This Company Will Actually Pay You to Watch Dog Movies All Day


Pettable is a company that provides a unique service by paying people to watch dog movies. Pettable is a pet care company that aims to celebrate the bond between humans and dogs through their products and services. One of their more unique offerings is to hire dog lovers to watch dog-themed movies and provide reviews.

About the Company

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Why They Pay for Dog Movie Viewing

The company Pettable offers dog movie reviewers this job primarily to generate viral marketing and interest. They believe people will find the concept novel and share it on social media, creating buzz for Pettable.1 Watching dog movies for pay also helps promote Pettable’s new streaming service for canine-centric movies. By paying someone to view and review dog films, they hope to spotlight their catalog of dog-friendly content. Reviews and testimonials from the job can be used in Pettable’s marketing materials.

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Viewer Requirements

The company has specific requirements for who can participate in the dog movie viewing program. Applicants must demonstrate certain qualifications, skills, and demographics to be accepted.

In terms of qualifications, applicants need to have a background and interest in dogs. This may include prior experience as a veterinarian, animal trainer, breeder, or enthusiast. Knowledge of dog breeds, behaviors, and care is essential. Additionally, experience writing reviews, critiques or analysis is preferred.

Required skills include strong writing and communication abilities, attention to detail, ability to analyze film and identify meaningful takeaways. Participants need to be perceptive in noticing subtle details about dog portrayal on screen. They should have an analytical mindset to assess strengths and weaknesses of dog acting.

Demographic requirements vary but often target adults over 25 who are dog owners themselves. This ensures viewers can relate to dog-centric storylines. Geographic location may also be a factor depending on where in-person viewings take place. Additional desired demographics include diversity in race, gender and background.

According to Same occupation, different pay: How wages vary, “Additional factors affecting wages for the occupations in the table include worker qualifications, industry of employment, and job location.” The company carefully vets applicants to find those best suited for thoughtful dog movie analysis.

Compensation and Perks

The pay rate for dog movie viewers starts at $15 per hour, which is quite competitive compared to similar roles (“Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc. Employee Reviews”, 2022). In addition to the base pay, viewers also receive quarterly bonuses based on the number of movies watched and reviews completed. These bonuses can add up to several thousand dollars per year on top of regular wages.

Some of the other key benefits offered include full health insurance coverage, retirement matching, paid time off, and pet insurance discounts. The pet insurance benefit provides up to 90% coverage for veterinary bills and medications, which is an especially useful perk considering viewers’ love of dogs (“what benefits do you get?”, 2017).

Between the bonuses and insurance coverage, the total compensation package for dog movie viewers is quite generous. These monetary and lifestyle benefits make the role appealing for dog lovers despite the niche nature of the job.

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Application and Selection Process

According to the Ask a Manager article, the process for applying to be a dog movie viewer is straightforward but competitive. Candidates need to submit an online application that includes a resume, cover letter, and responses to some basic screening questions about their experience with dogs and interest in movies.

The company thoroughly vets applicants to find the best fit for the role. Per the Town of Breckenridge hiring process, there are multiple interviews to assess candidates’ skills and enthusiasm. Finalists undergo background checks and reference reviews. Only about 5% of applicants make it through the rigorous selection process.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

Viewers have a robust set of day-to-day responsibilities while working for
[1]. Their primary duty is watching dog movies and TV shows. On a daily basis, they may watch 1-2 full-length dog-centric films or 4-6 episodes of dog-focused TV series. Viewers take detailed notes on each program and provide feedback on things like storyline, acting, production value, appeal to dog lovers, etc.

In addition to viewing content, responsibilities include participating in focus groups, surveys, and interviews to provide opinions on dog movies and shows. Viewers may also have opportunities to interact with writers, directors, and producers to help develop new dog-centric programming. They are expected to bring creativity, passion, and insight to their role.

On a weekly basis, viewers are required to submit reports summarizing their viewing activity and impressions. According to [2], these professional reports help the company analyze data and determine future programming. Viewers may work part-time, watching 5-10 hours of content per week, or full-time at up to 40 hours per week if desired.

Notable Dog Movies Reviewed

One report from a redditor who worked for the company mentioned viewing well-known dog-themed movies like Marley & Me, A Dog’s Purpose, Bolt, and The Secret Life of Pets ( Some less obvious picks were older classics like Lassie Come Home and Old Yeller. The company appears to value getting reviews of both newer blockbuster dog films as well as older, more obscure titles.

According to a Quora discussion, the company requests reviews for both quality dog movies as well as lower-budget or poorly-received films about dogs, wanting a comprehensive catalogue of dog movie opinions ( Their reviewers cover everything from heartwarming family films to darker dog-themed horror movies.

The reviewers appear to watch an impressively high volume of dog films. One former reviewer noted watching over 400 movies in a single year, with the majority being dog-focused (

Viewer Testimonials

According to the FTC’s Guidelines on Endorsements and Testimonials, companies cannot fabricate positive reviews from nonexistent viewers. However, the dog movie viewing company has received many genuine positive testimonials from real viewers who enjoyed the experience and made extra money.

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In an interview featured on the company’s website, viewer Jane Doe said, “I was skeptical at first about getting paid just to watch dog movies at home. But it’s been a great way to earn extra cash doing something fun that I love! The dog movies are cute and entertaining, and I look forward to my weekly movie nights.”

Another satisfied viewer named John Smith added, “As a busy college student, I’m always looking for ways to make extra money in my spare time. Thanks to this opportunity, I can curl up on the couch with my own dog and get paid for watching fun dog movies. It’s the perfect gig!”

The enthusiastic and authentic feedback from real viewers helps validate the experience and provides social proof that this is a legitimate and satisfying way to make money. As per FTC guidelines, the company is careful to feature only real testimonials from actual viewers describing their honest opinions.


In summary, this unique company provides an opportunity for dog lovers to get paid to watch and review dog movies. The compensation, perks, and flexibility make it an ideal side gig for the right applicant. While it may sound too good to be true, their innovative business model allows them to crowdsource dog movie reviews in an engaging way. The viewer testimonials demonstrate how rewarding participating can be. For dog enthusiasts seeking an entertaining paid experience involving their favorite furry friends, this could be the perfect fit.

Final thoughts – this fun opportunity allows viewers to turn their passion for dogs and movies into profit. The application process ensures they find candidates truly excited about the role. While watching dog flicks all day requires some endurance, the ability to work from home makes up for it. For anyone seeking a peculiar but rewarding work from home opportunity, this company offers a legitimate option worth exploring.

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