How Old Is Davis In Dog Pound?

Introducing Dog Pound

Dog Pound is a 2010 French coming-of-age drama film directed by Kim Chapiron. It is a remake of the British borstal film Scum from 1979. Dog Pound follows three teenage boys who are sentenced to a juvenile correctional facility called Enola Vale Youth Correctional Center in Montana. The stark and brutal life in the detention center causes the three boys to contemplate their lives and futures. Dog Pound provides a gritty and raw look into the juvenile criminal justice system through the eyes of troubled youth.

About the Character Davis

Davis is one of the main characters in the 2010 film Dog Pound. He is portrayed by actor Shane Kippel. According to the character description on IMDb, Davis is a teenager who has been sentenced to a juvenile detention center in Montana called Enola Vale for an undisclosed crime (IMDb).

At Enola Vale, Davis befriends two other young inmates named Butch and Angel. The three teenagers struggle to survive the harsh realities of life inside the youth correctional facility. Davis is initially characterized as a vulnerable and weak boy who becomes a target for bullying and abuse from the other aggressive teens. However, over the course of the film, Davis gains inner strength and learns to stand up for himself.

Davis’ Background

little background information is provided about davis' life outside of the correctional facility in dog pound.

Davis is the main protagonist in the 2010 independent drama film Dog Pound. Not much is revealed about his background in the film. However, we do know that Davis comes from a troubled family life and has had issues with anger from a young age (

In terms of personality, Davis is portrayed as a complex character. On the surface, he is tough and aggressive, getting into frequent fights with other juveniles. However, deep down Davis shows empathy and a desire to do the right thing. He stands up for weaker kids who are being bullied. Davis also forms a bond with Butter, a vulnerable teenager who is being abused at the correctional facility.

Davis’ main interests seem to be survival and trying to make it through his sentence. He spends much of his time scheming about how to gain status and leverage with the other juveniles and guards. Davis enjoys reading and plays chess to pass the time while incarcerated. Overall, not much background information is provided about Davis’ life outside of the correctional facility.

Actors Who Played Davis

the character davis is portrayed by two different actors in dog pound to represent him at different ages.

Davis is portrayed by two different actors in Dog Pound to represent him at different ages in the story. Young Davis is played by Shane Kippel, a Canadian actor known for his roles in television shows like Life with Derek and The Latest Buzz. Kippel was 17 years old when Dog Pound was filmed in 2008.

The older Davis appearing in flashbacks is played by Trent McMullen, also a Canadian actor. McMullen has appeared in shows like Degrassi: The Next Generation. Using two actors helps portray Davis accurately as a teenager in the present story and as a younger boy in the flashback sequences.

Davis’ Age in the Film

Davis’ exact age is not explicitly stated in Dog Pound, but based on dialogue and plot points, it can be inferred that he is around 16 years old. In one scene, Davis and another character Angel discuss their ages, with Angel saying he is 14 and Davis responding that he is 16 (Priscilla Eyles, 2010). Additionally, Davis is sent to a juvenile detention facility, indicating he is under 18. Other narrative elements also point to Davis being a teenager, such as his behavior, relationships with other characters, and place in the facility’s social hierarchy.

Throughout the film, Davis is treated as one of the older boys in the facility, giving orders to some of the younger ones. His personality and actions also align with that of an impulsive, rebellious mid-teenager. While his exact birth date is never revealed, the storyline consistently presents Davis as being around the age of 16 during the events of Dog Pound (Wikipedia, 2010). This positions him on the cusp of adulthood but still subject to the rules and punishments of the juvenile correctional system.

Significance of Davis’ Age

In the 2010 film Dog Pound, the age of the main character Davis is central to the movie’s themes of adolescence and coming of age in the juvenile correctional system. Davis, along with fellow inmates Butch and Angel, are all teenagers navigating a harsh adult world behind bars. According to The Movie “Dog Pound” by Kim Chapiron Essay, Dog Pound “depicts three teenagers in a correctional facility for young offenders and illustrates the violence and power dynamics that arise within the system.”

in dog pound, davis' young age highlights the vulnerability of incarcerated teenagers on the cusp of adulthood.

Davis’ young age underscores the loss of innocence and difficult transition from childhood to adulthood faced by incarcerated youth. Though his exact age is not given, the actor who plays Davis, Adam Butcher, was 16-17 during filming. This places Davis and the other main characters on the cusp of adulthood, highlighting the vulnerability of teens in the adult prison system. As noted in the Reddit discussion Dog Pound Ending, Davis is forced to grow up fast in order to survive before tragically taking his own life, cutting his adolescence short.

Davis’ Character Arc

In the film Dog Pound, the main character Davis goes through a significant character arc. At the beginning of the film, Davis is depicted as an angry, rebellious, and violent teen who has been sent to a juvenile detention facility for assaulting his stepfather.

over the course of dog pound, davis undergoes a significant character arc and maturation.

Over the course of his time at the detention center, Davis begins to change and mature. He forms a friendship with another detainee named Angel, who helps bring out Davis’ more sensitive and caring side. Davis starts to reconsider his rash decisions and think more carefully about the consequences of his actions.

A key moment is when Davis intervenes to stop a riot at the facility, realizing he doesn’t want to follow that path anymore. By the end of the film, Davis has gained more self-control and empathy. He sticks up for Angel when no one else will, showing how much Davis has grown in consideration for others.

Davis’ character arc is about going from an impulsive, troubled youth to a more responsible, thoughtful young man. His experiences at the detention center, and his friendship with Angel, allow Davis to mature and alter his destructive mindset.

Critical Response

Davis, portrayed by Shane Kippel, was one of the key characters in the 2010 film Dog Pound. Many critics focused on Davis in their reviews, highlighting his character arc and Kippel’s portrayal. According to IMDb, Davis was “a naive rich kid who can’t handle the tough prison life.”

Cinemablend’s review praised Kippel’s performance, saying he “does a fine job of portraying the sheltered, spineless Davis.” The review highlighted how Davis was unprepared for the harsh realities of juvenile detention, calling him “a new fish…thrown into an unforgiving tank.”

Overall, critics found Davis to be a compelling character who undergoes a significant transformation throughout the film. His journey from a frightened, vulnerable boy to someone hardened by violence earned strong praise. As one IMDb reviewer wrote, Davis’ character arc is “heartbreaking to watch.”

Audience Reception

Audiences had strong reactions to Davis and perceptions of his maturity in Dog Pound. Many viewers felt that Davis was one of the most developed characters and his journey from cocky teenager to humbled young man was impactful. According to a review on Indiewire, “The opening moments of “Dog Pound” introduce its young subjects in a frenzy of violent acts: Suave 16-year-old Davis (Shane Kippel) gets nabbed for a car theft and assault charge that lands him in the Enola Vale Youth Correctional Facility.”1 Many viewers found his initial arrogance off-putting but grew to appreciate his growth and maturity by the film’s conclusion.


In summary, Davis’ age in Dog Pound plays an important role in his character arc and the overall story. Entering the juvenile detention facility at 15 years old, Davis is naïve and vulnerable compared to the older inmates. Over the course of the film, his experiences force him to mature quickly, and by the end he has both a darker outlook and greater resilience. The age gap between Davis and the other boys highlights the loss of innocence faced by young people caught up in the justice system. While his exact age is never explicitly stated, contextual clues indicate Davis is likely meant to be around 15 or 16. His youth underscores the themes of growing up too fast and the fine line between childhood and adulthood. Through Davis’ age and maturation, Dog Pound provides a sobering look at the outcomes for troubled and impressionable youth who lack proper guidance and support.

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