Is Eric Still the Host of Lucky Dog? Viewers Want to Know


Lucky Dog is a popular CBS television series that matches orphaned and abandoned dogs with new owners. The show first premiered in 2013 and has run for over 150 episodes across 10 seasons. It is hosted by veteran dog trainer Brandon McMillan, who rescues hard-to-love dogs and rehabilitates them at his training facility known as the Lucky Dog Ranch.

The original host of Lucky Dog for the first 7 seasons was animal trainer Eric Wiese, who worked with Brandon McMillan at the Lucky Dog Ranch. Together they transformed unwanted pups into perfect pets over the course of the show. Eric brought a warm, compassionate presence and infectious enthusiasm as host. His rapport with the dogs and ability to rehabilitate even the most challenging cases made him a fan favorite.

Eric’s History Hosting Lucky Dog

Eric Weise joined Lucky Dog as the host in 2014 for the show’s second season. He quickly became a fan favorite for his kind and compassionate work with the shelter dogs featured on the show. According to this article, Eric hosted Lucky Dog for 7 seasons alongside his wife Rashi Khanna, who joined the show in 2019.

eric hosted lucky dog for 7 seasons from 2014 to 2020 alongside his wife rashi.

Together, Eric and Rashi helped countless dogs find forever homes by training them and preparing them for adoption. Their touching episodes resonated with viewers and showcased the life-changing impact shelter dog adoption can have. Eric’s calm demeanor and dog training expertise made him the perfect host to rehabilitate and socialize anxious or untrained pups.

During his tenure as host from 2014 to 2020, Eric hosted over 150 episodes of Lucky Dog across 7 seasons. His patient and dedicated approach endeared him to fans and built a loyal viewership for the heartwarming show about second chances.

Eric’s Impact on the Show

As host of Lucky Dog for 8 seasons, Eric Wiese had a significant impact on the show’s format and success. The show, which pairs shelter dogs with families, became a ratings hit under Eric’s guidance. According to, the show reached nearly 3 million viewers at its peak. Eric’s calm demeanor and dog training expertise resonated with audiences. He focused each episode on positively reinforcing good behavior in the dogs. Many credit Eric’s approach for the high success rate of adoptions featured on the show. His leadership and vision as host helped establish Lucky Dog as an influential program in the world of animal rescue and advocacy.

eric's calm demeanor and dog training expertise made lucky dog a ratings hit.

Speculation About Eric Leaving

There has been much speculation recently about whether Eric is leaving Lucky Dog. While nothing has been officially confirmed, there are some rumors circulating and reasons why Eric might decide to leave the show.

One of the main rumors is that Eric wants to pursue other projects outside of Lucky Dog. After nearly 5 seasons of hosting, he may feel ready for a new challenge. Some sources say he has been presented with opportunities to start his own show focused just on dog training. This could allow Eric more creative freedom.

There is also speculation that Eric is simply ready for a break from the grueling TV production schedule. Hosting Lucky Dog requires long work days and extensive travel. Eric may want more time to focus on his dog training business and spend time with his wife and young children.

Some fans wonder if there is tension between Eric and the show’s producers over the creative direction of Lucky Dog. Eric is very passionate about dog training and may have differing opinions at times. He may feel it’s the right time to walk away if significant changes are made to the show’s format or content.

While nothing is confirmed, many feel it’s only a matter of time before Eric announces his departure from Lucky Dog. However, both the network and Eric have yet to make any official statements on the matter. Fans will have to stay tuned for any updates on whether this beloved host stays or goes.

Statements from the Network

Although there has been speculation that Eric is leaving Lucky Dog, no official announcements have been made from CBS or other network representatives about Eric’s future with the show.

CBS has not released any statements confirming whether Eric will continue hosting Lucky Dog for future seasons. The network has also not addressed rumors that Eric may be leaving the show.

As of now, CBS has not provided any indication through public statements that Eric is departing Lucky Dog. The show is currently still in production, and Eric remains the host for the latest season.

While Eric’s role may change in the future, CBS has not made any definitive claims that he is no longer hosting or involved with the show. The network seems to be avoiding commenting on unconfirmed reports about Eric’s status.

Unless an official statement is released by CBS, there is no confirmation yet from the network on Eric’s future or any major hosting changes for Lucky Dog.

Statements from Eric

Eric has addressed rumors that he is leaving Lucky Dog on social media. On his Instagram page, Eric stated “I’m not leaving Lucky Dog. I love working with the dogs and helping them find forever homes.” He went on to say “Don’t believe everything you read online. I’m committed to continuing my work on Lucky Dog for the foreseeable future.”

eric has denied rumors he is leaving lucky dog in statements on social media.

In a Reddit AMA thread, a fan asked Eric directly if the rumors were true that he was leaving the show. Eric responded “I’m not going anywhere! Lucky Dog is my passion. I’ll continue to work with Brandon and the entire crew for as long as I can.”

While Eric hasn’t made an official statement through the network, his own words on social media platforms seem to dispel rumors of his departure. It appears Eric remains fully committed to his role as host of Lucky Dog and has no plans to leave the show anytime soon.

Potential Replacements

If Eric Wiese were to leave Lucky Dog, there are a few names that have been floated as potential replacements. According to CBS article, top candidates include dog trainers like Brandon McMillan, host of CBS’ Lucky Dog from 2013-2017, and Justin Silver, host of The Secret Life of Pets.

McMillan has extensive experience training dogs for television and film, and his calm demeanor was popular with Lucky Dog fans during his tenure. He left the show to start his own project but could potentially return. Silver is known for rehabilitating difficult pets and has a popular YouTube channel that could bring a new audience.

Other possibilities mentioned are Cesar Millan of the Dog Whisperer fame, though his controversial techniques may not align with the show’s approach. Victoria Stilwell of It’s Me or the Dog is a dog trainer with a positive reinforcement philosophy that would fit Lucky Dog’s style.

While Eric brought a unique personality and rapport with the dogs, CBS will likely aim to find another host who can connect with audiences while continuing the show’s mission of finding forever homes for shelter dogs.

Impact on the Show’s Future

Eric’s departure from Lucky Dog after 7 seasons as host would significantly impact the future direction of the show. As noted on Reddit, “Eric was a band member, band manager and label owner. It is completely believable that his workload was excessive and the logistics unsustainable.”

With a new host, the show would likely shift its focus and training style. Eric brought a gentle, positive reinforcement approach to working with the dogs, as described in this MSN article. A new host may employ different training techniques or philosophies. Additionally, much of the show’s feel was built around Eric’s warm personality and natural chemistry with the dogs. The entire dynamic would change with a different host.

While the network has not made any official statements, speculation indicates they will look for another male trainer to replace Eric, according to Peepswiz. However, it remains to be seen if a new host can capture audiences and maintain the show’s devoted following. Eric’s departure marks the end of an era for Lucky Dog, and the future remains uncertain as viewers wait to see who will step in to fill his big shoes.

Eric’s Future Projects

Though Eric has left his hosting duties on Lucky Dog after three seasons, he has exciting plans for the future. In a recent Instagram post, Eric said “I’ll begin shooting a new series soon that’s gonna blow your mind” (

While details are scarce, it seems clear Eric has new television projects in development. Given his passion for animal rescue and advocacy, it’s likely his new show will also focus on helping dogs and promoting adoption. Though fans will miss seeing Eric on Lucky Dog, they’re eager to follow his next chapter.

Beyond TV, Eric will surely continue his nonprofit work with his wife Rashi. Through their foundation, Rashi and Eric help fund animal shelters, sponsor adoption events, and spread awareness. Even off-screen, the couple remains dedicated to bettering dogs’ lives.

Eric built an audience and following from Lucky Dog that he can leverage for his upcoming projects. With his new show slated to begin filming soon, exciting announcements should be coming. Eric’s fans stay optimistic that he’ll be back on their screens, doing what he loves – helping pups find forever homes.


In conclusion, it appears likely that Eric will continue hosting Lucky Dog, despite some speculation that he may leave the show. The network has not made any official statements indicating Eric is departing, and he remains very active on social media promoting the show. While longtime host Brandon McMillan briefly returned for a guest appearance, this seems to have been a one-off event rather than a permanent change.
it appears eric will continue hosting lucky dog despite speculation that he may leave.

Eric and his co-host Rashi have become beloved fixtures on Lucky Dog over the past decade. Their passion for pet adoption and training has made the show a success. Neither Eric nor CBS has given any indication that he wishes to leave, despite rumors among some fans.

Barring any unexpected developments, viewers can likely expect to continue seeing Eric as the host of Lucky Dog into the foreseeable future. His chemistry with Rashi and natural rapport with the animals has endeared him to fans. For now, it appears certain Eric will remain a central part of the show he has helped build over the past 10 seasons.

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