Kuvasz Dogs. How Big Do These Gentle Giants Really Get?


The Kuvasz is a large, sturdy dog breed that originated from Tibet but was developed into the breed we know today by the people of Hungary. These intelligent and loyal dogs have a long history serving as guard dogs and protectors of livestock. Their name “Kuvasz” comes from the Turkish word meaning “armed guard of the nobility.”

The Kuvasz breed dates back to at least the 15th century in Hungary. They were favored by royalty and aristocracy to guard estates, but also used by commoners to protect livestock from wolves and bears. Their immense size, fearless nature, and keen protective instincts made them excellent guardians.

Today, the Kuvasz continues to be a devoted and loving family companion while maintaining their strong guarding instincts. They are intelligent and independent thinkers, so require extensive socialization and obedience training from an early age. When properly trained and exercised, these gentle giants are calm and dignified members of the family.

Average Height

kuvasz dog standing in profile
The typical height for an adult male Kuvasz is between 28-30 inches at the shoulder according to the American Kennel Club and DogTime. This is compared to the average female Kuvasz, which is slightly smaller at 26-28 inches tall at the shoulder. So male Kuvasz dogs are on average 2-4 inches taller than their female counterparts. Providing exact height ranges helps illustrate the large size of this giant breed dog.

Average Weight

The average weight range for an adult male Kuvasz is between 70-115 pounds, with most averaging around 100 pounds. According to the AKC, male Kuvasz typically weigh 100-115 pounds. Females are somewhat smaller, averaging 70-90 pounds.

Male Kuvasz puppies will reach their full adult weight between 12-15 months old. During the growth period, monitor their weight gain and adjust feeding as needed to keep them in a healthy range.

Height at Withers

The withers refers to the ridge between the shoulder blades of a dog. It is the highest point of the body and is used as the standard to measure a dog’s height. Male Kuvasz dogs typically have a height at the withers ranging from 26-30 inches (66-76 cm).

According to Dimensions.com, the average height at the withers for a male Kuvasz is 28 inches (71 cm). The Wikipedia article on Kuvasz states that males generally have a height at the withers between 71-76 cm, or about 28-30 inches. So most sources indicate the average male Kuvasz will stand around 28-29 inches tall at the withers when fully grown.

Factors Affecting Size

factors affecting kuvasz size

There are several key factors that affect the size of Kuvasz dogs:

Genetics play a major role. The genes a Kuvasz inherits from its parents determine its growth potential and final size. Selective breeding over many generations has established the breed’s general size range, but individuals can vary based on their particular genes.

Nutrition is also important. Kuvasz puppies fed a high-quality diet with appropriate levels of protein, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals will be able to reach their optimal adult size. Adult Kuvasz dogs should be fed a diet formulated for large breeds to maintain muscle mass and a healthy weight.

Neutering, especially before full growth is reached, can affect size. Early neutering may cause a Kuvasz to grow a bit taller than normal. Neutering may also increase tendencies to become overweight, which contributes to overall size.

Other environmental factors like exercise can influence muscle development and body condition, also affecting adult size. With proper nutrition, genetics, and care, Kuvasz males typically reach 26-30 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 100-115 lbs at maturity.

Growth Rate

Kuvasz puppies grow steadily in height and weight until they reach full maturity around 18-24 months old. According to Puppy Weights, a Kuvasz puppy will weigh around 5 lbs at 6 weeks old, 20 lbs at 12 weeks old, 50 lbs at 6 months old, 70 lbs at 9 months old, and 94 lbs at 12 months old. The AKC states that Kuvasz males reach 70-110 lbs and females reach 60-90 lbs at maturity.

During the rapid growth period between 3-8 months old, it’s important to feed Kuvasz puppies high quality large breed puppy food and avoid too much exercise, as their bones and joints are still developing. After 12 months, growth slows down until the Kuvasz reaches full adult size around 18-24 months old. Proper nutrition, training, socialization, and veterinary care during puppyhood lay the foundation for a healthy adult Kuvasz.

Size Comparisons

When it comes to size, the Kuvasz is one of the largest dog breeds around. Here’s how male Kuvaszs stack up against some other big dogs:

kuvasz next to other large dogs

Great Danes: Male Kuvaszs are typically a little shorter but heavier than male Great Danes. Great Danes are taller but more slender, with males standing around 30-34 inches tall compared to the Kuvasz’s 28-30 inches. However, Kuvaszs weigh 100-115 lbs on average while Great Danes weigh 120-200 lbs.

Saint Bernards: The Saint Bernard is another massively large breed. Male Saint Bernards are approximately 27-30 inches tall, right in the same range as the Kuvasz. However, Saint Bernards are noticeably heavier at 140-180 lbs compared to the Kuvasz’s 100-115 lbs.

Mastiffs: The Mastiff is one of the most massive dog breeds in terms of sheer bulk and weight. Male Mastiffs typically stand 30-33 inches tall, slightly taller than Kuvaszs. And they outweigh Kuvaszs significantly at 160-230 lbs on average.

In summary, the male Kuvasz is among the tallest dogs, similar in height to breeds like the Great Dane and Saint Bernard. But they are lighter and less bulky than giant breeds like the Mastiff or very large Saint Bernards.

Giant Kuvasz

Kuvasz dogs are classified as a giant breed. However, some exceptionally large Kuvasz dogs have been recorded that far exceed the typical size range for the breed. These dogs could be considered “giant” Kuvaszs.

The largest Kuvasz on record was a male named Duke who lived in the United States. He stood over 3 feet tall at the shoulder and weighed 210 pounds. His owners reported that he was incredibly gentle despite his intimidating size.

While most Kuvasz males top out at around 30 inches tall and 100 pounds, a small percentage of the breed can reach sizes over 150 pounds. Genetics, nutrition, and other environmental factors all play a role in determining just how large an individual Kuvasz will get.

Giant Kuvaszs are quite rare, but reputable breeders sometimes intentionally breed for larger size. Larger dogs are in higher demand as guard dogs and for personal protection. However, giant size can also predispose Kuvaszs to health problems like bone and joint issues.

In summary, while Kuvaszs are already considered a giant breed, some exceptionally large individuals over 150 pounds could be categorized as “giant” Kuvaszs. Careful health screening is recommended for abnormally large dogs.

Buying Considerations

When selecting a Kuvasz puppy to buy, it’s important to assess its projected size by looking at the parents. According to this source, you can use the average height and weight of the parents to estimate the full grown size of the puppy. Male Kuvaszs are typically 28-30 inches tall and weigh 100-115 lbs, while females are 26-28 inches tall and 70-90 lbs, according to WikiHow.

assessing kuvasz puppy size

It’s best to meet both parents if possible to see their size in person. Ask the breeder about the parents’ height at the shoulder and weight. Even within standard size ranges, there can be variation with some Kuvaszs on the larger or smaller side. If the parents are exceptionally large or small for the breed, the puppy may also grow bigger or smaller than average.

Beyond size, also assess the puppy’s temperament to make sure it matches your lifestyle. Though large, Kuvaszs have relatively low exercise needs but require a lot of interaction and companionship. Select an outgoing, friendly puppy that seems interested in people. With early socialization, Kuvaszs can thrive as wonderful family companions.


In summary, the typical Kuvasz male is a large, sturdy dog that stands between 28-30 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 90-115 lbs in adulthood. However, size can vary considerably based on breeding and genetics, with some super-sized Kuvasz exceeding 150 lbs!

While large, the Kuvasz is very nimble and graceful in movement. Prospective owners should ensure they have adequate space and can provide proper exercise and stimulation for this energetic working breed. The Kuvasz’s large size comes from its history as a livestock guardian in Hungary, giving it the power and presence to deter predators. When properly socialized and trained, the Kuvasz uses its large frame gently – renowned for its loyalty, bravery, and devotion to family.

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