The Secret Behind Kirkland’s Nature’s Domain Dog Food


Kirkland Signature is the house brand of Costco, a membership only warehouse retailer that sells products in bulk. Kirkland Signature pet food, including the Nature’s Domain product line, is manufactured by third party companies using Kirkland’s specifications.

Nature’s Domain is marketed as a premium, grain-free dog food line within the Kirkland Signature brand. It contains high-quality ingredients and nutrients for canine health and nutrition. The Nature’s Domain formulas are high in protein from natural sources and have no corn, wheat, soy or by-products.

Kirkland Brand Overview

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Kirkland is a private label brand owned by Costco Wholesale. It was launched in 1995 and is named after the location of Costco’s former corporate headquarters in Kirkland, Washington (source). Kirkland products are known for offering high quality at a great value.

Kirkland Signature products are designed to be comparable to national brands, while saving members between 10-50% compared to the national brands (source). The brand has built a reputation for quality and affordability across a wide range of products including food, household supplies, clothing and more.

By selling Kirkland products exclusively through Costco warehouses, the company is able to cut costs by simplifying packaging and marketing for the Kirkland brand. This cost savings allows them to focus on product quality and keeping prices low for members (source).

Nature’s Domain Product Line

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Nature’s Domain is a line of high quality, grain-free dog foods manufactured for Costco by Diamond Pet Foods. Nature’s Domain formulas are all protein-packed and crafted with premium ingredients.

The first ingredient in every Nature’s Domain recipe is a named high-quality meat or fish like beef, chicken, salmon or turkey. The recipes don’t contain any corn, wheat, fillers or artificial flavors. They use nutrient-dense superfoods like pumpkin, blueberries and sweet potatoes for natural sources of key vitamins and minerals.

With high protein content and all natural ingredients, Nature’s Domain aims to provide dogs with quality nutrition in grain-free formulas made with premium meats like angus beef, free-range chicken and wild caught salmon.


ingredients list from nature's domain formula

Nature’s Domain dog food contains high-quality ingredients including real meat, fish, and eggs as the first ingredients. According to the Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Salmon & Sweet Potato Formula, the first five ingredients are salmon meal, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, and canola oil.

Nature’s Domain avoids corn, wheat, and soy ingredients that some dogs have sensitivities to. Instead, they use digestible carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and peas. They also include probiotics and antioxidants for digestive and immune health.

The Beef & Sweet Potato Formula lists beef, beef meal, sweet potatoes, lentils, and garbanzo beans as the first ingredients. These recipes use quality ingredients tailored to a dog’s nutritional needs.


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Nature’s Domain dog food is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods in company-owned facilities located in the United States. The manufacturing plants are located in Meta, Missouri; Lathrop, California; and Gaston, South Carolina (Kirkland Signature Pet Supplies FAQs). Diamond Pet Foods is a U.S.-owned company that produces pet food for many popular brands. By producing Nature’s Domain in their own domestic plants, Diamond is able to closely monitor the production process and ingredient quality.

Manufacturing Nature’s Domain recipes domestically under the oversight of Diamond allows for strict quality control and food safety procedures. The U.S. facilities must meet the standards and regulations for pet food production set by the FDA, USDA, local, and state agencies (Nature’s Domain Dog Food: Everything You Need to Know). This helps ensure the safety and nutritional value of the recipes. Additionally, the ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers within the U.S. whenever possible.

Overall, Nature’s Domain’s made in the USA claim means pet parents can feel confident about the careful production of the formulas to create healthy, wholesome meals for their dogs. The domestic facilities enable close monitoring and testing of the recipes from start to finish.

Quality Standards

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain dog food meets the nutritional standards set by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

All Nature’s Domain products are produced in Diamond Pet Foods facilities. Diamond Pet Foods states on their website that they adhere to the most stringent quality standards in the pet food industry and manufacture foods under guidelines established by the FDA, USDA, and AAFCO.

According to Dog Food Advisor’s review of Nature’s Domain Canned Dog Food, “We would estimate the brand features an average number of recalls relative to other dog food brands.” The review goes on to note that there was a recall in 2012 due to potential salmonella contamination.

While the quality control standards appear rigorous, there have been some past recalls that indicate room for improvement. However, many reviewers on sites like Reddit indicate satisfaction with the overall quality and ingredients of Nature’s Domain dog food, especially considering the affordable price point.


While many premium dog foods are quite expensive, Nature’s Domain dog food is competitively priced for the high quality offered. Despite using premium ingredients like lamb and salmon meal, Nature’s Domain generally costs 25-30% less than most other brands with high-end, natural ingredients. For example, a 35-pound bag typically retails for around $45, whereas most premium brands are in the $60-$80 range. This makes Nature’s Domain one of the more budget-friendly options for discerning pet parents looking for a high quality yet affordable dog food. The ability to purchase premium ingredients and quality at mass retailer prices is a standout factor for Nature’s Domain’s cost and value proposition.


Kirkland Nature’s Domain dog food receives consistently high ratings and positive reviews from customers. On Amazon, the Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Formula has over 5,400 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Customers praise the quality ingredients, reasonable price, and excellent results like healthy skin and coats, improved digestion, and high palatability. Many reviewers say they switched from premium brands and won’t go back. On Reddit, users of the Kirkland Nature’s Domain line report great experiences and value compared to brands that cost two to three times more. The high quality for the price makes this Costco brand stand out.


Nature’s Domain dog food is sold exclusively at Costco stores and online (link). It is a Kirkland Signature brand product, which means it can only be purchased at Costco. You need an active Costco membership to shop at Costco warehouses or online. Nature’s Domain dog food is not available at any other retailers.

Both dry and wet/canned Nature’s Domain products can be found at Costco locations that have pet departments. The full range of formulas and sizes are usually stocked. You can also order Nature’s Domain dog food for delivery through the Costco website, with some restrictions on item availability by zip code.


In conclusion, Kirkland’s Nature’s Domain dog food provides quality ingredients at an affordable price. Its grain-free recipes are made with premium proteins like salmon, turkey, and chicken along with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. All recipes meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. Nature’s Domain is produced by Diamond Pet Foods, a leading U.S. manufacturer of pet food. Their manufacturing facilities follow rigorous safety procedures and are regularly audited. Based on reviews, most dogs seem to enjoy the taste of Nature’s Domain. It’s an ideal choice for pet owners looking for a high-quality grain-free diet on a budget.

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