The Surprising Origin Story Behind the Name Bluey

Introducing Bluey and the Question

Bluey is an animated children’s television series that first aired on ABC Kids in Australia in October 2018. Centered around a 6-year-old Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey, the show follows her adventures growing up in Brisbane with her family, including her parents Chilli and Bandit, and younger sister Bingo.

Bluey quickly became the most popular series in ABC iview history and has won several awards, including an International Emmy Kids Award. It has since been distributed globally in over 60 countries.

With the immense popularity of the show and title character Bluey, an interesting question has emerged – is Bluey named after the oldest dog in the world? This article will explore the history behind Bluey’s name and whether there is any connection to the world’s oldest dogs.


The History and Popularity of Bluey

The animated television series Bluey first debuted in Australia in October 2018. It was created by Joe Brumm and produced by the Brisbane-based company Ludo Studio The show follows Bluey, an energetic and imaginative six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, along with her family and friends.

Bluey quickly became a huge hit with Australian families and children. By 2019, it had reached over 75 million views on ABC iview and was the most watched program ever on the streaming platform Its popularity continued to grow internationally as the show was picked up by Disney and began airing worldwide.

bluey and her family playing games

Today, Bluey is one of the most popular preschool TV shows around the globe. It has won multiple awards including an International Emmy Kids Award. The warm reception towards Bluey highlights its family-friendly themes and ability to resonate with children and parents alike.

Bluey the Character

Bluey is an animated blue heeler puppy who is the main character in the Australian children’s television series Bluey. According to the Bluey website, Bluey is “an inexhaustible blue heeler puppy, who lives with her mum, dad and little sister Bingo” (

Blue heeler dogs are an Australian breed known for their energy, intelligence and herding skills. Bluey is 6 years old in human years but acts like an energetic puppy, always looking for fun games to play. She has a vivid imagination and often pretends everyday objects are something else when making up new games.

Bluey lives with her family in Brisbane, Australia. Her immediate family members are her parents Bandit and Chilli, and her younger sister Bingo who is 4 years old. She has a close relationship with both of her parents and loves spending time with her little sister, even if Bingo can be annoying at times.

Bluey has an optimistic and affectionate personality. She loves to laugh and make up imaginative games. Her curiosity, high energy and playfulness often lead to adventures and mischief. But overall Bluey is portrayed as a good-natured, loving pup who is thoughtful of her family. She loves them and enjoys nothing more than playing with them.

The Story Behind Bluey’s Name

The name Bluey was chosen for the main character of the show by creator Joe Brumm. According to a Reddit post, Brumm originally planned for the show to be centered around his own pet Kelpie dog named Rusty. However, Brumm decided to create a new character and opted for the name Bluey instead.

As explained on Wikipedia, Bluey is an anthropomorphic six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy. The Blue Heeler (also known as the Australian Cattle Dog) is a breed known for its mottled blue coat, hence the name Bluey.

According to the Blueypedia Fandom site, the character’s full name is Bluey Christine Heeler. So while the name Bluey clearly references her breed as a Blue Heeler, the reason for choosing the specific name Bluey for the lead character over other options comes down to creator Joe Brumm’s personal choice.

The World’s Oldest Dogs

When it comes to the oldest dogs ever recorded, the top spots belong to some truly ancient pups. According to Guinness World Records, the verified world record holder for the oldest dog ever is Bobi, a Rafeiro do Alentejo from Portugal. Bobi lived to the incredible age of 30 years and 266 days before passing away in 2022 [1].

Prior to Bobi, the oldest dog record belonged to an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who lived from 1910 to 1939, reaching 29 years and 5 months of age [2]. Bluey worked herding cattle and lived a full life in the Australian Outback before being put to sleep at old age.

the world's oldest dog bluey the australian cattle dog

Other remarkably old dogs include Butch, a Beagle from Virginia who lived to be 28 years old, and Chanel, a Dachshund from California who reached the age of 21 [2]. While large breeds tend to have shorter life spans, these small dogs defied the odds with their impressive longevity.

The key to a long doggy life seems to be a loving home, nutritious food, proper vet care, exercise, and good genes. But when it comes to the oldest of the old, Bobi the Portuguese Rafeiro takes the biscuit for longest lived pooch.

The Most Common Dog Names

Research shows that the most popular dog names tend to be short, one or two syllable names that are easy for dogs to recognize. According to the American Kennel Club, the top 10 most popular female dog names in 2023 are Bella, Luna, Daisy, Lucy, Maggie, Molly, Lola, Sadie, Bailey, and Stella. For male dogs, the top names are Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Milo, Bear, Rocky, Duke, Tucker, and Jack.

The names Luna and Max were ranked 1st in popularity in 2023, pushing out longtime favorites Bella and Charlie. Location also impacts popularity – Rover examined state-level data and found names like Cookie, Kona, Sadie, and Duke dominating certain states. So while generic names like Max reign supreme overall, regional trends create variation.

As for Bluey? Unfortunately, this adorable Australian cattle dog’s name does not crack the top 50 most popular names of 2023 in the United States. However, the show’s popularity is quickly rising, so perhaps we’ll see more Blueys, Bingos, Bandits, and Chloes in years to come.

Naming Conventions for Dogs

There are some common trends and approaches people take when naming their dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, the current top 10 most popular male dog names are Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Milo, Bear, Rocky, Duke, Tucker, and Jack For female dogs, the most popular names are Bella, Luna, Lucy, Daisy, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Bailey, Zoe, and Maggie.

some of the most popular dog names

In general, many people opt for short names with one or two syllables, as these are easier for a dog to recognize and remember. Names with a vowel at the end also tend to be more distinguishable for dogs. Using human names, especially popular or trendy ones, is also very common. Some other naming approaches include choosing descriptive names based on the dog’s appearance or personality, drawing inspiration from favorite movies/TV shows/books, or even getting creative with food names or geography/destination names.

Regardless of the approach, the most important factors are picking a name that appeals to you as the owner and that your dog will be able to recognize consistently. Following certain naming conventions can help, but getting creative or choosing a meaningful name for your special pup is what matters most.

The Significance of a Dog’s Name

A dog’s name holds great significance as it is one of the main ways they are identified and called upon. Unlike animals in the wild, domesticated dogs are given names by their human owners which become an important part of their identity. The meaning behind a dog’s name can reflect many things about them including their appearance, breed, personality traits, the culture they come from, or even the interests of their owner.

According to pet experts, a dog’s name should ideally be short, distinct, and easy to pronounce in order to aid training and ensure the dog responds when called upon ( Studies have shown dogs react faster to names with hard consonant sounds like Duke or Bear, as these stand out more clearly. Names should also suit the personality of the dog based on their attentiveness, excitability, independence, or other traits.

The significance of a dog’s name also relates to the meaning behind it. Names originating from mythology, history, nature, or pop culture can indicate what inspired the choice. For example, a name like Zeus or Athena reflects the mythology of ancient Greece, while names like Rover or Shadow directly relate to canine qualities. The name might honor a loved one or even a favorite fictional character.

In essence, a dog’s name is much more than just an identifier – it forms part of their identity and often reveals why they were given that particular name. It is a meaningful choice that can say a lot about a dog, their origins, breed, personality, and the creativity of their human owner.

Answering the Question

Throughout our exploration of the history behind Bluey’s name, as well as examining the world’s oldest dogs and common dog naming conventions, we can now revisit the original question that sparked this investigation: Is Bluey named after the oldest dog?

Based on the research, there is no definitive evidence to indicate that Bluey, the popular Australian cartoon dog, was specifically named after the world’s oldest dog or named as a reference to longevity and old age in dogs. Some key points from our analysis:

  • Bluey the cartoon dog was created by Joe Brumm in 2018. The name appears to be based on common Australian dog names like Blue, rather than an intentional reference to a specific elderly dog.
  • The oldest verified dog in history was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who lived from 1910 to 1939. While Bluey the cartoon dog shares the same name and Australian breed dog inspiration, the two do not seem directly connected.
  • Bluey is currently a popular dog name in Australia, ranking in the top 10. It likely references the common coat colors of breeds like Australian Cattle Dogs. There is no evidence it is commonly used to mean the “oldest” dog.

In conclusion, while Bluey the historic dog and Bluey the cartoon character share similarities like their name, Australian origins, and breed, there is no definitive proof that the children’s TV series Bluey was named after the world’s oldest verified dog.

The Legacy of Bluey

Bluey has had a profound impact as an animated preschool series. Since its premiere in 2018, it has become a global phenomenon, earning critical acclaim and amassing millions of dedicated fans across the world. Bluey emphasizes imagination, playfulness, and family, touching on thoughtful themes relatable to viewers young and old. It has won numerous awards, including an International Emmy Kids Award and an AACTA Award for Best Children’s Program.

bluey winning awards and recognition

With its warm, hilarious, and heartfelt portrayal of family life, Bluey has become one of the most popular shows for preschoolers. Its lovable characters, charming art style, and funny, slice-of-life stories have connected with children everywhere. Bluey’s lasting appeal and ability to speak to universal experiences have made it a new classic that parents and kids can enjoy together.

Beyond its accolades and viewership, Bluey’s cultural impact is evident in the devoted fandom that has emerged. Fans of all ages engage in discussions, fan art, memes, and other tributes celebrating their love for Bluey. It has inspired creative playtime, with children reenacting episodes and pretending to be the characters. Even parents are embracing Bluey’s encouragement of parental playfulness and mindful, present parenting.

While Bluey’s namesake origins may be uncertain, her legacy is clear. This charming little blue heeler has secured her place as an iconic, beloved character for generations to come. She exemplifies the joy of imagination and celebrates the preciousness of childhood and family. Bluey inspires viewers to make the most of every moment, finding adventure, fun, and connection in everyday life.

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