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Introduction to Go, Dog. Go!

Go, Dog. Go! is a beloved children’s book written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman that was first published in 1961 by Beginner Books. The book features a group of anthropomorphic dogs engaged in various activities, with a minimal plot following dogs in cars and boats traveling to a dog party. With its simple, repetitive language and bright, engaging illustrations, it has become a classic early reader book for young children learning to read.

According to Goodreads (, Go, Dog. Go! describes “the actions and interactions of a group of highly mobile dogs” as they drive cars, wear hats, and perform other human activities. The text is comprised almost entirely of the titular phrase “Go, dog. Go!” as the dogs zoom around. With vibrant illustrations and colorful characters, the book creatively captures the energy and imagination of childhood.

Since its original publication in 1961, Go, Dog. Go! has never gone out of print and continues to be popular today. It sets the foundation for beginning readers through its simple, repetitive text and engaging picture book format. The book is often used in classrooms and has been appreciated by children for over 50 years.

About the Go, Dog. Go! Animated Series

Go, Dog. Go! is an educational animated series based on the beloved children’s book of the same name by P.D. Eastman. The show was first announced in 2019 and premiered on Netflix on January 26, 2021.1

The computer-animated series aimed at preschoolers follows a young pup named Tag Barker and her adventures around Pawston, a colorful community inhabited by dogs. Tag explores her world and learns educational concepts around STEM, social-emotional skills, and foundational literacy.2

Go, Dog. Go! currently has 3 seasons available on Netflix, each consisting of 13 11-minute episodes. The series is produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and animated by Titmouse, Inc. Notable voice actors include Michela Luci as Tag, Callum Shoniker as Scooch, and Linda Ballantyne as Tag’s mom.

Where to Find Full Episodes Online

There are a variety of platforms where you can find and stream full episodes of Go, Dog. Go! online. Here is an overview of some of the main options:

overview of platforms to stream go, dog. go! episodes

YouTube – There are dozens of full episodes available on YouTube from official uploads as well as user uploads. Search “Go Dog Go full episodes” to find episodes like “Treehouse Trouble”, “Chock of the Irish”, and more.

Netflix – The series is available for streaming on Netflix in some regions. There are currently 26 full episodes of Go, Dog. Go! on Netflix according to their official site

Amazon Prime Video – You can find most of the episodes for purchase or streaming on Prime Video. There are currently 24 full episodes available.

iTunes – Much of the series is available for digital purchase and download on iTunes. You can buy individual episodes or full seasons.

In total there are around 50 full length 11-minute episodes that have been produced across the show’s 3 seasons. So while not all episodes are available on every platform, you can find the majority of them through the options above.

Popular Full Episodes on YouTube

Some of the most popular and watched Go, Dog. Go! full episodes on YouTube include:

The Itch to Switch; Mismatched Socks (5 million views)
– This episode follows Tag and Scooch as they deal with an itchy sweater and mismatched socks.

Hocus Focus; Furricane (4.5 million views)

– In this episode, the pups must stay focused to help their friend and handle a furricane blowing into town.

Big Dog Job; The Case of the Slobbery (4 million views)
– Tag and Scooch try to land a big dog job and solve the mystery of some super slobbery spots around town.

Mom for a Day; Kitty in the City (3.5 million views)
– The pups work together when Scooch plays mom for a day and a kitty visits from the big city.

With fun adventures, catchy songs, and memorable characters, it’s no wonder these Go, Dog. Go! full episodes attracted millions of views on YouTube.


Memorable Characters from the Show

Go, Dog. Go! features a cast of fun, memorable animal characters that help teach important lessons to young viewers. Some of the main characters include:

introducing the show's main characters

Tagalong – A small, energetic yellow puppy who is the show’s protagonist. Tagalong is curious, playful, and always ready for adventure. She often gets herself into sticky situations but maintains a positive attitude and learns important lessons along the way. Voiced by Michela Luci.

Scooters – An adventurous pink poodle who is Tagalong’s best friend. Scooters is brave, loyal, and always up for joining Tagalong on her escapades. She sometimes acts before she thinks but is quick to apologize when she makes a mistake. Voiced by Michela Luci.

Waffle – A goofy, fun-loving brown dog who loves to tell jokes and be the center of attention. Waffle provides comic relief and helps teach lessons about humility and thinking of others. Voiced by Callum Shoniker.

Frank – A caring yellow dachshund who acts as a father figure to Tagalong and her friends. Frank dispenses wisdom and helps the pups learn important life lessons. He believes in the power of being kind to others. Voiced by David Berni.

Educational Value of Go, Dog. Go!

One of the key strengths of the Go, Dog. Go! animated series is its educational value for young viewers. The show is based on the classic children’s book by Dr. Seuss that uses repetitive language and rhyming to teach early reading concepts. The animated adaptation builds on this by bringing the book’s characters and language to life through stories that reinforce lessons in colors, directions, actions, and more.

educational concepts taught in go, dog. go!

Each 11-minute episode follows Scooch and his canine friends as they go on adventures using modes of transportation like cars, planes, and boats. The narratives help preschool-aged children learn pre-reading skills like rhyming, alliteration, and opposites. Repetition of simple words like “in” and “out” help kids grasp basic directions and positions. Identifying colors is also a core focus, with characters frequently asking “Do you like my hat? My hat is red!” The pacing is brisk enough to keep young viewers engaged, while carefully introducing new vocabulary words.

Beyond reading fundamentals, the show teaches valuable social-emotional skills as the puppies model friendship, problem-solving, compromise, and celebrating differences. Life lessons are conveyed about being yourself, helping others, and showing patience and understanding. The content is thoughtfully designed to nurture mindfulness and foster positive behavior in an entertaining way for preschool-aged kids.

Reception and Impact of the Show

Go, Dog. Go! received moderately positive reviews upon its release in 2020, with many parents and critics praising its charming animation and accessible educational content. According to Common Sense Media, the show provides “oodles of preschool laughs” through its imaginative stories and endearing animal characters. Parents highlighted the show’s ability to capture young children’s attention while teaching simple concepts like colors, opposites, and basic vocabulary.

While retaining the whimsical spirit of Dr. Seuss’s original book, some reviewers felt the animated series lacked a bit of the source material’s educational emphasis. As one parent wrote on Common Sense Media, “the TV show does not have a lot of that same educational emphasis” compared to the classic children’s book it is based on.

Nonetheless, Go, Dog. Go! proved popular among preschoolers, riding a wave of nostalgia from parents who remembered the Go, Dog. Go! book from their own childhoods. The show earned strong viewership on streaming platforms, though it did not receive any major award nominations. Its lasting legacy endures through its introduction of Dr. Seuss’s work to a new generation of young viewers.

Go, Dog. Go! Movie Adaptation

In 2022, DreamWorks Animation announced an upcoming animated movie adaptation of Go, Dog. Go!. This will be the first feature film based on the beloved children’s book series by P.D. Eastman.

The Go, Dog. Go! movie is currently slated for release on July 15, 2023. DreamWorks Animation will produce the film, while Universal Pictures will handle distribution (,_Dog._Go!_(2023_film)).

Not many details have been revealed yet about the Go, Dog. Go! movie adaptation. However, it will likely stay true to the spirit of the original book and follow the adventures of the energetic dogs in their colorful cars. The animation style has not been confirmed, but is expected to be CGI.

No official cast list has been announced yet. However, fans are hopeful that big name stars will be tapped to voice the dogs, given DreamWorks Animation’s track record with films like Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon. The cast will likely be revealed closer to the movie’s release date.

While plot details are still under wraps, the Go, Dog. Go! movie is sure to capture all the freewheeling fun of the classic children’s book. Fans eagerly await more updates as the 2023 release date approaches.

Legacy and Influence of Go, Dog. Go!

the cultural impact and legacy of go, dog. go!

Go, Dog. Go! has had a lasting cultural impact since its original publication in 1961. Generations of children have grown up reading the beloved children’s book and watching the animated series. Even decades later, the book and show remain popular and influential.

In terms of pop culture, Go, Dog. Go! is frequently referenced in other media as an iconic part of many childhoods. For example, the show has been parodied on shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy. Certain catchphrases from the book like “Do you like my hat?” have become ingrained in pop culture.[1]

There is a wide range of Go, Dog. Go! merchandise available even today, from t-shirts to toys, showing the brand’s lasting appeal. Items featuring the book’s classic illustrations and characters remain popular nostalgic gifts.[2]

Many adults feel nostalgia when revisiting Go, Dog. Go!, remembering beloved characters like the party-throwing dog. Parents frequently pass down their old copies of the book to share with their own children. The simple but imaginative world of Go, Dog. Go! continues to capture children’s attention decade after decade.


Go, Dog. Go! has entertained and educated young audiences for over 50 years since the original book was published. The animated series brought these delightful characters to life through 26 engaging episodes filled with fun stories, stimulating visuals, and educational concepts. Being able to access and watch these classic episodes online opens up nostalgia and learning opportunities for both new and returning fans.

Viewing Go, Dog. Go! full episodes on YouTube and other streaming platforms allows children to be introduced to this iconic series and its timeless charm. For parents and adults who grew up reading the books and watching the show, having free access to full episodes online lets them revisit cherished memories from their childhood. The vocabulary, early reading concepts, creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills enhanced by Go, Dog. Go! remain relevant for each new generation.

Go, Dog. Go! deserves its special place as a pioneering educational program that has touched the lives of many over several decades. Having the ability to freely watch full episodes on demand will allow this classic children’s series to continue finding new audiences, sparking young minds, and inspiring a love of learning, reading, and adventure.

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