Luxurious New Dog Resort Opening in City. A Pooch Paradise

Introducing Dog Rock Resort

Dog Rock Resort is an exciting new luxury dog boarding facility opening soon in New City. As the pet care industry continues to grow rapidly, with the U.S. pet daycare market predicted to reach $8.8 billion by 2033 [1], Dog Rock Resort aims to provide a premier experience for local pet parents and their furry companions.

This brand new resort offers a wide range of top-notch amenities tailored specifically for dogs. From luxury suites and outdoor play areas, to grooming, training, and veterinary services, Dog Rock Resort will pamper pups like never before. The resort’s target demographic is affluent pet owners in the New City area looking for upscale accommodations and activities for daily doggy daycare, overnight boarding, or extended stays.

With personalized attention from caring staff, stimulating socialization opportunities, and resort-style features, Dog Rock Resort provides the ultimate dog-centric experience in New City. Pets can enjoy their stay while pet parents have peace of mind knowing their furry family members are happy and well cared for.

Top-Notch Amenities

the front entrance of the luxury dog resort

Dog Rock Resort offers top-tier amenities to give your dog the ultimate vacation. The resort features luxury dog boarding facilities with premium bedding, flat screen TVs playing dog-friendly shows, and webcam access so you can check on your pup. Grooming services like bathing, nail trims, and haircuts are available to keep your dog looking their best.

The resort also provides a range of training classes from basic obedience to agility training. These classes are designed to stimulate your dog mentally and physically. For medical needs, Dog Rock has an on-site veterinary clinic with experienced vets and techs to care for any issues that arise.

Fun amenities like a bone-shaped swimming pool, hiking trails through picturesque woods, and a doggie playground allow for activity, adventure, and socialization. With Dog Rock’s top-notch amenities, your dog will have the vacation of a lifetime.

Luxury Accommodations

Dog Rock Resort offers the most luxurious dog boarding options in New City. Accommodations range from spacious suites that are around 100-200 square feet for extra large dogs, to cozy bungalows under 50 square feet for small breeds. For the ultimate indulgence, the two-story villa suites start at 300 square feet and feature deluxe features like flat screen TVs, memory foam beds, and a balcony. According to pet boarding price guide by HomeGuide, luxury dog accommodations average $55-120 per night (

All luxury spaces at Dog Rock Resort feature premium amenities like webcam monitoring, soothing music, filtered air systems. Grooming and massages are available right in the room. The prices at Dog Rock Resort start around $70/night for a standard luxury suite up to $250/night for the exclusive villa suites according to rates listed on their website.

Grooming Services

Dog Rock Resort offers a wide variety of grooming services to keep your pup looking and feeling their best. Our skilled groomers have experience working with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Services offered include:

a dog getting groomed by a professional groomer

Bath and Brush – A basic bath and brush will leave your dog’s coat clean, conditioned, and tangle-free. This service starts at $35.

Breed Standard Haircut – We can clip and trim your dog’s coat to achieve the ideal look for their specific breed. Prices start at $45.

Dematting – For dogs with tangled coats, we gently work out mats and knots to restore the natural texture of the fur. Rates depend on the level of dematting needed.

Deshedding – Our professional deshedding treatment helps remove loose hair and undercoat to minimize shedding around your home. Packages start at $55.

Stylists like Cindy and Mark each have over 10 years of experience handling show dogs and pampered pets. Our groomers stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and styles.

We use premium shampoos and conditioners suited for sensitive skin. Optional services like teeth brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning allow you to customize your dog’s grooming.


Top pet industry trends in 2024

a dog going through an agility course with its trainer

Obedience Training

The Dog Rock Resort offers a variety of obedience training and classes for dogs. The certified dog trainers utilize positive reinforcement techniques to teach dogs basic commands and proper manners. Some of the classes include:

  • Puppy kindergarten – socialization and basic commands
  • Beginner obedience – sit, stay, come, loose leash walking
  • Intermediate obedience – heel, wait, leave it, drop it
  • Advanced obedience – off-leash control, distraction training
  • Agility training – jumping, weaving, climbing, navigation courses

Trainers have extensive experience and a passion for teaching dogs. They build strong relationships with each dog to motivate them during training. Classes are kept small and personalized to meet every dog’s needs. The training philosophy focuses on clear communication, consistency, trust, and of course, fun!

According to, professional obedience training provides many benefits such as better behavior, socialization, mental stimulation, and stronger human-canine bonding.

Veterinary Care

Dog Rock Resort offers comprehensive veterinary care with experienced veterinarians on-site 24/7 ( This allows the resort to monitor your dog’s health and wellness during their entire stay. The on-site veterinary clinic provides preventative care such as vaccinations, heartworm tests, and parasite prevention (

The veterinary team can also address any medical needs that come up during your dog’s stay, from minor issues like upset stomach to emergencies like injuries. This means you can relax knowing your pet will get immediate care if their health changes at all. The resort’s top-notch veterinary care sets them apart from other boarding kennels without on-site vets.

With round-the-clock on-site veterinarians, you can feel confident boarding your dog at Dog Rock Resort. Their experienced veterinary staff will proactively monitor your dog’s health and provide any needed care during their stay.

Doggie Daycare

Dog Rock Resort offers premium doggie daycare services to keep your pup engaged and enriched while you’re away. Our expansive indoor and outdoor play areas allow dogs to get plenty of exercise and socialization in a fun, stimulating environment. Dogs are grouped based on size, energy level, and temperament to ensure a safe and controlled playtime.

Our daycare staff are trained professionals who actively supervise all dog interactions. We offer various activities throughout the day such as playing with toys, tunnels, and wading pools as well as obedience training sessions, agility equipment, and “sniff walks” on our nature trails. Special enrichment toys and treats keep dogs mentally stimulated.

According to research, doggy daycare provides important socialization benefits for pups, helping them develop manners, communication skills, and minimizing isolation anxiety and hyperactivity. Dog Rock Resort’s daycare program allows your dog to benefit from regular play and interaction with other dogs and people in a secure, monitored environment.

After a busy day of play and enrichment, dogs can nap and unwind in our climate-controlled kennels or cuddle cabins. Your pup will go home happy and tired after a day of fun and quality care with our staff!

Outdoor Trails & Pool

dogs playing in a bone-shaped swimming pool

Dog Rock Resort features spacious, scenic walking trails that wind through the wooded property. There are 2 miles of trails available, with options for easy, moderate, and challenging terrain to accommodate dogs of all fitness levels. The gentle slopes and varied paths make the trails perfect for leisurely walks or more vigorous runs. Dogs will love exploring the trails while taking in the fresh air and stimulating sights and smells.

At the heart of the property is a beautiful 2-acre spring-fed lake, perfect for dogs to swim and play. The lake has a dog-friendly soft sand entry for easy access. Pups can fetch balls and sticks or simply splash around under supervision. The lake provides dogs with a fun way to exercise, especially for those who love the water.

Dog Rock Resort also has an enclosed outdoor dog pool designed specifically for canine aquatic activities. The pool allows dogs to swim and play freely without wandering off into the main lake. The benefits of swimming and hydrotherapy are well-documented, including improved cardiovascular health, better range of motion, and pain relief. After a swim, dogs will be happily tired out and ready to relax back in their luxury accommodations.

Pet Cuisine

Dog Rock Resort offers a variety of fresh, nutritious cuisine options for dogs of all dietary needs. Their pet chefs work closely with veterinary nutritionists to create balanced meals using real, whole foods like beef, chicken, vegetables, and brown rice (Petfoodprocessing). Unlike traditional kibble, fresh food provides hydration and retains nutrients better during processing. Owners can choose between custom meal plans or pre-made balanced blends. Meals are tailored to each dog’s age, size, activity level, and any health conditions like allergies or diabetes. Dogs enjoy variety and interest through frequent rotations of proteins, fruits, veggies, and supplements.

The benefits of fresh food include improved energy, digestion, hydration, weight management, skin and coat health, and immune function (Butternut Box). Since digestion starts in the mouth, whole chunks and shreds are easier to chew than reconstituted patties. Owners report their dogs are more eager to eat fresh food. With balanced nutrition and smaller portions, dogs maintain a healthy weight. Fresh food reduces plaque buildup compared to dry kibble. Made without fillers, additives or preservatives, fresh food limits exposure to harmful chemicals. Customized meals give dogs the exact nutrients they need for their lifestyle.

While fresh dog food costs more than kibble, owners find the benefits well worth the premium. The market for fresh pet food continues rapid growth as owners increasingly seek out quality nutrition tailored to their dog’s needs (Pet Food Industry). Dog Rock Resort strives to be at the forefront of this fresh food movement.

Ideal for New City

New City has seen a major increase in dog ownership in recent years. According to recent statistics, 38.4% of households in the U.S. own dogs, which equates to over 48 million households nationwide (AVMA). With New City’s population growing rapidly, this suggests more and more local families are welcoming dogs into their homes.

New City residents spend an average of $367 per year on veterinary care for their dogs (Forbes). Local animal shelters are also nearing capacity, indicating high demand for pet services (ABC7). Dog Rock Resort is ideally positioned to serve New City’s booming population of dog owners through its comprehensive amenities for canine care and luxury.

With specialty services like grooming, training, daycare, veterinary care, and an on-site chef cooking gourmet dog cuisine, Dog Rock caters to pet parents seeking the very best for their furry companions. The resort’s idyllic trails, pools, and play spaces also provide dogs with a fun vacation destination just outside the city. As more New City families become dog owners, Dog Rock stands ready to pamper local pups with first-class amenities and care.

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