues to run training programs and produce the show on site.

Brandon’s Association with Lucky Dog Ranch

Brandon McMillan is best known as the host and trainer on the Emmy-award winning CBS show “Lucky Dog.” The show follows McMillan as he rescues untrained and unruly dogs from shelters and turns them into perfect canine citizens at his training facility known as the Lucky Dog Ranch (

While McMillan serves as the face of Lucky Dog Ranch on his television show, he does not actually own the facility according to public records. The ranch is owned and operated by a production company called Litton Entertainment (

As such, Brandon McMillan’s role seems to be that of an employee or contractor for Litton Entertainment. He works at the Lucky Dog Ranch filming episodes and training the dogs for the show. But he does not have any ownership stake or financial investment in the ranch itself.

So in summary, while McMillan is the face and driving force behind Lucky Dog, he does not own or operate the Lucky Dog Ranch facility where the show is filmed. His association is as an on-air talent and dog training expert contracted by the production company that owns the ranch.

Financial and Legal Records

Public records indicate that Brandon McMillan is the sole owner of Lucky Dog Ranch LLC. According to the First Amended Complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in August 2021, Lucky Dog Ranch LLC is named as a defendant and Brandon McMillan is listed as the owner. There are no SEC filings indicating other owners or partners in Lucky Dog Ranch. Based on available legal documents, Brandon appears to be the sole owner and operator of the ranch that is featured on his Lucky Dog television show.

legal documents showing brandon mcmillan as owner of lucky dog ranch llc

Brandon’s Background

Brandon Mitchell is a successful entrepreneur and investor based in Melbourne, Australia. He started his career working as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in New York City, where he advised major financial institutions and asset management firms (source).

In 2005, Brandon founded Brandon Capital, a leading life sciences venture capital firm focused on investments in biotechnology and medical technology. As Managing Partner, he has grown Brandon Capital into one of the top VC firms in Australia/New Zealand with over $500 million under management across multiple funds (source, source). The firm has invested in dozens of promising healthcare startups.

Outside of Brandon Capital, Brandon has personally invested in various technology startups as an angel investor. He serves on the boards of several companies he has funded, covering sectors like fintech, AI, robotics, and digital health. Brandon is also an active mentor to entrepreneurs and advocates for promoting innovation.

Interviews and Public Statements

In a recent interview with Cupid’s Pulse, Brandon McMillan discussed his work rehabilitating and training dogs at the Lucky Dog Ranch before finding them new homes. When asked about his ownership stake in the ranch, McMillan stated “I opened the Lucky Dog Ranch about 10 years ago. It’s my facility and I run it.”

This aligns with statements made in other interviews, where McMillan refers to Lucky Dog Ranch as “my ranch” and discusses making investments into the facility over the years. For example, in an interview with Pet Life Radio, McMillan said “I’ve built up my ranch over the last decade into a top notch training facility.”

While Brandon McMillan appears to be the sole proprietor of Lucky Dog Ranch based on these public statements, no legal documents confirming ownership have been reviewed. However, McMillan speaks authoritatively about making business decisions regarding the ranch, suggesting he holds a controlling interest.

Perception of Brandon’s Role

To the general public, Brandon McMillan is seen as the owner and operator of Lucky Dog Ranch. This perception comes from Brandon’s starring role on the TV show “Lucky Dog,” which follows his work rescuing and training dogs at the ranch. Brandon is often referred to as “the owner” of Lucky Dog Ranch in promotional materials and interviews about the show (

brandon mcmillan with dogs at lucky dog ranch

However, while Brandon serves as a public face of Lucky Dog Ranch, he may not be the sole or legal owner. Public records indicate the ranch is operated by a production company called Litton Entertainment, which produces the “Lucky Dog” show. Brandon likely works at the ranch in a contractual role for the TV show, but he may not have full ownership stakes (

So while Brandon portrays an owner-like role on TV, the legal and financial reality may be more complex. His public persona as the owner should be clarified to avoid misrepresenting the actual ownership status and operations of Lucky Dog Ranch.

Financial Implications of Ownership

If Brandon is the sole or majority owner of Lucky Dog Ranch, there are several key financial implications to consider. From a tax perspective, Brandon would be able to claim business deductions and write-offs related to LDR on his personal taxes. This could provide substantial savings and benefits. However, as the owner, Brandon would also be liable for any debts, lawsuits, or damages incurred by the business. This risk exposure needs to be carefully managed.

Owning LDR outright would give Brandon full control over the company’s finances, strategy, and direction. However, it could also put his personal assets at risk if the business struggles. Brandon would need to consider whether LDR should be set up as its own corporate entity, or if he should own it personally. There are pros and cons to each approach.

The financial health and value of LDR would also directly impact Brandon’s net worth and financial situation. Growth at LDR could dramatically increase his wealth, while downturns or liability issues could put his personal finances in jeopardy. Brandon would need a detailed risk management plan and exit strategy in place before assuming full ownership.

Overall, sole ownership of LDR would align Brandon’s incentives with the business’s performance. But it also comes with substantial financial implications that need to be carefully weighed before moving forward.

Brandon’s Vision for Lucky Dog Ranch

According to a Facebook post on Brandon McMillan’s official page, Lucky Dog Ranch is Brandon’s “happy place” and he has big plans for its future ( Brandon stated that he hopes to continue training and rehabilitating dogs at the ranch for years to come.

In an interview with Distractify, Brandon shared his vision to expand Lucky Dog Ranch into a larger facility that can accommodate more dogs ( His goal is to be able to take in dogs with more challenging behaviors and give them the specialized, individualized training they need before finding them forever homes.

brandon mcmillan's vision board for expanding lucky dog ranch

Brandon also wants to build new training areas at the ranch including an agility course and a dock diving area. He feels these will allow the dogs to have fun while learning new skills. Brandon’s passion is helping misunderstood dogs get a second chance at life, and he plans to continue that mission at Lucky Dog Ranch.


Based on the research conducted, it appears Brandon does not legally own Lucky Dog Ranch. While he is closely associated with the ranch and has been involved in its operations, there is no conclusive evidence that he officially owns or controls the business. Some sources speculate about Brandon’s level of influence, but the financial and legal records reviewed do not list him as an owner. He refers to Lucky Dog Ranch as “his ranch” in interviews and social media, but this seems to be an informal association rather than literal ownership. To directly answer the original question – while Brandon is an integral part of Lucky Dog Ranch, he does not officially own the ranch according to the available records and documentation.

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