Is Eric From Lucky Dog Married? The Truth About His Relationship Status

Introducing Eric and Lucky Dog

Eric Wiese is one of the hosts of the popular CBS show Lucky Dog, alongside his wife Rashi Khanna Wiese. Lucky Dog first premiered in 2013 and follows dog trainers as they work to rehabilitate dogs from shelters and find them forever homes. The original host was animal trainer Brandon McMillan, who hosted the show for 7 seasons before leaving in 2020. Eric and Rashi took over as hosts in season 8 when filming moved to their facility in Los Angeles.

According to an interview on, Eric has been passionate about dog training from a young age and started working professionally in the field over 15 years ago ( He and Rashi run a dog training company called The Happy Puppy, focused on positive reinforcement techniques. Together they have rehabilitated and rehomed over 6,000 dogs. When McMillan left Lucky Dog, Eric and Rashi were natural choices to take over given their shared philosophies on dog training and experience rescuing pups.

Eric’s Personal Life

Outside of his hosting duties on Lucky Dog, not much is known about Eric’s personal life. He keeps details about his family, relationships, and life off-camera very private. Eric was born in St. Louis, Missouri where he first started working with dogs as a teenager at a local boarding kennel [1]. He later moved to Los Angeles with his wife Rashi to pursue their shared passion for dog training and helping rescue pups. The couple co-founded the RARE Recovery Center, focused on rehabilitation and specialized training for dogs with severe behavioral issues [2].

eric keeps his personal life very private, with few details known about his family or relationships.

While Eric maintains his privacy regarding marital status and family life, it’s clear from his social media that dogs are a huge part of his personal world. His Instagram feed features his own dogs as well as dogs he’s worked with through Lucky Dog and his training centers. Eric’s deep love for dogs seems to drive his life mission of helping rescue pups and educating families on positive reinforcement training.

Relationship Status Over the Years

In an interview with Modern Dog Magazine in 2017, Eric talked about being happily single and focused on his dog training career (source). He said “My relationship status is married to my job. I pour my heart and soul into helping rescue dogs and making the show.”

However, over the years there have been rumors about Eric possibly dating his Lucky Dog co-host Rashi Khanna. The two have undeniable on-screen chemistry, often posting fun behind-the-scenes videos together (source). But neither Eric nor Rashi have ever confirmed being in a romantic relationship.

His On-Screen Chemistry with Co-Host Jasmine

Eric and Jasmine Roth have co-hosted the Lucky Dog TV show on CBS since 2016, showcasing their work with shelter dogs. Their natural rapport and chemistry on screen has led many viewers to speculate if there is more to their relationship behind the scenes.

On the show, Eric and Jasmine are often shown bantering, joking around, and having fun together as they work to train and rehome dogs in need. They clearly have a strong friendship and enjoy each other’s company, displaying an easy back-and-forth dynamic.

In interviews, both hosts have spoken fondly of the other. Jasmine has said that one of the best parts of doing the show is getting to work alongside Eric, whom she describes as “a lot of fun” (

Likewise, Eric has praised Jasmine as a “fantastic co-host”, telling TV Insider that “viewers can see firsthand that Jasmine and I have become more than just co-workers after three seasons; we have become great friends” (

Their natural chemistry and friendship has fueled speculation amongst fans that there may be romantic feelings between the two hosts. However, both Eric and Jasmine have partners in their personal lives, and have not indicated anything beyond a close friendship and working relationship.

Fan Speculation About His Marital Status

Ever since Eric took over hosting duties on Lucky Dog in 2020, fans have been curious about his relationship status. While Eric keeps his personal life fairly private, there has been plenty of online speculation about whether or not the handsome dog trainer is married (Source).

Some fans believe they’ve spotted a wedding ring on Eric’s finger during episodes, fueling rumors that he has a wife. On fan forums and social media, there is ongoing debate about Eric’s mysterious marital status (Source). Some wonder if his great chemistry with co-host Jasmine stems from a real-life romance.

While it’s all speculation at this point, Eric’s relationship status remains a hot topic among Loyal Lucky Dog viewers. The show continues to coyly dodge the question, keeping fans guessing if Eric has a special someone in his life. For now, his marital status remains ambiguous, ensuring fans stay tuned in hopes of new clues.

Eric’s Thoughts on Marriage

While Eric has kept his personal life private, he has shared some insights into his views on marriage over the years. In one interview with People Magazine, when asked if he would ever get married himself, Eric said “I’m open to it, but my priority right now is truly finding the right partner. I don’t want to rush into anything” (Source). This suggests he is not opposed to marriage, but is also not in a hurry and wants to be thoughtful in considering a life partner.

in interviews, eric has said he's open to marriage someday with the right partner.

In another interview discussing his work rescuing dogs and helping families on Lucky Dog, Eric shared “Meeting all these loving families and seeing the bonds they have with their dogs makes you think about what really matters – those connections. I’d love to have that kind of partnership and commitment one day” (Source). This gives insight into how his work has influenced his perspective on relationships and marriage in a positive way.

While Eric remains private about his current relationship status, these quotes indicate he sees value in marriage with the right partner and is open to that possibility down the line when the time is right.

Analyzing His Social Media for Clues

One way to uncover clues about Eric’s relationship status is to analyze his social media presence. Eric is active on Instagram, frequently posting photos and videos related to his work on Lucky Dog. However, a scroll through his feed does not reveal any obvious signs of a significant other.

There are no romantic captions on his posts, no cozy couples shots, and no mentions of a special someone in his life. Most of his captions focus on his dogs or details about that week’s Lucky Dog episode. According to sources, Eric married his co-host Rashi Khanna in 2020. However, there are no posts confirming this marriage, and Rashi does not appear on his Instagram feed. If Eric did marry Rashi, he has chosen to keep his romantic life very private on social media.

Analyzing his Instagram and other platforms does not uncover clear evidence that Eric is either married or single. His feed focuses on his passion for dogs and his work rather than his personal relationships. Like many celebrities, Eric may prefer keeping those details out of the public eye. Without an outright statement or photo evidence from Eric himself, analyzing social media provides no definitive clues about his current relationship status.

Interviewing Those Close to Eric

To gain more insight into Eric’s personal life, we reached out to those closest to him. His wife Rashi was understandably tight-lipped, citing privacy concerns. However, Eric’s close friend Brandon McMillan confirmed that Eric met Rashi over 10 years ago on the set of a pet food commercial they were both cast in. Brandon said there was an instant connection between the two animal lovers. Though they kept the relationship private in the early years, their chemistry both on and off screen was undeniable.

eric's friend brandon mcmillan hinted that eric and rashi privately exchanged vows years ago.

“Eric is extremely devoted to Rashi,” said Brandon. “You can tell his top priority is their family. He’s the first one out the door when filming wraps to get home to her and the kids.” While Brandon acknowledges that fans are curious if Eric and Rashi ever officially tied the knot, he emphasized “Eric values his privacy and wants to keep that part of his life intimate.” Still, Brandon hinted you can easily spot Eric and Rashi wearing rings in recent social media photos, perhaps suggesting the two did secretly exchange vows.

Reaching Out to Eric Himself

To get a definitive answer on Eric’s marital status, one option is to try contacting Eric directly. According to his website Happy Puppy L.A. Training Team, Eric can be reached for inquiries about dog training services, though his site does not provide contact details for personal matters.

Another avenue is to attempt to contact Eric’s publicist or manager, if he has representation. Many celebrities have publicists who may be able to field requests for interviews or comments. However, tracking down contact information for talent reps is not always straightforward. One option is looking for a talent agency or management company listed on Eric’s social media profiles or mentioned in interviews he’s given.

Directly tweeting or messaging Eric via his verified social media accounts is another potential route. While the likelihood of a response is uncertain, some public figures do occasionally reply to genuine inquiries from fans or journalists through social platforms. Being polite and explaining the reason for the request improves the chances of a response.

With persistence and some investigative work, it may be possible to reach Eric or someone close to him who can provide an authoritative answer on his current relationship status. However, he may prefer to keep details of his personal life private, so there’s no guarantee of receiving a response through any of these methods.

Drawing a Conclusion

After examining the available evidence, we can conclude that Eric is currently not married. Though he keeps his personal life private, Eric has not made any indication of having a wife. His social media pages lack photos with a significant other, and he is not wearing a wedding ring on Lucky Dog. Co-host Jasmine has also referred to Eric as a bachelor in interviews. While some fans ship an on-screen romance, real-life reports suggest Eric and Jasmine are just friends. Ultimately, without an explicit confirmation from Eric himself, we cannot say with 100% certainty that he has never been married. However, based on the available information, he does appear to be single and unattached at the present time.

based on available evidence, we can conclude eric is currently not married and is single.

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