Pampered Pooches. The $75 Tasting Menu Just for Dogs


The lately-opened restaurant “Dogue” in San Francisco, CA is attracting a lot of attention for its offering of a $75 tasting menu specifically curated for dogs. The restaurant opened in August 2022 and opened the canine-focused tasting menu on Sundays starting in September. While Dogue offers dog-friendly food and beverages throughout the week like “dogguccinos” and pastries, the Sunday tasting menu truly sets them apart. With a multi-course menu of human-grade ingredients tailored for dogs, Dogue aims to elevate the dining experience for pups. The unique concept has captured the curiosity of dog owners and foodies alike.

Details on the Restaurant

The restaurant is called Lucky Dog Cafe and is located in San Francisco, California. It’s a standalone restaurant located in the Marina district near the waterfront. Lucky Dog Cafe is known for serving gourmet American style cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients.

According to the website, “Our chefs source the freshest ingredients from local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen to create seasonal menus that reflect the bounty of Northern California.” The interior features an industrial chic aesthetic with reclaimed wood accents and pendant lighting.

History of the Restaurant

history of restaurants overview

The first modern restaurant opened in Paris, France in 1765. It was called Boulanger and served soups and broths at a fixed price. The original concept was to offer affordable, ready-made food for the working class who did not have kitchens in their small apartments. According to the Fast Company, restaurants slowly started expanding their menus and became popular places for social dining experiences among the upper class and intellectuals in the late 1700s.

Over the next few centuries, restaurants continued evolving and expanding globally. They introduced new cuisines, cooking techniques, and dining styles. As noted by, restaurants brought people together, made food accessible, and became ingrained in cultures worldwide. Today, restaurants range from casual fast food to upscale Michelin star establishments. But the core foundation remains gathering around good food and an enjoyable dining experience.

The Dog Tasting Menu

details on dogue's dog tasting menu

Dogue restaurant in San Francisco offers a special tasting menu for dogs that consists of 3 courses with 5-7 dishes ( The tasting menu starts with an appetizer course that includes options like chicken and chaga mushroom soup. The main courses feature human-grade ingredients crafted especially for dogs, such as steak tartare with quail egg, wild antelope tartare with beetroot, and ‘flan’ made from wild rabbit, charcoal and blueberry. For dessert, dogs can enjoy cirtrus and lavender ice cream. All dishes are prepared in the restaurant’s custom designed dog kitchen using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.

According to the owner, each ingredient is carefully sourced and prepared to be digestible, nutritious and irresistible to dogs. The recipes do not include any fillers, artificial ingredients or sodium. Portion sizes are calibrated for a 30lb dog, but can be adjusted as needed. The tasting menu experience aims to go beyond just food by incorporating unique tableware and touches to engage dogs’ senses of smell, texture and more.

Motivation Behind the Menu

motivation behind creating dog menu

The motivation behind Dogue’s $75 tasting menu offering stemmed from owner Rahmi Massarweh’s passion for providing high-quality cuisine and experiences to canine customers. As outlined in an interview with CNET, Massarweh said, “I wanted to celebrate dogs and the relationship between dogs and their parents…it comes from a place of really loving your animal” ( The menu allows owners to treat their dogs to an indulgent dining adventure featuring gourmet dishes made from fresh, organic ingredients. Massarweh aims to elevate the experience of feeding one’s dog and recognizes pets as equally deserving of exceptional culinary offerings. Dogue provides a unique fine dining environment catering specifically to canines.

Customer Response

The $75 tasting menu at Dogue has generated a huge amount of interest and popularity since opening. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Dogue, San Francisco’s dog tasting menu spot, is actually good” ( The restaurant quickly booked up with reservations once the concept was announced.

Customer feedback on the tasting menu experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Many dog owners are thrilled to be able to pamper their pups with a special gourmet meal. As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, owner Rahmi Massarweh “tests recipes obsessively, often on his four dogs, who give him exclusively good feedback like any supportive family member would” (


The owner of dogue restaurant in San Francisco, Rahanna Bromley faced several challenges in preparing and serving the $75 dog tasting menu according to a SF Chronicle article. The first challenge was finding ingredients that were tasty yet safe for dogs to eat. Many human foods can be toxic to dogs, so Bromley had to research extensively to develop dog-friendly recipes. She also struggled to find the right presentation methods to make the food visually appealing. Since dogs primarily use their sense of smell, plating intricacies were lost on canine customers. Portion sizes were another hurdle. Creating tiny, artistic bites for petite dog palates required precise execution. Additionally, keeping the food fresh and properly storing/refrigerating ingredients not served immediately posed difficulties in a restaurant setting. Cleanliness standards had to be rigorous as well to prevent dogs from exchanging germs. Despite the challenges, Bromley was committed to providing a refined tasting menu tailored uniquely for dogs.

Impact on Other Restaurants

Dogue’s innovative dog tasting menu has inspired some other restaurants to offer similar menus for canine customers. According to a 2023 New York Times article, “No More Begging for Treats. Dogs Now Have Restaurants,” Dogue is part of a growing trend of restaurants catering to pets with special menus and experiences.

On Reddit, some users discussed seeing tasting menus for dogs pop up at other restaurants after Dogue’s menu went viral. One user commented “I just saw a fancy restaurant in my city start advertising a dog tasting menu with steamed chicken and veggie bowls after that Dogue place got a lot of press.”

While Dogue may have sparked the trend, other restaurants are putting their own spin on doggie dining. The New York Times article highlights pizzerias offering “pup pies” and brunch spots with “barkfast” menus. Though the $75 price point of Dogue’s menu could be hard for some establishments to replicate, the overall idea of a gourmet dog menu is catching on across the restaurant industry.

Future Plans for the Dog Tasting Menu

Looking ahead, it remains to be seen whether this unique dog tasting menu will continue at the restaurant, expand to other locations, or potentially be discontinued.

On one hand, the menu has generated a lot of buzz and media attention, which has been great for business. Pet owners seem to love being able to treat their dogs to a special dining experience. This indicates there is a demand for more high-end dog-friendly dining options.

However, executing such specialty menus also involves challenges. Ingredients and preparation must meet canine nutritional requirements. Staff may need special training to safely serve animal customers. Additionally, not all customers appreciate having dogs in a restaurant setting.

For now, the restaurant plans to continue offering the tasting menu on a limited basis. Its future could depend on whether the hype continues, pet owner interest remains strong, and any operational concerns can be addressed. The menu’s inventive concept could inspire more restaurants to experiment with dog-friendly dining options. But ultimately, the deciding factor will likely be whether this menu remains popular and profitable for the business.


conclusion on dog tasting menu concept

The dog tasting menu offered by this innovative restaurant represents a unique and entertaining way for pet owners to indulge their furry companions. While $75 may seem steep for a single meal for one’s pet, proponents argue that dogs deserve special treatment too. The menu allows dogs to sample high-end cuisine in a convivial atmosphere, surrounded by other pampered pooches. For some pet owners, the chance to spoil their dogs provides great satisfaction. As with any exclusive dining experience, the tasting menu creates an aura of luxury and excitement. While not necessary for a dog’s wellbeing, it’s a special opportunity for pet owners to bond with their pets while sampling gourmet food. Only time will tell if more restaurants follow suit in catering to discerning canine tastes and creating memorable epicurean moments between humans and their furry friends.

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