A Dog’s Life. Finding the Secret Doghouse in Fallout 4

Overview of Sanctuary in Fallout 4

Sanctuary is the starting area in Fallout 4. It’s located in the northwest of the Commonwealth, situated along the banks of the Concord River. The player character starts out in Vault 111, emerging out into Sanctuary after leaving the vault.

Sanctuary is centered around Sanctuary Hills, which was the neighborhood the player character lived in before the war. Many of the original houses from before the war are still standing here, making it a natural place for the player to start rebuilding and establishing a home base.

As the first settlement the player encounters, Sanctuary holds a special significance. With ample open space surrounding the original neighborhood, it presents an inviting canvas for the player to transform into a thriving settlement. Once the workbench is activated, the player can build houses, plant crops, set up defenses, and turn Sanctuary into a fortified base.

Throughout the game, the player can return here and continuously develop Sanctuary into a bustling home for themselves and other settlers. With the right resources and effort, it can be one of the most impressive settlements in Fallout 4.

Finding the Dog House

The dog house is located near the yellow house the player starts in at the beginning of Fallout 4 in Sanctuary. It’s a small red dog house that sits next to a large tree in the backyard area behind the houses (1). Dogmeat, the player’s canine companion, can be sent to stay and sleep in this dog house when not accompanying the player.

dogmeat's doghouse in sanctuary

Specifically, the dog house is located behind the yellow house with the collapsed roof that has the workshop inside. Face the back of this house, and the dog house will be slightly to the right by a tree and some shrubs. Players can direct Dogmeat to stay in this dog house so he has a place to rest in Sanctuary (2).

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Dogmeat’s Role

Dogmeat is the player’s faithful canine companion in Fallout 4. As a German Shepherd, Dogmeat is capable of tracking enemies and finding items for the player 1. He can detect enemies from far away, helping alert the player to potential dangers. Dogmeat can also be commanded to fetch certain items like weapons and aid items 2. As a companion, he provides additional offensive and defensive skills in combat.

dogmeat growling and ready for combat

The dog house located in Sanctuary provides a place for Dogmeat to stay and rest. Since he accompanies the player on most journeys, having a place for him to sleep and be sheltered is an important fixture in Sanctuary. The dog house can also be customized with decorations and enhanced armor. Ultimately, Dogmeat plays an invaluable role as the player’s companion throughout their travels in the Commonwealth.

Customizing the Dog House

In Fallout 4, the dog house is considered a buildable furniture item that can be constructed at settlement workshops. Players have the ability to fully customize Dogmeat’s dog house to their liking.

The default dog house that spawns at the player’s home in Sanctuary can be scrapped for 1 steel and 3 wood. This allows players to salvage the basic materials if they wish to build a custom dog house instead.

customizing the doghouse with decorations

To build a new dog house, players need access to a workshop. Dog houses are found under the Decorations > Miscellaneous section of the workshop build menu. Building a basic dog house requires 1 steel and 3 wood.

Once built, the dog house acts as a shelter and bed for Dogmeat or any other tamed creature. Players can assign Dogmeat to a specific dog house using the command interface.

Dog houses can be extensively modified and decorated. There are a number of customization options such as adding a roof, panels, and paintings. More elaborate dog houses can be constructed by combinging other furniture items like rug
s and fences.

So while the default dog house in Sanctuary is functional, players have the ability to create customized dog houses suited to their own aesthetic tastes.

Importance of Dogmeat

Dogmeat has become an iconic part of the Fallout franchise ever since being introduced in the original Fallout game in 1997. He was inspired by the dog that accompanies Max in the Mad Max films 1. Dogmeat has appeared in several titles in the series including Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Fans love having a canine companion accompany them on their journey through the wasteland. Unlike human companions, Dogmeat is loyal and won’t judge the player’s decisions. He plays an important role as a companion that will never turn on the player regardless of their karma level. Dogmeat quickly became a fan favorite companion thanks to his unyielding loyalty in the harsh world of Fallout.

Other Pets in Fallout 4

In addition to Dogmeat, players can adopt other pets to have around their settlements in Fallout 4. The most common pets that can be tamed are dogs and cats. Stray dogs and cats can often be found wandering the Commonwealth and brought back to your settlement. Once there, they can be assigned to a dog house or cat bowl to make them stay put.

other pets available in fallout 4

With the Wasteland Workshop DLC, more creatures become tameable as pets, including deathclaws, mirelurks, and even a yao guai. Players need to build cages to capture them, then use the beta wave emitter to pacify them before releasing them at a settlement. According to an article on Fandom, some of the most enjoyable pets from the DLC include gorillas, which “can be caught in a cage and then released to serve and protect your settlement.”

Source: https://www.fandom.com/articles/fallout-4-favorite-pets-wasteland-workshop

Doghouses at Other Settlements

Dog houses can be built at any settlement in Fallout 4 using the workshop mode. They provide shelter and a place for dogs like Dogmeat to sleep and take cover.

According to the Fallout Wiki, the doghouse is a “faded red wooden construct that can be built at any settlement” (https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Doghouse_(Fallout_4)). This makes doghouses a flexible settlement object that allows the player to provide shelter for dogs at any location.

Having doghouses at multiple settlements allows the player to have Dogmeat or other dogs feel at home across the Commonwealth. The workshops allow customization as well, letting the player decorate doghouses with paintings, lights, and more.

Doghouses primarily serve a practical purpose in providing shelter and giving dogs a place to sleep and wait when not accompanying the player. But they also add character and life to any settlement the player builds up and calls home.

Mods for Dogs

PC players have the ability to install various mods that enhance the dog experience in Fallout 4. One popular mod is Diverse Dogs, which expands the variety of dog breeds you can find and recruit as companions. Using custom models and textures, this mod adds new dog types like beagles, Dalmatians, huskies, and more. Players who want more canine companions will enjoy recruiting different breeds from across the wasteland.

Another mod that dog lovers may enjoy is More Dogs, which simply adds more dogs to randomly spawn and encounter. This greatly increases the chances that you’ll run into a new furry friend while exploring. More dogs also increases the pool of potential companions and settlement residents. With more dogs roaming the Commonwealth, you’re bound to find one that fits your playstyle.

Mods like these allow PC players to customize and expand the dog experience beyond what the base game offers. No matter your preference, there’s likely a dog mod out there to enhance your Fallout 4 game in exciting ways.

Strategic Uses

Dogmeat can be very useful in combat if utilized strategically. As your companion, Dogmeat can be directed to attack enemies and help you take them down more quickly. Sending Dogmeat to attack while you pick enemies off from a distance can be an effective strategy.

According to IGN, Dogmeat can also be commanded to find items around the area for you. Any items he discovers can then be picked up by trading with him. Using Dogmeat to seek out ammunition, aid items, or other supplies can help players explore areas more efficiently.

To keep Dogmeat an effective combat ally, players should equip him with armor for defense, such as dog armor mods available on PC. The higher his defense, the longer he’ll be able to stay in combat. Overall, Dogmeat is a versatile companion that, with some strategy, can provide aid in both exploration and combat.


The red dog house serves as a cozy home for the player’s canine companion Dogmeat in Fallout 4. Players can find Dogmeat chilling in his dog house at the starting settlement in Sanctuary.[1] This faded red wooden dog house can also be crafted and placed at settlements across the Commonwealth.

Players have the option to further customize dog houses by adding a roof or paintings the exterior. Dogs like Dogmeat are beloved companions in the Fallout series, providing aid during combat and quests. The ability to build a dog house shows the close bond between the player character and their canine friend.

Having a place to call home is an important part of the Fallout 4 settlement system. Just like the player needs housing, their furry companion Dogmeat appreciates having his own doghouse where he can rest up between adventures in the wasteland.[2]

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