Uncover the Hidden Dog House in Blox Fruits


Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game where players collect fruits to gain special abilities. One important location in the game is the Dog House. The Dog House is a mysterious building that appears during specific in-game events and allows players to take on special quests. While its location changes, finding the Dog House is key to unlocking exclusive rewards. This article will provide an overview of Blox Fruits, share the Dog House’s significance, and explain exactly how to locate it.

What is Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits is a popular game on Roblox developed by Gojo. In Blox Fruits, players train to become powerful fighters and blox fruit users. The premise of the game is to battle enemies, complete quests, and gain strength in order to become the strongest player. Blox Fruits takes place in the One Piece anime world, with abilities and powers inspired by the show. Players can acquire swordsmanship skills as well as special blox fruit powers gained by eating in-game fruits. There are many blox fruits to collect, each with unique abilities. As you progress in Blox Fruits, you can unlock new areas, defeat bosses, and customize your character. The goal is to train hard to max out your stats and become unmatched in strength. With fun anime-style combat and diverse power options, Blox Fruits provides an enjoyable grinding and fighting gameplay experience for Roblox fans.

Locations in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits takes place across three seas, each containing various islands and areas to explore. According to the Blox Fruits Wiki – Fandom, there are over 30 distinct locations spread across the First Sea, Second Sea, and Third Sea.

The First Sea is where players start their journey. It contains beginner islands like Beginner Island and Marineford as well as locations to unlock the first few fruits like Candy Island. The Second Sea contains more challenging areas and dungeons like Snow Island, Sky Island, and Castle in the Sky. Finally, the Third Sea houses endgame dungeons and bosses like the War Island and Golden City.

Some key locations in Blox Fruits include Marineford, where you can reset your stats, Diary Island, where you customize your devil fruit abilities, and Castle Way, a challenging dungeon island. As you progress through the seas, you’ll unlock access to new islands, each with their own themes, enemies, and secrets to uncover.

Navigating between islands requires owning a boat or having access to teleportation skills. Using the Blox Fruits in-game map helps players locate the different areas and plan out where to explore next. Progression is gated by quests, mastery levels, and defeating bosses so unlocking new transportation methods is key.

The Dog House

the dog house building in blox fruits

The Dog House is an important location in the Blox Fruits game. There are two Dog Houses, one located in the First Sea and one in the Second Sea. The Dog House serves an important purpose for players working on the Son Quest in Blox Fruits.

The Dog House is a small wooden structure that looks like a miniature house or kennel. Players can find the First Sea Dog House on Indra Island, near the dungeon. The Second Sea Dog House is located on Wenlock Island, close to Arowe village (cite: https://blox-fruits.fandom.com/wiki/Dog_House_(Indra), https://blox-fruits.fandom.com/wiki/Dog_House_(Wenlock)).

The purpose of the Dog House is to progress through the Son Quest. Players must find and click on the Dog House to trigger a cutscene that moves the quest forward. The Son NPC will appear and speak to players after they interact with the Dog House (cite: https://blox-fruits.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Limeturtkle/Dog_House). Completing the Son Quest allows players to obtain the Light Fruit, making the Dog House mandatory to find.

Where to Find the Dog House

The Dog House can be found on the Indra island in the Second Sea of Blox Fruits. Indra is one of the main islands players can travel to after leaving the First Sea. To get to Indra, players will need to have access to a boat that can sail across the seas.

Once at Indra, the Dog House is located on the east side of the island. It sits atop a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean. The structure itself resembles a large brown dog house, with a red roof and a fenced-in yard. There is a winding path up the cliff that leads directly to the Dog House entrance.

Some key things to note about the location:

  • It is on the Indra island in the Second Sea.
  • Found on the east side of Indra up on a grassy cliff.
  • The building looks like a large brown dog house with a red roof.
  • There is a path up the cliff leading directly to the entrance.

Knowing the precise location of the Dog House is important for players wanting to make use of its unique features in Blox Fruits.

Using the Dog House

player interacting with the dog house

The Dog House in Blox Fruits serves a few important purposes for players. At the Dog House, players can start and complete quests to earn rewards and progress in the game. Some of the key quests related to the Dog House include:

Retrieve Bones Quest – This early quest has players collect 10 bones that spawn around the Dog House area. Completing it rewards the player with cash and experience.

Defeat Bandits Quest – A combat quest to defeat 10 bandits nearby the Dog House. Rewards include a stat reset.

Dog Treats Quest – Requires collecting dog treats and giving them to the dog. Rewards include Ox Fruit, which is useful for beginners.

In addition to quests, the Dog House also serves as a safe zone where players can reset their stats and train. It offers a merchant that sells swords, guns, melee weapons, and more. The Dog House is an important location that players will return to frequently for quests, training, and gearing up.

Importance of the Dog House

The dog house may seem like a small and insignificant part of the Blox Fruits world, but it actually serves some very important purposes for gameplay. Here are the main reasons why finding the dog house is so significant:

Access to Best Fruit in Early Game – The dog house allows players to obtain the Bomb fruit, which is considered one of the best starter fruits in Blox Fruits. It does high damage and has great mobility with its explode move. Getting this fruit early allows new players to progress faster.

Unlocks Important NPC Quests – Interacting with the dog house begins a questline given by NPC Mia. Completing Mia’s quests unlocks the ability to use codes and obtain free stat refunds and fruits. Mia’s quests are essential for getting freebies.

Allows Teleportation Between Islands – Using the dog house teleports players between the starter islands and New World. Fast travel between islands is hugely beneficial, especially before unlocking flight abilities.

Progression Gateway – The player must find the dog house and complete associated quests in order to progress to more difficult islands and continue leveling up. It unlocks access to new bosses and abilities.

High Trading Value – Bomb fruit obtained from the dog house can be sold for a lot of Beli to NPCs. It is valuable for players looking to earn money quickly.

As you can see, the dog house serves as a progression gate, teleport spot, essential quest starter, trading item source, and new player power spike. That’s why finding this unassuming dog house is so important for any Blox Fruits player!

Tips for Finding the Dog House

tips for finding the hidden dog house

The Dog House can be tricky for new players to locate in Blox Fruits since it is hidden away in specific areas. Here are some tips to help you find it more easily:

In the First Sea, head to the Indra Kingdom and go behind the palace. There you’ll find a secret cave with the Dog House inside. Check the mountainside cliffs in this area.

For the Second Sea, sail to the Kingdom of Rose and dock at Arowe Port. From there, head north into the Diamond Boss zone. The Dog House will be nestled against a cliffside among some dense trees.

When searching, look near bodies of water or listen for barking dog sounds. The Dog House emits barking noises since there is a dog inside.

If you have a friend who has already found it, join their server and teleport to them. This will instantly take you to the Dog House’s location.

Watch tutorial videos that showcase the exact position of the Dog House and provide a visual guide. There are many helpful videos that can assist you.

Equip a fast travel fruit like Light or Dark to quickly move around the map while searching. This will make it much easier to cover ground.

Don’t give up! Explore the areas thoroughly and use these tips to pinpoint the Dog House’s sneaky hiding spot in both seas.

Video Guide

Watching a video can be the easiest way to find where the Dog House is located in Blox Fruits. Here’s a helpful video guide showing the exact location and how to get to the Dog House:

youtube video guide to the dog house location

As you can see in the video, the Dog House is located on the main island in the First Sea of Blox Fruits. It’s found right near the portal to the Second Sea, behind some trees. This video provides a clear visual of where to find the Dog House and how to get there. Watching video guides like this can be the best way to locate important areas and items in Blox Fruits.


The dog house is an important location in Blox Fruits that players should know how to find. This house is located on the starter island, near the beach on the east side. The dog NPC inside gives quests that reward experience points and Beli. Completing his quests allows you to increase your level, gain money, and progress faster in the game.

To find the dog house, head to the starter island and go east across the beach. Look for a small brown house near some trees. Interact with the dog inside to get quests. These involve defeating enemies and collecting items around the map. The dog house unlocks early in the game, so take advantage of it to boost your stats.

Checking the dog house frequently is key to advancement in Blox Fruits. The quests scale to your level, providing challenging but achievable goals. They are an efficient way to gain XP, especially for low and mid-level players. With an important NPC and solid rewards, the dog house is a location all Blox Fruits players should know how to find.

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