Build the Perfect Doghouse in Fallout 4. A Step-by-Step Guide


Building a dog house in Fallout 4 provides a safe and comfortable place for your canine companion to rest and sleep. With the Wasteland Workshop DLC, you can build and customize dog houses to make your dog feel right at home.

Dog houses allow you to keep track of Dogmeat and ensure he has shelter to sleep in at night. They can be decorated with toys, bedding, and other objects to increase your dog’s happiness. Upgraded dog houses even provide bonus effects like increasing your dog’s health regeneration.

There are many options for customizing your dog’s home. You can choose from preset designs or build your own using various materials. The size, color, furnishings, and location are up to you. Adding lights, utility connections, and defenses can make the dog house more functional. With the right upgrades, your dog house can rival the comforts of your own quarters.

This guide will walk through all the steps needed to construct the perfect post-apocalyptic residence for your furry friend. Follow along to learn how to build a dog house that fits your settlement aesthetic while keeping your pup safe, comfortable, and happy.

Gather Materials

common materials like steel, wood, and cloth are needed to build a dog house in fallout 4.

To build a dog house in Fallout 4, you’ll need a few common materials like steel, wood, and cloth. Steel and wood can be easily scavenged from existing structures in the Commonwealth or purchased from vendors. Cloth can be found in various locations like homes and department stores.

Some rarer components like circuitry and nuclear material may also be needed for more advanced dog houses. Circuitry can be salvaged from telephones, computers, and other electronic devices. Nuclear material is harder to find but can sometimes be scavenged from high-tech locations or dropped by certain enemies. The best way to obtain nuclear material is to purchase shipments from vendors whenever available.

Choose a Design

In Fallout 4, you can either convert an existing structure into a dog house or build your own custom design from scratch. Many settlements have small shacks or sheds that make perfect pre-existing dog houses with just a bit of modification. According to an article on The Guardian, structures like the shack near the workbench in Sanctuary Hills or the boathouse in Spectacle Island work well for converting into a dog house.

existing structures like sheds and shacks can be converted into dog houses in fallout 4 settlements.

To build your own dog house, you’ll need wood and steel. Wood can be scrappped from debris, trees, and old furniture throughout the Commonwealth. Steel can be obtained by scrapping cars, buses, trailers, and more. According to Reddit users on r/Fallout, build a simple rectangular or square structure out of wood. Then reinforce the walls and roof with steel for durability. Place a doorway on one side and add a steel dog bowl. Decorate with junk items or lights to make it feel cozy.

Pick a Location

When picking a location to build your dog house, you’ll want to consider proximity to your main settlement as well as the terrain. Building near your own player home allows you to keep your companion nearby for easy access.

The area around Sanctuary Hills provides nice flat spots along the road and around the existing houses that make ideal locations (Fallout 4 settlements | Fallout Wiki | Fandom). Areas like Red Rocket Truck Stop and Sunshine Tidings Co-op also offer flat buildable spaces (Fallout 4 settlement locations for building your dream home …).

For uneven terrain, you can build stairs up to the dog house entrance. You may need to build foundation blocks to create a flat surface. Position the dog house entrance to be accessible and build stairs as needed.

Build the Structure

To build the basic structure of the dog house in Fallout 4, you’ll need to gather some simple materials first. You’ll need at least 10 wood and 5 steel to construct the frame and walls of a basic dog house. Once you have the required materials, enter the workshop building mode in your settlement.

Go to the Resources tab and select Wood>Miscellaneous. Scroll down and select the Doghouse option. This will create a wireframe model of a small dog house that you can place anywhere in your settlement. Position it where you want the final dog house to be located.

With the wireframe placed, go back into build mode and select it. You will now be able to construct the full dog house using your materials. Start by adding walls made of Wood>Shack on all 4 sides of the wireframe. Then add a Shack Roof on top to enclose it.

You can add a dog bowl inside the house using Decorations>Miscellaneous>Dog Bowl. This will complete the basic enclosed dog house structure. You can further customize and decorate it to your liking after this step.

According to the Steam Community forums, there is also a pre-existing dog house behind one of the houses in Sanctuary that you can repair and use.

Add Comforts

add comforts like dog bowls, beds and toys inside the dog house to keep companion dogs happy.
In order to help keep your canine companion happy in their new home, consider providing some comforts for them. Start with the basics – add a dog bowl so they have a place to eat and drink. Dogmeat or other companion dogs will use the dog bowls you place in settlements. Next, provide a dog bed so they have a cozy place to curl up and sleep. Dog beds can be found in the wasteland and purchased from some vendors. Finally, add some toys like balls, tires, and teddy bears. Scavenge toy items in the Commonwealth or craft them at a workbench. Providing toys will give your dog something to play with.

According to discussions on Steam Community, companion dogs like Dogmeat do contribute to settlement happiness, so keeping them happy and comfortable will help improve the overall settlement happiness percentage (, 2015). However, according to Reddit posts, Dogmeat himself does not cause a loss of happiness if he is left without a bed or toys. Still, any settler companions added to a settlement will affect happiness, so providing comforts can prevent potential happiness drops (, 2022).

Customize Appearance

Once the doghouse is constructed, you can customize its appearance with various decorations and cosmetic options. Some ideas include:

  • Paint the doghouse with different colors using the workshop painting menu. Go wild with bright pinks, blues, greens, etc. Painting is a simple way to add personality.
  • Add decals, signs or images using the workshop decorations menu. Decorate with dog-themed signs or your companion’s name.
  • Place small furniture items inside like dog bowls, bones, and beds. Check the workshop decorations for dog-specific items (Source:
  • Surround the doghouse with items your companion might enjoy like balls, tires, and chew toys.
  • Light up the doghouse at night by wiring small lights along the roof or entrance.
  • Use junk items creatively to add charm and personality. For example, fences made from old wood, hubcaps as water bowls, etc.

The decorating options are nearly endless. Use your imagination to create a space your companion will love. Custom touches make the doghouse unique and add to the wasteland aesthetic.

Wire Utilities

Wiring utilities like lights, music, and other powered objects in your settlement requires connecting generators to the objects via copper wires. Here’s how to wire utilities in your Fallout 4 settlement:

wiring utilities like lights involves connecting generators and objects with electrical conduits.

First, build one or more generators like a large generator or windmill to produce electricity. Place the generators somewhere convenient in your settlement.

Next, go into workshop mode and select the Power > Connectors menu. Here you’ll find options like electrical pylons and conduits. Place pylons and/or conduits to create a network linking your generators to the utilities you want to power.

Now go to each utility you want to connect, like a light or radio, and select Connect Power from the workshop menu. This will bring up a wiring interface. Click on one of the nearby pylons or conduits you placed to connect the copper wire from the utility to your power grid. The connected objects will light up to indicate they now have power.

For easier wiring, connect utilities directly to conduits placed on walls and ceilings. This conceals the wires and provides outlets throughout your settlement. Make sure to connect conduits back to your generators to complete the circuit.

If lights or objects mysteriously lose power, check for breaks in the wiring network and repair any severed connections.


Sometimes when building settlements in Fallout 4, you may run into issues with things like pathfinding errors, clipping problems, or objects not snapping together properly. Here are some tips for troubleshooting common settlement building problems:

For pathfinding errors where settlers or companions get stuck, try storing and replacing problem objects. Also make sure to leave enough space for NPCs to navigate between buildings and other objects. Using floor pieces can help create clearer walkways.

Clipping through objects can be fixed by moving or storing and replacing the clipped items. Make sure objects like rugs and furniture aren’t intersecting walls or other items.

If objects won’t snap together, store them and try replacing them. Selecting them and pressing the activate/use button can sometimes help force pieces to snap together as well. Make sure to check if object rotations need to be adjusted.

For tips on troubleshooting other settlement issues, check out this Reddit thread:

With some trial and error, you can resolve most common settlement building problems in Fallout 4. Storing and replacing items is the key first step for troubleshooting many issues.


In summary, building your own dog house in Fallout 4 can be a fun and rewarding experience. The key steps include choosing a design, gathering materials, picking a good location, constructing the structure, adding comforts like bedding, personalizing the appearance, and wiring any utilities like power or lighting.

Taking the time to build a custom dog house allows you to create a comfortable and safe space for your canine companion. The benefits include providing shelter from the elements, giving your dog its own defined territory, and the satisfaction of a DIY project. With a bit of creativity, you can build a dog house that fits seamlessly into your wider Fallout 4 settlements.

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