The Fate of Daryl’s Dog Revealed. Does Dog Die in The Walking Dead Season 11?


The Walking Dead is a popular American post-apocalyptic horror television series that first aired on AMC in 2010. Developed by Frank Darabont, the show is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The Walking Dead takes place after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse and follows a group of survivors led by former police officer Rick Grimes as they struggle to stay alive in the face of threats from the undead as well as other human survivors.

One of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead is Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus. Daryl is an expert tracker, hunter, and survivalist who becomes an integral member of Rick’s group. Originally a crass outsider, Daryl transforms into a loyal and compassionate member of the group who puts their safety and well-being above his own. Armed with his signature crossbow and motorcycle, Daryl acts as the group’s skilled scout and hunter, helping provide them with food and protection. His character has evolved over the course of the series, becoming a natural leader and Rick’s trusted right-hand man. Daryl quickly became a fan favorite character known for his grit, loyalty, and skills in navigating the harsh new walker-infested world.

Daryl’s Dog

Daryl Dixon, one of the main characters in The Walking Dead, adopted a stray dog in season 10 of the hit AMC show. Daryl first encountered the dog while out in the woods searching for Rick Grimes’ missing gun. The dog approached Daryl and led him to the abandoned campsite where Rick’s gun was hidden (Dog (TV Series) | Walking Dead Wiki – Fandom).

daryl's dog leading him through the woods

Daryl decided to bring the dog back home to Alexandria and gave him the simple name “Dog.” Daryl and Dog formed a close bond, with Dog becoming Daryl’s loyal companion. According to Daryl, Dog helped fill the void left behind after Rick’s disappearance (The Walking Dead: How Daryl Met Dog – CBR).

The Dog’s Importance

Dog first appeared in season 9 of The Walking Dead and quickly became an important companion to Daryl Dixon ( As a lonely character who had lost many loved ones, Daryl bonded closely with Dog and the canine helped humanize the gruff hunter. According to Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, having the dog enabled Daryl to show a softer and more caring side ( Dog provided companionship and unconditional love for Daryl, giving him a sense of purpose and responsibility. This helped develop Daryl’s character and created some touching moments between man and dog over multiple seasons. Ultimately, Dog became a symbol of hope and resilience in the post-apocalyptic world.

Speculation About the Dog

After season 10 of The Walking Dead ended, fans became very concerned about the fate of Daryl’s dog. The show has notoriously killed off beloved characters before, sometimes unexpectedly, and fans worried the same fate might befall Daryl’s canine companion.

fans speculating about the dog's fate

Many fans speculated that the dog would be killed off early in season 11, given the dark tone of the show. As one fan commented on Reddit: “I have a bad feeling about Daryl’s dog. I’ll be surprised if it makes it past episode 3 of season 11.”

Other fans hoped the dog would survive, but weren’t optimistic. As one fan tweeted: “That dog is as good as dead. No way it lives for long in that world” (

Going into season 11, the fate of Daryl’s dog was very much an open question that worried many fans of The Walking Dead.

Events in Season 11

Season 11 of The Walking Dead saw several major events that put key characters at risk. In the first half of the season, Alexandria was attacked by the Reapers, a violent group led by Pope. This attack forced the Alexandria residents like Daryl, Maggie, Negan and Gabriel to fight back and try to save their home (Wikipedia).

Later in the season, key characters were captured by the mysterious group called the Commonwealth. Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel, Ezekiel and Negan were imprisoned in the Commonwealth’s horrific jail run by the ruthless Lance Hornsby. According to the Walking Dead wiki, Daryl and the others plotted to rebel against their captors but struggled to gain allies (Walking Dead Wiki).

The back half of season 11 also featured Maggie leading a desperate group of survivors against the undead horde. As described by Bounding Into Comics, they used explosives to destroy parts of the massive walker herd, but were still in grave danger (Bounding Into Comics). These nerve-wracking events put key characters at risk and created suspense for fans.

The Dog’s Fate

Fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as Daryl’s dog manages to survive all the way through season 11 of The Walking Dead. Though the dog has several close calls and brushes with death over the course of the season, he avoids being bitten or killed.

In the penultimate episode of season 11, “What’s Been Lost,” Daryl confirms to Carol that Dog was exiled from Alexandria along with the rest of their friends and family. This implies that Dog is still alive at that point in the story.

The series finale, “Rest in Peace,” ends without showing Dog’s fate directly. However, the dog was with Daryl when they were forced to flee Alexandria, and there’s no indication he perished after that. Daryl is shown alive and determined to find his exiled loved ones, including Dog. So it’s safe to assume the loyal dog remains by Daryl’s side.

daryl and dog together at the end

As one article summarizes: “If you’ve been watching the final season of The Walking Dead and rooting for Dog to survive, you’ll be thrilled to know that he doesn’t die.” (Source)

Why the Dog Lived

The dog escaped death in season 11 for a few key reasons according to fans and analysts. First, the dog serves an important emotional purpose for Daryl’s character development. After losing many people close to him, the dog gives Daryl unconditional love and companionship, helping humanize the character (Source). Killing the dog would have been an unnecessary emotional blow.

Second, the show runners recognized the dog’s popularity with fans. Social media lit up with positive reactions when the dog first appeared by Daryl’s side, elevating the dog to fan favorite status. Killing such a beloved character would risk angering many loyal viewers (Source).

Finally, the dog helps promote Daryl’s spinoff series by endearing him further to viewers. The writers likely spared the dog to keep building fan attachment ahead of the new show, allowing the dog to continue humanizing Daryl during future storylines.

Fan Reactions

Fans of The Walking Dead were extremely relieved and happy that Daryl’s dog survived through season 11 of the show. Many fans had speculated that the show runners might kill off the dog for dramatic effect or to show the dangerous nature of the apocalyptic world. However, the dog made it to the final episode alive and well.

Leading up to the final season, fans started a “if Dog dies we riot” campaign, emphasizing how attached they had become to Daryl’s canine companion. On forums and social media, fans discussed how devastating it would be if the dog was killed off.

As episode after episode aired without the dog’s death, fans began celebrating online. On Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook groups, fans expressed their gratitude and joy that the writers spared Daryl’s dog. Many said they could handle main character deaths, but would have been heartbroken if the dog had died.

The overwhelming fan response highlights the dog’s popularity and importance to the show. Keeping the dog alive provided some uplifting moments during an otherwise dark and tragic final season. Fans considered the dog’s survival to be a bright spot in the conclusion of the long-running apocalyptic drama.

The Dog’s Future

Even though Daryl’s dog survives season 11 of The Walking Dead, there has been much speculation about the canine companion’s role in potential future seasons or spinoffs. Many fans believe the dog, affectionately nicknamed “Dog” by Daryl, will continue to be an important part of Daryl’s story in seasons to come.

daryl and dog in the future

According to a ScreenRant article, Dog’s survival hints that the showrunners intend for him to be “a constant companion” for Daryl moving forward. With Daryl receiving his own spinoff show set to premiere in 2023, it’s likely Dog will tag along on his new adventures beyond the main Walking Dead series.

Fans on Reddit have theorized Dog could take on an even bigger role, perhaps receiving more character development or backstory. Some believe Dog might meet a heroic end sacrificing himself to save Daryl one day. But for now, it seems Dog is here to stay by Daryl’s side as a loyal friend.

Though unconfirmed, many hope to see Dog accompany Daryl into the future, whether in spinoffs, continuations of The Walking Dead storyline, or even possible Walking Dead movies. Their bond has resonated with viewers, so keeping Dog around would allow that fan-favorite relationship to continue evolving.


In closing, while Daryl Dixon’s dog had some close calls and dangerous situations this past season, the beloved canine companion survived and continues to be by Daryl’s side. This provides hope and comfort for many fans who see the dog as part of Daryl’s new family. After everything Daryl and the communities have suffered, keeping his brave dog alive allows a sense of optimism to remain. Their bond persevered through difficult odds, and viewers can find reassurance knowing man’s best friend sticks around in the world of The Walking Dead.

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