Call Fido! 3 Easy Ways to Find Dogmeat in Fallout 4


Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game set in post-apocalyptic Boston in the year 2287. The game allows the player to explore the open world and complete quests with the help of companions. One of the most iconic companions in Fallout 4 is the dog named Dogmeat.

Dogmeat has been a loyal companion in the Fallout games since the original Fallout in 1997. In Fallout 4, Dogmeat is one of the first companions the player encounters after emerging from Vault 111. Dogmeat exhibits dog-like behaviors and can track enemies, find items, and access unreachable places. Having Dogmeat as a companion provides damage and defense bonuses. Overall, Dogmeat plays an integral role in exploring the Fallout 4 world.

Starting the Search

Dogmeat is one of the first companions you meet in Fallout 4. After exiting Vault 111 at the start of the game, Dogmeat will find you within the first minute or two of gameplay after entering Concord. He will approach you while searching the area near the Red Rocket gas station and follow you from that point on (1) . If you dismiss him when you first meet, Dogmeat will return to the Red Rocket gas station near Sanctuary and wait there. This makes Red Rocket one of the best places to check first when looking for Dogmeat again later in the game.


Checking Your Old House

dogmeat waiting at the old house in sanctuary hills

After exiting Vault 111, one of the first places you’ll want to explore is your old neighborhood in Sanctuary Hills. This is where your character lived before the bombs fell. When you arrive at your old house, you’ll find a surprise waiting for you – your old dog Dogmeat! According to the Fallout Wiki, Dogmeat was the pet of the Sole Survivor before the war. He returns to your old home and waits loyally for your character to emerge from the Vault.

Dogmeat’s presence at your home seems to imply he is a descendant of the dog in Fallout 3 that ran away from home shortly before the bombs fell. As one Reddit user suggests, “It’s not the same dog as the one from Fallout 3, but rather a descendant of the original Dogmeat from FO3 who escaped his home shortly before the bombs.” This explains why you find Dogmeat waiting at your old neighborhood house over 200 years later.

Following Dogmeat’s Trail

After checking your old house in Sanctuary Hills, Dogmeat will pick up the scent trail that leads to Kellogg. Follow Dogmeat closely as he heads south from Sanctuary towards Concord. Dogmeat will stop periodically to sniff around and bark, indicating that he’s still tracking Kellogg’s scent. Be patient during these stops and allow Dogmeat time to reacquire the trail.

Dogmeat will lead you along the ruined streets and overpasses just west of Concord, occasionally stopping to sniff the air before continuing on. According to the Fallout 4 wiki guide on Reunions, Dogmeat’s trail follows this route past Concord: “the robot disposal ground, through the raider roadblock on the overpass, past the diner and Red Rocket truck stop, ending at the small trailer camp on the hillside.”

If at any point Dogmeat runs too far ahead and you lose sight of him, don’t worry. Just keep heading south and you will likely come across him again as he waits for you to catch up. The key landmark to look for is the Red Rocket truck stop just south of Concord. According to the Fallout wiki, if Dogmeat loses the scent trail, he will run to this location and wait for you. When you arrive, Dogmeat will interact with items around the Red Rocket station as he works to pick up Kellogg’s trail again.

Waiting at Red Rocket

If you missed Dogmeat earlier in the game, he will likely be waiting for you at the Red Rocket truck stop just across the bridge from Sanctuary Hills 1. This is one of the first places you can build a settlement, and Dogmeat hangs around there if you don’t initially find him while following the trail from your old neighborhood

dogmeat waiting by red rocket station

Red Rocket is a good place to check if you can’t find Dogmeat anywhere else. Wait around the area for a while and see if he turns up. He may be wandering around the periphery or inside the garage itself. Have patience and keep your eye out for Dogmeat at the Red Rocket station if you seem to have lost him along the way.

Using Companion Commands

One of the easiest ways to find Dogmeat if you get separated is to use the companion commands. You can open the command wheel and select the “Come” command, which will prompt Dogmeat to return to your side immediately. This works from any distance as long as Dogmeat can pathfind back to you.

To use the command wheel on PC, hold the mouse wheel or middle mouse button. On PlayStation, hold the left directional button. On Xbox, hold the left directional button

When the command wheel pops up, select the “Come” command. Dogmeat will bark to let you know he’s on his way.

You can also try selecting the “Wait” or “Follow” commands to reset Dogmeat’s behavior. This should make him teleport to your location if he’s gotten stuck or separated.

using the companion command wheel for dogmeat

The companion command wheel is the fastest and easiest way to call Dogmeat back in Fallout 4. Just open the wheel, select “Come” and wait for that familiar bark as he rushes to your side.

Fast Traveling

One way to try resetting Dogmeat’s location is by fast traveling. If you get separated from Dogmeat or he disappears, open your Pip-Boy map and fast travel to another location. This will cause Dogmeat to teleport to your new location if he is able. According to a Steam forum post, fast traveling without Dogmeat first and then returning can sometimes reset his position.

Fast travel is a useful trick if Dogmeat gets stuck or doesn’t follow you through a load door. Open your map and fast travel to the nearest marker, then wait for Dogmeat to spawn next to you. This should reset his AI and pathfinding. Just keep in mind that companions don’t always follow during fast travel, so you may need to fast travel a few times to get Dogmeat back.

Checking Other Settlements

After searching around Sanctuary Hills, Red Rocket, and other obvious locations, Dogmeat may have returned to one of the settlements you own across the Commonwealth. Check all of your owned workshops by opening the workshop menu – if Dogmeat is present at that location, he will appear on the bottom left of the screen while in workshop mode.

checking owned settlements for dogmeat

According to discussions on Reddit, Dogmeat does not take up a normal settler slot when residing at your settlements[1]. So if your settlement population is maxed out, he can still be waiting there. Cycle through all of your owned settlements to see if Dogmeat turns up.

One Reddit user on PS4 reported Dogmeat suddenly returned to The Castle settlement after being missing for a long time[1]. So be diligent in checking even faraway settlements, as you may get lucky and find him patiently waiting.

Using Console Commands

On PC, console commands provide a useful option for finding Dogmeat if he goes missing or gets stuck somewhere. To teleport Dogmeat to your location using console commands in Fallout 4 on PC:

  1. Open the console by pressing ~ (tilde)
  2. Type in prid 1d162 and hit enter. This will select Dogmeat.
  3. Then type in moveto player and hit enter. This will move Dogmeat to your current location.

After closing the console with ~ again, Dogmeat should appear right next to you. Console commands like these can be handy if Dogmeat disappears or gets stuck while exploring the Wasteland. Just be sure to save your game first in case any issues arise.

For more console commands, see Fallout 4 Console Commands.

When Dogmeat is Lost

If Dogmeat disappears during your travels in Fallout 4, don’t panic. Many players have reported their canine companion suddenly vanishing, only to reappear again later. The most likely explanation is that Dogmeat simply got distracted and wandered off for a bit before returning to your side

If Dogmeat disappears, he will eventually come back after a few in-game days. Be patient and go about your adventures as usual. After waiting 2-3 days, return to one of your settlements like Sanctuary Hills or Red Rocket Truck Stop, where Dogmeat is likely to show up again. Sleeping for several hours can also help trigger his return

According to player reports, Dogmeat will often return to the last settlement you sent him to, so check there first if he goes missing. His home base seems to be Sanctuary Hills, so make sure to verify if he’s wandered back there

While frustrating, this issue of temporary disappearance seems tied to Dogmeat’s behavior programming as a drifter who comes and goes. Thankfully he should reliably return after a short wait, so you can continue your adventures together (

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