Korean Corn Dogs Made Easy. Cook This Tasty Treat With Items From Costco


Korean corn dogs started as a popular street food in South Korea in the late 1950s and 1960s. Unlike American corn dogs, Korean corn dogs are usually made by dipping a frankfurter or other sausage in thick tempura batter before deep frying. They are then often served with seasoned mayo, ketchup, and mustard for dipping (The Delicious World of Korean Corn Dog).

To make authentic Korean corn dogs at home, you’ll need a few simple ingredients like hot dogs, corn starch, flour, eggs, oil for frying, and ingredients to make dipping sauces. The main tools required are a tall glass or bowl for coating the hot dogs, a fryer or dutch oven for frying, and skewers or chopsticks to hold the coated hot dogs. With just a few affordable ingredients and tools, you can experience delicious Korean street food at home!

Purchase Ingredients

photo of korean corn dogs package from costco

The easiest way to purchase ready-made Korean corn dogs is by visiting your local Costco store. Costco sells bags of premade Korean corn dogs in the frozen food aisle. They come in a pack of 16 for around $19.99 (price may vary by location). Make sure to check the freezer section near the other frozen appetizers and prepared foods https://www.tiktok.com/discover/how-to-find-the-korean-corn-dogs-at-costco?lang=en.

If Costco does not have the Korean corn dogs in stock, you can check your local Asian supermarket. Many carry similar frozen corn dog varieties imported from Korea. Your local wholesale club like Sam’s Club or BJ’s may also stock them seasonally. Otherwise, you can find recipes online to make homemade Korean style corn dogs from scratch.

Prepare Work Area

kitchen counter with ingredients and tools to make corn dogs

Before you start assembling the corn dogs, you’ll want to clear off counter space and gather any tools or pans you’ll need. Here are some tips for getting your work area ready:

– Clear off counter space near your stove so you have room to prep the corn dogs andingredients. Remove any clutter or items not needed for this recipe.

– Make sure you have a baking sheet or roasting pan that is large enough to hold all the assembled corn dogs. Line it with parchment paper.

– Get out a large bowl to hold the corn dog batter. Have ready a smaller bowl for any dipping sauces.

– You’ll need 8-10 wooden skewers to insert into the hot dogs for frying. Soak them in water for 10-15 minutes beforehand so they don’t burn.

– Have ready your frying pan and fill it halfway with frying oil. You’ll need tongs for turning the corn dogs as they fry.

– Lastly, gather any ingredients and prep them according to recipe instructions so they are ready to use.

With your tools, pans and ingredients prepped and your counter cleared, you’ll be ready to start assembling and frying up delicious Korean corn dogs!

Assemble Corn Dogs

hot dogs skewered and coated in batter

The process of assembling the corn dogs involves skewing the hot dogs onto sticks and coating them with batter. This crucial step ensures the hot dogs and batter hold together while frying.

To start, take each hot dog and carefully push a wooden skewer stick through its center. Push the stick all the way through the hot dog and about half an inch out the other end. Make sure the hot dog is securely attached to the stick and centered. Do this for all the hot dogs.

Next, prepare your batter. Make sure the batter is ready according to the recipe instructions and has the proper consistency. It should evenly coat the hot dog. Hold a skewered hot dog by the stick and dunk it into the batter to coat completely.

Lift the coated hot dog from the batter, allowing any excess to drip off. Place the battered hot dog onto a baking sheet or plate. Repeat this process of dunking each hot dog into the batter and placing on a sheet until all the hot dogs are coated.

Once all the hot dogs are battered, they are ready for frying!

Prepare Frying Oil

When frying corn dogs, it’s essential to select an oil with a high smoke point, such as vegetable, peanut or canola oil. This allows the oil to reach the high temperatures needed to cook the batter and hot dog thoroughly without burning.

The optimal frying temperature for corn dogs is between 350-375°F. Heating the oil to this temperature range will create a crispy outer batter that turns golden brown while ensuring the hot dog inside is fully cooked. Use a deep fry thermometer to monitor your oil temperature and adjust your stove burner accordingly. Maintaining the correct temperature will prevent burning the batter or undercooking the hot dog.

According to PetTime, “To determine the ideal frying temperature for corn dogs, it is essential to consider the batter’s composition and desired texture. Generally, a temperature of 350-375°F works well.”

golden brown korean corn dogs frying in oil

Fry the Corn Dogs

Once the oil has reached the proper temperature, you are ready to fry the corn dogs. This is a key step to achieving that perfect crispy outer layer.

Carefully add the assembled corn dogs to the hot oil one at a time. Use tongs or a frying spider to gently lower each corn dog into the oil. Do not overcrowd the pan – fry in batches if needed.

Fry the corn dogs for 2-3 minutes, until the outer layer is golden brown and crispy. Flip the corn dogs halfway through frying to evenly brown both sides.

Use the tongs or spider to transfer the fried corn dogs to a paper towel-lined plate. Let drain on the paper towels briefly to soak up any excess grease.

Repeat with any remaining corn dogs until all are fried and drained. Work in batches to avoid overcrowding. Fried correctly, the corn dogs will have a crispy outer shell and fluffy interior.

Make Dipping Sauces

Dipping sauces are an essential component of enjoying Korean corn dogs. They complement the flavor of the hot dog and fried batter coating. Two classic dipping sauces for Korean corn dogs are mustard sauce and ketchup.

To make the mustard sauce, simply combine 1/4 cup yellow mustard, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 teaspoon rice vinegar in a small bowl. Mix until thoroughly combined. The honey adds a touch of sweetness while the rice vinegar provides acidity to balance out the mustard. This mustard dipping sauce pairs exceptionally well with the salty and crunchy corn dog coating (Source).

In addition to mustard sauce, many people enjoy ketchup or even ranch dressing as a dipping sauce for Korean corn dogs. Feel free to prepare any condiments you desire to complement the flavors.

Plate and Serve

After frying the corn dogs to golden brown perfection, it’s time to assemble them for serving. Here are some tips for a pretty and practical presentation:

Carefully arrange the piping hot corn dogs on a large platter or tray. Space them out a bit so they don’t stick together as they cool slightly. Consider alternating directions, lining some up vertically and others horizontally for visual interest.

Offer several small bowls of the prepared dipping sauces on the side of the platter for easy accessibility. Provide a spoon in each sauce bowl for minimal mess. You may want to include: ketchup, mustard, mayo, honey mustard, ranch, etc. based on preferences.

Make sure napkins and forks are handy to the platter as well. You may also want to display sliced lemon or lime wedges to squeeze over the top for an extra tang.

Once appealingly plated with sauces on the side, your homemade corn dogs are ready to serve and enjoy!

Store Leftovers

Allow corn dogs to cool completely after frying before storing. Hot or warm corn dogs will release moisture and make the breading soggy if stored too soon. Be patient and let them come down to room temperature.

Refrigerate fully cooled leftover corn dogs in a sealed airtight container. An airtight container will prevent them from drying out in the fridge. Leftover corn dogs can be stored this way for 2-3 days.

For longer freezer storage, place cooled corn dogs in a freezer bag or freezer-safe container. Remove as much air as possible and seal before placing in the freezer. Frozen corn dogs will keep for 2-3 months before quality starts to decline.

Reheat frozen corn dogs in the oven or air fryer until hot and crispy again. Microwaving is not recommended as it will make the breading soggy.

Safety Tips

When deep frying corn dogs, it’s important to exercise caution to prevent burns or fires. Wear long sleeves and an apron for protection, and don’t overfill the pot with oil. Heat the oil slowly and use a cooking thermometer to maintain the proper temperature. Turn off the heat source when done cooking. Keep pot handles pointed away from the front of the stove. Have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency.

Prevent cross-contamination when preparing corn dogs by using separate cutting boards and utensils for raw meat and other ingredients. Wash hands, utensils, and surfaces thoroughly after working with raw meat. Refrigerate perishable ingredients like raw hot dogs promptly after purchasing.

Store any leftover dipping sauces in the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth. Sauces with dairy, eggs, or other perishable ingredients should not be left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Properly refrigerated, most dipping sauces will keep for 3-4 days.

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