Here Boy! How to Call Dogmeat Back in Fallout 4 PS4


Dogmeat is a unique companion in Fallout 4 that can accompany the player character throughout the Wasteland. As a dog, Dogmeat cannot wear armor or use weapons like human companions. However, he has other advantages that make him a useful ally.

Dogmeat is very effective at detecting enemies, finding items, and tracking targets. He can also access locations and perform actions that human companions cannot. Dogmeat never turns hostile and does not count as a companion for perks like Lone Wanderer. His unconditional loyalty and ability to draw enemy fire make him a favorite for many players.

While Dogmeat cannot carry items or engage enemies directly, his natural abilities complement human companions. Understanding how to manage Dogmeat’s behavior is key to getting the most out of him as a companion.

Why Dogmeat Gets Lost

Dogmeat has a tendency to run off and explore on his own, get distracted by random objects or enemies, and wander away from the player. This is partly due to his curious and independent nature as a dog. According to one Reddit user, “Whenever I leave Dogmeat at Sanctuary he runs away from the settlement immediately and not to Red Rocket, this is making it impossible for me to keep him as my companion.”

dogmeat running through the wasteland

Dogmeat is not like other companions who will follow you loyally. He will run ahead to check things out, chase after enemies to attack them, and generally act on his own agenda. The Fallout 4 subreddit has many posts from players complaining about Dogmeat randomly running off.

According to a Steam Community thread, “Dogmeat is the only companion for me. To have him not move while trying to trade, just call him to you. Highlight him, point to the ground. He will stay put.” This indicates that Dogmeat’s tendency to wander is an intentional design choice to make him act more realistically like an independent dog.

Using the Wait Command

One way to get Dogmeat to return to you is to use the wait command. Open the command wheel and select the ‘Wait’ option. This will make Dogmeat stay put wherever he is. Then, you can fast travel or walk away and come back later. Dogmeat should still be there waiting for you.

According to one Reddit user, they accidentally clicked wait while trying to do something else, which caused Dogmeat to disappear. But when they returned to Red Rocket later, Dogmeat was there waiting where they had left him (source).

So if you realize Dogmeat is missing, try waiting or sleeping for 24-48 hours. Then check back at your home in Sanctuary or other companion hang out spots. Chances are he’ll be there waiting loyally for your return.

Fast Traveling

Fast travel is a convenient way to quickly move across the map in Fallout 4. However, this can sometimes cause companions like Dogmeat to disappear or get lost. When you fast travel to a new location, Dogmeat may not always immediately appear by your side.

The good news is that you can use fast travel to make Dogmeat reappear next to you if he goes missing. After fast traveling, wait a few seconds and Dogmeat should teleport to your location, even if he was lost beforehand. This is because companions are scripted to follow and catch up with you after fast traveling.

the sole survivor fast traveling with dogmeat

Some players recommend completely exiting the game and reloading your save after fast traveling to give Dogmeat time to reach your position. But in most cases, simply waiting after fast traveling anywhere should be enough for Dogmeat to magically appear again. So don’t worry if Dogmeat disappears when using fast travel – he should automatically return to you shortly.

However, fast traveling while Dogmeat is actively engaged in combat can sometimes still bug him out. So try to avoid fast traveling when Dogmeat is mid-fight. But otherwise, utilizing fast travel is an easy fix if Dogmeat goes missing or won’t follow you correctly.

Commanding Dogmeat to Stay

One way to prevent Dogmeat from wandering off is to directly command him to stay in one spot. When you have Dogmeat selected as your companion, open the command wheel and select the “Stay” command (default key is R on PC). Dogmeat will sit down and remain stationary until you release him from the command. This can be helpful to keep him safe in a dangerous area or prevent him from getting lost.

However, the Stay command only works for a limited time. After a while, Dogmeat will get up and start following you again. To keep him in one spot longer term, you’ll need to periodically re-issue the Stay command. Still, it’s a quick and easy way to control Dogmeat’s position in the short-term.

As one Reddit user explained: “Dismiss him. I’m a lone wolf as well, but realize the lone wanders perk actually works with him. Also, once you see the companion perks you’ll [want him around]” (source). So while Stay can prevent Dogmeat from wandering off temporarily, you may still want him as a companion for certain perks and bonuses.

Tracking Dogmeat

One way to find a lost Dogmeat is to use the companion track feature. This allows you to see Dogmeat’s current location on the map. To use companion tracking, open the map and scroll over the bottom where it shows your companion’s name. An option to “Track [Companion Name]” will appear. Select this option and a map marker will show where Dogmeat is (source).

tracking dogmeat on the map

The companion track marker will point to Dogmeat’s current position. Follow the marker on your map to track him down. He may have wandered off somewhere or got stuck. Using the track feature makes it easy to locate him. Once you find Dogmeat, you can command him to follow you again.

Calling Dogmeat’s Name

One simple way to try and locate Dogmeat if he goes missing is to call out his name. Open up the dialogue wheel and select the Call button, which looks like a megaphone icon. After selecting it, you’ll call out “Dogmeat!” and whistle for him. This can prompt Dogmeat to come running to your location if he’s nearby and hasn’t gotten stuck or glitched.

The Call command has a limited range, so Dogmeat needs to be relatively close by in order to hear you and respond. You may need to walk around the area while repeatedly using the Call function if he doesn’t come right away. Listen for Dogmeat’s barking to pinpoint the direction he’s in if he’s struggling to find you. The Call command is convenient since it doesn’t require knowing Dogmeat’s ID code or utilizing console commands.

However, it’s not a surefire way to make Dogmeat appear if he’s wandered very far away, gotten obstructed, or is experiencing glitches. If the Call button doesn’t successfully summon Dogmeat back, you may need to try some of the other methods like waiting, fast traveling, or using console commands to locate your companion.

Console Commands

If you cannot find Dogmeat after trying all other methods, you can use console commands as a last resort to move him to your location. However, this should only be done if you are positive he is lost or glitched and will not return on his own.

using the console to move dogmeat

To use console commands, first press the tilde (~) key to open the console. Then type “prid 0001d162” and hit enter to target Dogmeat. After that, type “moveto player” and hit enter again to move Dogmeat to your location[1]. Once he appears, close the console by hitting the tilde key again.

While console commands can reset Dogmeat’s position, they do not fix any deeper issues that may be causing him to disappear. Use them cautiously and only when necessary.

Avoiding the Buggy Quests

Certain quests in Fallout 4 are prone to causing Dogmeat to disappear, especially if you send him away or command him to wait during the quest. Two notorious examples are the quests “Reunions” after meeting Dogmeat and “Getting a Clue” when investigating Kellogg’s house. If you want to avoid losing Dogmeat, it’s best not to take him along for these buggy quests.

Instead, you can send Dogmeat to one of your settlements or have him wait at a settlement before starting these quests. That way there is less chance of the quest glitching and causing Dogmeat to vanish. Once you’ve completed the quests that tend to bug out Dogmeat, you can go back and retrieve him or call for him and he should still be there waiting loyally.

Being cautious with certain main story quests like “Reunions” and “Getting a Clue” is the best way to prevent losing your canine companion. Just don’t bring Dogmeat along for those missions, leave him safe at a settlement, and you should avoid having him disappear.


In summary, here are the key methods for keeping Dogmeat close by in Fallout 4 on PS4:

  • Use the wait command often so he catches up to you (Source: Gaming Stack Exchange)
  • Avoid fast traveling long distances, as this can cause him to get lost (Source: Reddit)
  • Command Dogmeat to stay before going indoors or into new areas (Source: Steam Community)
  • Track Dogmeat using the target marker and Compass (Source: Reddit)
  • Call Dogmeat by name to get him to come to you (Source: Steam Community)

By using these methods regularly, you can keep Dogmeat close by your side for the majority of gameplay in Fallout 4 on PS4.

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