The Mysterious Disappearance of Dogmeat. Where Does Your Loyal Companion Go in Fallout 4?

Introducing Dogmeat

Dogmeat is a recurring dog companion in the Fallout series. He first appeared in the original Fallout game in 2161 where he could be found in Junktown, terrorizing an old man named Phil [1]. In Fallout 2, Dogmeat makes an appearance as the pet of the tribal village of Arroyo. An entirely new Dogmeat appears again in Fallout 3 in the year 2277, whose previous master was killed by raiders [2]. At this point, Dogmeat is a Fallout staple and series icon, appearing in many of the games without much backstory explanation [3]. He provides companionship and assistance to the player character throughout their journeys in the wasteland.

Finding Dogmeat

In Fallout 4, the first place you’ll encounter Dogmeat is at the Red Rocket Truck Stop just outside Sanctuary Hills after exiting Vault 111. Dogmeat can first be found here scrounging for food and will join you automatically after interacting with him.

However, if you send Dogmeat to a settlement or dismiss him as a companion, there are several places you can find him again. Dogmeat will often return to the Red Rocket Truck Stop where you first met him. You can also find him at his dog house in Sanctuary Hills if you sent him there. According to some Fallout 4 players, Dogmeat has also been known to appear back at the gas station outside of Sanctuary where you originally found him [1].

If Dogmeat is currently your companion, he will be waiting for you outside any building you enter. You can also issue the “Move to” command to have him meet you at a new location. If all else fails, try waiting or sleeping for a few in-game hours and checking his common spawn points again.

Dogmeat’s Uses

Dogmeat is one of the most useful companions in Fallout 4. As a German Shepherd, Dogmeat has abilities that make him invaluable as an ally.

dogmeat using his skills to track enemies and find useful items

According to the Fallout Wiki Dogmeat, Dogmeat is great at tracking enemies and can mark them on your compass. He can also find useful items for you like ammo and aid items.

Dogmeat’s perk, Attack Dog, allows him to do extra damage when biting enemies (The Gamer). The Attack Dog perk must be unlocked through the perk chart. Dogmeat is the only companion whose perk requires unlocking (Fallout Wiki).

In addition, Dogmeat can perform unique actions like distracting enemies or leading you to hidden items. He can also wear armor pieces to boost his defenses. Overall, Dogmeat is an invaluable companion for his scouting and combat abilities.

Sending Dogmeat to Sanctuary

The player can send Dogmeat to Sanctuary Hills by having Dogmeat as their companion and going to Sanctuary Hills. Once in Sanctuary Hills, open the command wheel by holding the activate/command button and select the “Talk” option. This will bring up a dialogue menu. Choose the “Dismiss” option from this menu and another menu will pop up allowing you to send Dogmeat to Sanctuary Hills.

According to Reddit user Human-, the player needs to make sure there are dog kennels in Sanctuary for Dogmeat to actually stay there. There should be at least 3 dog kennels in the settlement for Dogmeat to have a place to stay. The player can build more dog kennels if needed using the workshop mode in Sanctuary Hills.

Once Dogmeat is dismissed to Sanctuary Hills, he won’t immediately be found wandering the settlement. The player may need to sleep or wait 1 hour to trigger Dogmeat’s arrival in Sanctuary Hills according to this Reddit thread. Dogmeat should then be found hanging around one of the dog kennels in Sanctuary Hills.

Dogmeat’s Life in Sanctuary

When you send Dogmeat to Sanctuary, he will roam around the settlement and interact with any settlers that are living there. According to posts on Reddit (source), Dogmeat will hang around near his dog house, which is located behind the yellow house in Sanctuary. He can usually be found sleeping, sitting, or walking around the area.

dogmeat interacting with settlers and relaxing in sanctuary

Dogmeat doesn’t have extensive interactions with other settlers in Sanctuary, but you may see him casually sniffing them or relaxing near them. He behaves like any regular dog would – wandering around, resting, eating, and seeking affection from his human friends.

While Dogmeat is at Sanctuary, he is safe from harm and will have a comfortable life surrounded by friendly settlers. According to GameFAQs (source), keeping Dogmeat’s dog house within the walled off settlement provides additional protection. So you can rest assured knowing your canine companion has a secure and pleasant home waiting for him in Sanctuary.

Visiting Dogmeat

When you send Dogmeat to Sanctuary Hills, he will wander around the settlement until you return. Dogmeat is fond of the handmade dog houses around the settlement, so check those first when looking for your companion.

According to one Reddit user, if you can’t find Dogmeat, try moving all the dog houses together in one location. Then rest or sleep for an hour in-game. Dogmeat should show up at one of the dog houses after you wait Source.

Other good spots to look for Dogmeat in Sanctuary Hills are near his food and water bowls or sitting down near one of the settlers. He likes to explore the settlement, so keep an eye out as you walk around. If all else fails, try waiting or sleeping additional hours to reset his location.

Recruiting Dogmeat Again

If you send Dogmeat to Sanctuary and want to bring him back as your companion, you can easily recruit him again. When in Sanctuary, look around for Dogmeat. You will likely find him near his dog house or wandering around the settlement. Approach Dogmeat and select the “Talk” option to initiate a conversation. Select the “Come with me” dialogue option to recruit Dogmeat as your companion again.

Dogmeat will happily accompany you on your travels once more. He retains his affinity with you even when waiting at Sanctuary, so he is always eager to adventure together. Dogmeat is a loyal companion who will return to your side whenever you need him. He’ll follow you out of Sanctuary and be ready for whatever dangers you face in the Commonwealth.

Some players prefer to keep Dogmeat as their permanent companion instead of cycling through different companions. His skills make him extremely helpful on journeys, and he has unique perks other companions lack. If you change your mind later, you can always send Dogmeat back to Sanctuary and recruit him again whenever you wish. He’s always waiting loyally for your return.


Dogmeat’s Happiness

Ensuring Dogmeat is happy and healthy in Sanctuary is an important part of the game. According to discussions on Steam, Dogmeat’s happiness contributes to the overall settlement happiness level There are several ways to keep Dogmeat happy when he is staying in Sanctuary:

Provide Dogmeat with food and water. Place a dog bowl with purified water near his dog house. Feeding him various meats will make him happy. Players on GameFAQs suggest feeding him “the flesh of your enemies” as one way to keep him satisfied

keeping dogmeat happy with food, water, toys when in sanctuary

Give Dogmeat toys to play with like teddy bears or rope toys. There are several dog toy items that can be found in the Wasteland for this purpose.

Pet and interact with Dogmeat frequently when visiting Sanctuary. The more attention he receives, the happier he will be.

Make sure Sanctuary is secure with walls, defenses, beds and clinics. This provides Dogmeat with a safe and comfortable environment.

Select perks when leveling up that benefit Dogmeat like Attack Dog, Closer to Metal, and Animal Friend. This boosts Dogmeat’s health, damage and happiness.

Dogmeat’s Interactions

When sent to Sanctuary Hills, Dogmeat spends most of his time interacting with the other settlers and companions who live there. According to sources, Dogmeat especially enjoys the company of Codsworth, the Mr. Handy robot companion. The two can often be seen puttering around together near the workbenches or around the perimeter of the settlement.

Dogmeat also seems fond of playing with the other dogs in Sanctuary Hills. There are several dog houses spread around the settlement where Dogmeat and the other dogs sleep and spend time. Dogmeat will playfully run around with the other dogs and explore the area.

dogmeat playing with other dogs around sanctuary hills

If the Sole Survivor gifts Dogmeat any teddy bears, he will happily play with them when waiting in Sanctuary Hills, entertaining himself and the other settlers. Dogmeat also enjoys sniffing out and playing with the various junk items lying around the settlement.

Overall, when at Sanctuary Hills, Dogmeat spends his time socializing with the other settlers, robots, and dogs who live there. He seems to enjoy the company and has plenty of friends to interact with. This allows Dogmeat to live a happy life even when not traveling with the Sole Survivor.



In summary, when you send Dogmeat to Sanctuary in Fallout 4, he goes to live at the settlement you’ve established there. Sanctuary is located in the northwest corner of the Commonwealth and was the neighborhood the Sole Survivor lived in before the bombs fell.

At Sanctuary, Dogmeat is safe, well fed, and has space to roam around. He interacts with the other settlers, plays with any dogs or cats, and keeps watch over the settlement. You can visit him anytime by fast traveling to Sanctuary and he’ll come running up, happy to see you. His combat skills won’t diminish while he’s there.

When you’re ready to adventure again, you can recruit Dogmeat and he’ll rejoin you loyally. Overall, Dogmeat lives a good life at Sanctuary between adventures with you. Sending him there ensures he’s comfortable and secure while you’re away.

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