Is Your Dogmeat Gone For Good? Answering Fallout 4’s Biggest Companion Question


Dogmeat is one of the most iconic and beloved video game companions of all time. This loyal canine companion has been by the player’s side through adventures in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout since the original game in 1997. Over the years across various Fallout titles, Dogmeat has become a staple of the series that fans deeply adore.

However, Dogmeat’s mortality has been a point of concern and confusion for many players over the years. What exactly happens when everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic pup meets an untimely end? Is it possible to revive Dogmeat or get a new companion to take his place? This article will provide a comprehensive look at Dogmeat’s mortality and options for players who have lost their faithful companion.

Who is Dogmeat?

Dogmeat is a canine companion that has appeared in multiple games in the Fallout series, starting with the original Fallout in 1997. He was a stray German Shepherd mix found by the player in the town of Junktown (Fallout Wiki – Dogmeat). Dogmeat could accompany the player on their journey through the post-apocalyptic world, helping in battles and exploration. However, Dogmeat could be killed in the line of duty and would not respawn. An entirely different dog named Dogmeat appears in Fallout 3 by Bethesda Softworks, which begins in the year 2277 (Wikipedia – Dogmeat (Fallout)). His master, a scavenger, was killed by a band of raiders, leaving Dogmeat to search for a new companion. The Lone Wanderer has the opportunity to adopt Dogmeat and keep him as a loyal companion throughout the game. In Fallout 4, set in 2287, Dogmeat is found outside the Red Rocket truck stop and can accompany the Sole Survivor on their quest. Dogmeat has become an iconic character and beloved companion in the Fallout universe.

Dogmeat’s Mortality

One of the most common questions Fallout 4 players have is whether or not Dogmeat can die. As the Sole Survivor’s loyal companion, Dogmeat accompanies you on many dangerous adventures where he often finds himself in harm’s way. So is it possible for Dogmeat to be killed in Fallout 4?

The simple answer is no, Dogmeat cannot permanently die in Fallout 4. All companion characters in Fallout 4, including Dogmeat, are tagged as “essential” which means they cannot be killed by any means. If Dogmeat’s health reaches zero, he will simply fall unconscious for a short time before getting back up with restored health. This prevents him from ever being permanently killed and removed from the game.

Players on Reddit and Steam forums have tested many creative ways to try to kill Dogmeat ranging from repeated explosives to console commands, but his essential status makes him invincible (source). So Dogmeat is in no real danger throughout the adventures with the Sole Survivor.

players testing creative ways to try to kill the immortal dogmeat

In summary, Dogmeat cannot be killed off or die permanently. He may fall unconscious temporarily but will always return to your side. So Fallout 4 players can rest assured that man’s best friend will remain loyally by their side no matter what dangers the wasteland throws at them.

What Happens When Dogmeat Dies?

When Dogmeat dies in Fallout 4, the player does have some options to revive him or get a new Dogmeat. However, Dogmeat does not automatically respawn when he dies. If the player is on PC, they can open the console, click on Dogmeat’s body, and use commands like “setessential 1” to revive him (source). On console versions, that is not an option.

Instead, console players will need to reload a previous save before Dogmeat died to get him back. If the player does not have an earlier save, they can still get a new Dogmeat later in the game. After reaching level 22 and completing the Broken Steel add-on, the player unlocks the Dogmeat’s Pup perk. This perk allows the Sole Survivor to build a Dogmeat Kennel at settlements, which can then spawn a new Dogmeat (source). So while the original Dogmeat does not automatically respawn, players do have options to replace their fallen companion.

Reviving Dogmeat

If Dogmeat dies in Fallout 4, there are a couple options to revive him. The easiest method is to use console commands. On PC, you can open the console with the ~ key and type “resurrect” without the quotes. This will revive the most recently deceased NPC, which is likely Dogmeat if he just died. You’ll need to enable console commands first under gameplay settings.

On console, you’ll need a mod like Cheat Terminal to access console commands and revive Dogmeat. The mod lets you resurrect any NPC, so you can specifically bring Dogmeat back. Just install the mod, access the holotape, and select the resurrect option (Steamcommunity).

Some other Dogmeat revival mods exist too, like Unkillable Dogmeat and Dogmeat’s Revival. These make him essential so he can’t die. With mods, you can ensure Dogmeat stays by your side no matter what (Reddit).

Getting a New Dogmeat

If Dogmeat dies in Fallout 4, you can get a new Dogmeat by returning to one of the places where you originally found him. According to this Fallout wiki, Dogmeat can be found waiting at the Red Rocket Truck Stop just southeast of Sanctuary Hills where the game begins. He also sometimes hangs around at his dog house behind one of the houses in Sanctuary. If Dogmeat is no longer at either of these locations after dying, you can try waiting or fast traveling to reload the area which may cause him to respawn.

Players recommend building a dog house in Sanctuary and waiting 24-48 hours to give Dogmeat a chance to return there if he’s died in your travels. You can also try commands like “moveto player” to teleport Dogmeat to you according to some Fallout 4 forums, but console commands don’t work on all platforms so this may not be an option for all players.

The key is returning to one of Dogmeat’s original spawn points and giving the game time to respawn him by reloading the area. This allows you to get a new Dogmeat after the original has died without needing to load an earlier save. Just be patient and keep checking his usual hangouts until your loyal companion returns.

Coping With Loss

Losing Dogmeat can be an emotional experience for many Fallout players. After journeying across the Wasteland and forming a bond with your canine companion, his death can feel like losing a real friend. It’s important to remember that Dogmeat is just a video game character, but the feelings he evokes are real.

Some players feel guilty if Dogmeat dies while under their care. It’s easy to become attached to his enthusiasm and loyalty. However, Dogmeat’s mortality is ultimately out of the player’s control. Accidents happen during dangerous battles and missions. As hard as you try to protect him, Dogmeat doesn’t always survive.

Other players feel frustrated or disappointed when Dogmeat dies. After investing time strengthening and outfitting him, his sudden death can seem like wasted effort. It’s understandable to feel annoyed by the loss of a useful ally. But rather than dwell on the negatives, try to remember the good times with Dogmeat by your side.

coping with feelings of sadness or frustration over dogmeat's death

If the loss is too difficult to handle, some players choose to reload a previous save so they can continue adventuring with Dogmeat. While this denies his death, it allows you to avoid the emotional impact until you’re ready. There’s no right or wrong way to play through this loss.

Ultimately, allowing yourself to feel sadness and reminisce after Dogmeat’s passing can help bring closure. Focus on the happy memories rather than regrets. With time, you may feel ready to befriend another companion, even if Dogmeat can never be replaced.

Protecting Dogmeat

Keeping Dogmeat alive throughout Fallout 4 can be challenging, but there are some tips to help protect your canine companion:

According to discussions on Reddit, you can have Dogmeat wait outside of dangerous super mutant areas so he doesn’t get hurt ( This is one of the only ways to avoid him getting killed by forcefields, melted by plasma, or incinerated in combat.

On Steam community forums, users mention locking Dogmeat behind a force field when entering risky situations ( This trick keeps him safely out of harm’s way.

locking dogmeat safely behind a forcefield before battles

In general, pay close attention to Dogmeat’s health in battles and be ready to give him stimpaks if needed. Keep him equipped with the best armor and weapons available to improve his resilience. And consider picking perks that boost Dogmeat’s abilities and survivability.

While it takes some extra care and planning, with these strategies you can keep your faithful Dogmeat by your side through every adventure in the Fallout 4 wasteland.

Dogmeat Alternatives

While Dogmeat is a beloved and iconic companion in the Fallout series, there are other companion options if you lose Dogmeat or want a different companion. According to discussions on Steam, companions besides Dogmeat who are okay with murder and theft include Cait, Deacon, Hancock, MacCready, Old Longfellow, Porter Gage, and X6-88.

The Fallout Wiki notes several humanoid companions available across the Fallout games like Charon, Fawkes, Jericho, Star Paladin Cross, Butch DeLoria, Clover, and more. Each has their own benefits and personality quirks to consider.

For non-human companions, there are options like ED-E, Sergeant RL-3, Cerberus, Roxie, and Giddyup Buttercup across the various Fallout titles. Players on Reddit have also expressed interest in Yao Guai and other wasteland creature companions.

So while no companion can truly replace Dogmeat, there are alternatives if you find yourself without your trusty canine companion. Choosing a new companion that fits your playstyle can help fill that absence.

considering wasteland creature companions as alternatives to dogmeat


In summary, Dogmeat is an immortal companion in Fallout 4 who cannot permanently die. If he is killed in battle, the Sole Survivor can revive Dogmeat by visiting one of his spawn points or using console commands on PC. While Dogmeat can’t be replaced with a new dog, his immortality makes that a non-issue. Players who want a mortal dog companion do have some alternatives, like the moddable Junkyard Dog.

Ultimately, Dogmeat’s undying loyalty and companionship is a core part of the Fallout 4 experience. His immortality may break realism, but also ensures he remains by your side through every quest and firefight. Dogmeat’s presence highlights the themes of friendship and gives players an emotional anchor in the desolate Wasteland. For these reasons, his inability to die permanently seems more like a thoughtful design choice rather than a compromise.

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