Does John Wick Find Furry Friendship Again?

Introduction to John Wick franchise

The John Wick film franchise focuses on the eponymous character John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves. Wick was formerly a legendary hitman who retired from his violent career after getting married. However, his wife passed away due to illness, leaving John distraught.

After his wife’s death, the last gift she left him was a puppy named Daisy, which gave John a new sense of meaning and connection. However, a Russian mobster’s son kills Daisy, the last reminder of John’s wife. This sparks John’s rampage of vengeance across the criminal underworld in the first John Wick movie.

John Wick is a tormented character motivated by loss and isolation. The death of his dog Daisy, the last gift from his beloved wife, is the inciting incident that pushes John back into his violent past. As the franchise continues, a central question emerges – will John Wick ever move on and find redemption beyond his rampages of vengeance?

John’s Bond with His Dog

In the first John Wick film, viewers are introduced to the deep bond John shares with his dog Daisy, a final gift from his late wife Helen right before she passed away. As described in one article, “Dogs are important because in the first chapter, it is the murder of his little Beagle puppy, Daisy – a reminder gift from his recently deceased wife – that starts the rampage.” (Source)

Daisy represented John’s love for Helen and helped him grieve her loss, giving him comfort and meaning after her death. As GQ analyzed, “It all begins with Daisy the Beagle (played by a dog named Andy), a gift to John from his beloved wife Helen, delivered shortly after her death.” (Source) When Daisy is killed, the wounds of losing Helen are reopened for John, fueling his rampage of vengeance.

John’s Rampage of Vengeance

In John Wick, after John’s puppy Daisy is killed by Iosef Tarasov, John goes on a rampage to avenge her death. As described in one review, “The puppy’s death unleashes the formidable fury of John Wick, a legendary hitman hellbent on vengeance” (Tshirt Men Short-Sleeve John Wick Movie Violence Best-Gift). John kills over 70 people in the first movie alone, showcasing intense action sequences and stylized violence. As he seeks vengeance, the body count stacks up through shootouts, hand-to-hand combat sequences, and more creative kills.

The excessive violence in John Wick has garnered both criticism and praise. Some reviews call the violence “over-the-top,” while others appreciate the stylized nature and find the action thrilling. As one analysis states, “Violence is the selling point of the John Wick films” (John wick 4 isaimini movies). The violence escalates in each sequel, with John Wick: Chapter 3 featuring a higher body count estimated at over 180. Through it all, Daisy remains John’s emotional motivation to keep fighting.

john wick rampaging through the criminal underworld.

John’s isolation and desire for connection

John Wick is a man disconnected and alone after the loss of his wife Helen. As described in one analysis, “John wakes up alone in a large bed, drags himself out of bed and walks through an empty house, immediately you have a sense of loss even before you find out that his wife has died” (Analysis – John Wick is a Masterclass in Visual Storytelling). With no family left, John struggles to find meaning and relationships in his life.

After his wife’s death, the puppy she arranged for him to receive became John’s only real companion and source of unconditional love. As one Reddit analysis describes, “His dog gave him meaning again after losing everything else” (Analysis of John Wick). When his dog is killed, John’s isolation becomes complete again.

Throughout the films, John struggles to rebuild human connections and relationships that can fill the void left by his wife’s death and give him a renewed sense of meaning. However, his vengeful rampages and life as an assassin make it difficult for him to break out of his isolation and find a sense of belonging in the world again.

The question of a new dog

John’s precious connection with his dog has sparked a lot of fan speculation about whether he will get a new canine companion. After losing his first dog as an act of senseless violence in the first film, the dog’s death catalyzed John’s roaring rampage of revenge. Some fans on Reddit have pointed out that John’s adoption of the pit bull slated for euthanasia brought the story full circle emotionally.

The possibility of a new dog begs several questions. Another dog could represent hope and John finding meaning again after so much loss and brutality. As one Reddit user pointed out, it showed “pit bulls could be loyal and calm and that they can make just as good a companion as any other breed.”

A new dog may also motivate the plot, inspire John to come out of isolation, or make him vulnerable emotionally again. The writers have lots of options for how a canine companion could impact his character arc over the course of John Wick 4’s production. While we don’t know if John will get another dog, the potential is ripe for fans to speculate.

Addressing potential counterarguments

Some say a new dog would undermine his wife’s memory. John’s wife arranged for the original puppy gift in the first John Wick to help him through his grief after her passing. The puppy formed a deep bond with John and gave him renewed purpose. When the puppy was tragically killed, it set John on a rampage of vengeance. Some feel that getting another dog would lessen the original puppy’s importance and memory.

Others argue another rampage film would be repetitive. The John Wick movies are known for their intense action sequences and John’s skills as an unstoppable assassin. While fans love the over-the-top violence, some worry that simply repeating the formula of John seeking vengeance could start to feel stale. After the tragic loss of his dogs in the first two films, having John go on another rampage over a canine companion may seem like a retread.

John Wick 4 Plot and Production

The upcoming fourth installment in the John Wick franchise is slated for a March 24, 2023 release date. Keanu Reeves will be reprising his role as the titular character, the legendary assassin John Wick. Fans are eager to see where the next chapter in John’s story will take him.

john wick chapter 4 production.

Details about the plot are being kept under wraps for now, but director Chad Stahelski has hinted that John Wick 4 will expand the universe and world-building even further. In an interview with IndieWire, Stahelski stated “We want to have a little bit of world expansion. I love mythology. I love a good mythological backstory. We’ve had little whispers of it, but I’d like to expand a little bit on that.”

Principal photography began in June 2021 in Berlin, Paris, and Japan. Stahelski has confirmed that the film will be shot in 4K resolution for the first time in the franchise. Locations include the streets of Paris, the snowy alps, and the desert (Foro Espana). The production scale and globe-trotting locations point to an epic next chapter for John Wick.

While plot details remain under wraps, fans can expect the signature thrilling action and fight choreography that the John Wick films are known for when the fourth installment arrives in theaters.

The potential for a new canine companion

Given John Wick’s close bond with his previous dog, fans speculate if he will get another canine companion. There are several options for dog breeds that could suit John’s brooding personality and complement his dangerous assassin lifestyle.

Some fans suggest an intimidating but loyal breed like a Doberman Pinscher or Rottweiler would pair well with John’s penchant for violence. As evidenced by his beloved pitbull from the first film, John may also bond with another bully breed given their renowned courage and tenacity (Dogtime).

Symbolically, a new dog could represent John’s continuing struggle for meaning and connection. Just as his beagle puppy signified hope after his wife’s death, a new canine companion may become a moral anchor for John’s humanity amidst the criminal underworld.

john wick with a new canine companion.

While another pitbull or Doberman would evoke John’s first dog, some suggest a heroic breed like a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois would suit the increasingly epic scale of John’s battles. Ultimately, whatever its breed, a new loyal canine at John’s side can highlight that despite his stone-cold exterior, he still seeks companionship and a shred of normalcy.

Impact on John’s Character Arc

A new canine companion could allow for significant growth in John Wick’s character arc. As articulated by GQ, “John Wick’s rampages aren’t about revenge⁠—they’re about grief.” (Source) The death of his wife Helen and her posthumous gift of Daisy the dog gave John someone to love and connect with, helping him cope with devastating loss.

While the original motivation of avenging Daisy’s death fueled his violent rampage, a new dog could represent hope and humanity returning to John’s solitary life. As John forms a renewed bond and regains his empathy and warmth, it would add complexity and likability to the brooding assassin.

This progression honors the franchise’s roots while moving the story forward. John’s reputation remains fearsome, and action set pieces would still showcase his lethal skills. However, focusing more on the man underneath the myth could offer a fresh perspective on beloved characters. Ultimately, a new canine companion could be the catalyst for unexpected storytelling while respecting the spirit of the John Wick universe.

john wick showing personal growth.


Throughout the franchise thus far, we’ve seen John Wick’s deep emotional bond with his dogs, most notably his Beagle named Daisy. Her death is what initially sent him on his vengeful rampage in the first film. As the sequels have shown, while John is certainly a ruthless assassin, he still has a softer, more vulnerable side that longs for companionship.

Some argue that giving John another dog would undermine his entire arc of grief and vengeance stemming from Daisy’s death. It may seem to erase the motivation for his initial blood-soaked mission. However, others contend that after all he’s endured, John deserves a chance at happiness and a new companion to care for.

While the John Wick films revel in stylized violence and action, there is an undercurrent of humanity in John’s character. Another loyal canine friend may be just what he needs to recover a sense of meaning and connection in his solitary life as a hitman. It could signal John finally overcoming grief and opening his heart once more.

Overall, I think in John Wick 4 or future sequels, giving John a new dog to love, protect, and care for would provide an emotional gravitas and character arc that many fans would appreciate. It may not undo the original motive from the first film, but rather show how far the character has come since then. As long as the dog is not harmed again, it could be a great addition to the legendary hitman’s story.

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