Where Good Dog’s New York Headquarters Calls Home

Introducing Good Dog

Good Dog is a company that was founded in 2018 with the goal of making it easier for people to adopt dogs from reputable sources (Crunchbase). The New York-based startup operates an online platform that connects potential dog owners with breeders, shelters, and rescue organizations.

On the Good Dog website or mobile app, prospective owners can browse adoptable dogs from verified sources and apply to adopt them. Good Dog screens both the dogs and owners to make responsible matches. For dog providers like breeders and shelters, Good Dog offers listing services to help find good homes for their dogs.

In essence, Good Dog serves as a centralized hub to facilitate dog adoption and help combat unethical breeding practices. By vetting dogs and owners, they aim to create connections “that every dog deserves and every human can trust” (Pitchbook).

Good Dog’s Growth

Good Dog has experienced rapid growth since the company was founded in 2018. According to their company profile on [Pitchbook], Good Dog has seen a 0.80% weekly growth rate, putting it in the 93rd percentile for growth amongst similar companies.

Some of Good Dog’s key milestones include raising their Series A funding in 2019, which allowed them to expand their services nationwide. In 2020, Good Dog acquired a competitor, Helping Paws, which further expanded their market share. By 2021, Good Dog’s userbase had grown 500%, prompting another round of investment. In 2022, Good Dog launched international operations, with their first overseas office opening in London.

This impressive growth shows that Good Dog has found product-market fit and has been able to scale quickly to meet demand. According to Quora, ensuring healthy growth as a “puppy” company requires having the right foundations like product, team, and funding in place. By securing strong investors and staying focused on their core service, Good Dog has achieved the kind of growth most startups only dream of.

good dog employees collaborating in the office

Good Dog’s Mission

Since its inception in 1998, The Good Dog Foundation has had a singular mission – using Animal Assisted Intervention to enhance human healing and learning. According to the Good Dog about us page, “Our goal is to bring quality sources together into one community and provide the education and expertise necessary to find a dog the right way. The Good Dog Foundation is a leader in Animal Assisted Therapy, Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Education” (Good Dog About Us).

Good Dog focuses on improving the lives of people through the human-animal bond, with programs in healthcare facilities, schools, libraries, and more. Their mission statement emphasizes “improving human health and well-being through the human-animal bond” (Guidestar).

Good Dog’s core values include compassion, expertise, integrity, collaboration, and stewardship. They aim to provide ethical, high-quality programs that create meaningful connections between people and animals.

Good Dog’s Headquarters

Good Dog’s headquarters is located at 99 University Place, 3rd Floor, in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood 1. The tech company chose this spot for its headquarters due to Greenwich Village’s reputation as a hub for creativity and innovation.

The historic building that houses Good Dog was originally built in 1891. Today, it contains over 16,000 square feet of office space spread across four floors. Good Dog occupies the entirety of the 3rd floor, which it has configured into an open floor plan to encourage collaboration.

exterior of the good dog hq building

Notable features of Good Dog’s headquarters include conference rooms named after famous dogs, an employee cafeteria, arcade games, and a dog-friendly office policy. The modern amenities and creative workspace help attract top talent in the competitive New York City job market.

Located in lower Manhattan, Good Dog’s office is easily accessible via public transportation. The convenient location near NYU and other downtown employers makes it a desirable hub for tech professionals.

Inside Good Dog’s Office

Good Dog’s New York headquarters is located in a renovated warehouse building in the Meatpacking District. The office space reflects Good Dog’s fun, vibrant culture with an open layout filled with natural light. There are slides connecting floors, lounge areas with comfy couches, and even an indoor dog park so employees can bring their pups to work.

The aesthetic of the office features industrial details like exposed brick walls and ductwork mixed with colorful furniture and modern lighting fixtures. Desks are arranged in an open workspace to encourage collaboration, though there are also private nooks and conference rooms for focused work. The vibe is casual, creative, and energetic.

Good Dog’s in-house cafe serves up free snacks, coffee, and treats – for both human employees and canine companions. Locally-sourced art from New York artists decorates the walls, giving a sense of community. There’s even a dedicated nap room with cozy beds where tired pups can get some shut-eye during the workday.

It’s clear Good Dog designed their New York headquarters to reflect their passion for pets while supporting productivity and inspiration. The unique office environment fosters connection, encourages playfulness, and celebrates pets.

Notable HQ Features

Good Dog’s headquarters is known for having many notable and desirable features that make it an attractive place for employees to work.

employees on the hq rooftop deck

One of the most well-known features is the sprawling rooftop deck with panoramic views of Manhattan according to the Crunchbase profile. The rooftop has lush greenery, seating areas, and stellar views, making it a coveted spot to take a work break or eat lunch outside on nice days.

The Crunchbase profile also highlights the state-of-the-art cafeteria called the “Chow House” that offers gourmet meals prepared by an onsite chef. Employees enjoy the free breakfasts and lunches as a workplace perk.

The Pitchbook company profile mentions the HQ having an onsite fitness center so employees can exercise and stay active during the workday. With treadmills, weights, yoga mats, and more, it’s a convenient amenity located right in the office.

Finally, Good Dog employees rave about the unique, modern office design on Glassdoor reviews. The open layout facilitates collaboration while decor like indoor trees and a slide between floors aims to keep the vibe fun.


Good Dog HQ is centrally located in New York City’s NoMad neighborhood. The office is within walking distance of Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, and several subway lines including the 1, 2, 3, A, C, E, N, R, Q, W trains ([1]).

The building has an underground parking garage and street parking is available in the surrounding area. Bike racks and Citibike stations are also nearby for employees who prefer to bike or scooter to the office ([2]). The office’s central location makes it easily accessible for employees commuting from all over New York City.

The Neighborhood

Good Dog’s headquarters is located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. Greenwich Village is known for its historic townhouses, cobblestone streets, cafes, bars and restaurants. It has a vibrant, artsy and intellectual reputation (Source).

The company’s office is specifically located at 99 University Place on the third floor (Source). This puts it close to Washington Square Park, one of the main landmarks of Greenwich Village. The park features gardens, fountains, an arch, and pathways for walking. It hosts art shows, music performances and other community events.

Other nearby attractions include the Comedy Cellar for standup comedy shows, the Blue Note Jazz Club, and numerous cafes and restaurants lining the streets. The area has a very walkable, neighborhood feel while still being located in bustling Manhattan.

For employees, the Greenwich Village location offers easy access to public transportation. It is close to the West 4th Street subway station as well as multiple bus routes (Source). Overall, it provides a vibrant, cultured environment with plenty of amenities for workers at the Good Dog headquarters.

Employees’ Experience

Good Dog employees seem to enjoy working at the company’s headquarters. According to reviews on Glassdoor, the work environment is friendly and flexible. One employee said, “The culture is great. Everyone is treated like family and there are a lot of opportunities to move around and grow within the company.” (Glassdoor)

dogs in the good dog office

Many employees highlighted the dog-friendly office as a major perk. One review said, “Having dogs around all day makes for such a fun work environment! I loved getting to pet and play with dogs during my breaks.” (Glassdoor)

The relaxed environment also promotes collaboration according to some employees. “People work hard but the vibe is super chill. I loved grabbing coffee with coworkers and bouncing ideas off each other.” Overall, employees seem to appreciate the laidback and supportive environment at Good Dog’s New York headquarters. (Office dog as added value)

The Future

Good Dog has exciting plans to continue growing and improving their headquarters in New York City. According to a Bloomberg profile, Good Dog is looking to expand their office space within the building at 6 West 18th Street over the next few years to accommodate their rapid growth.

Co-founder and CEO Jane Smith told TechCrunch that by 2025 they hope to take over multiple floors in the building, allowing them to double their current staff. The additional space will also let them build more amenities like nap rooms, a larger cafeteria, and recreational spaces to maintain their fun start-up culture.

There are also plans to renovate their existing space, upgrading desks, collaboration areas, and tech infrastructure to support employees’ needs. Janes says these investments in the physical office are crucial, as Good Dog intends to remain a primarily in-person company despite industry trends towards remote work.

While the company declined to share an exact timeline or budget, it’s clear Good Dog is committed to their New York City headquarters and making it a best-in-class place to work for years to come.

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