Where Have All The Dogs Gone? Unraveling the Mystery of The Dog House TV Show

Introducing The Dog House

The Dog House is a heartwarming unscripted British television series that follows staff at the Wood Green animal shelter in Cambridgeshire as they work to match homeless dogs with new families[1]. The show premiered on Channel 4 in the UK in 2018 and also airs on the streaming service Max[2].

Each episode focuses on two dogs at the shelter and their journeys to find their forever homes. The staff get to know each dog’s unique personality and try to find the perfect match with a prospective owner or family. Viewers get to know the dogs through interviews with shelter staff and see the adoption process from start to finish.

The show strikes an uplifting tone, aiming to highlight the positive impact of pet adoption. Popular host Simon Goulden leads the show with compassion and humour. Other staff members like Mike Jessop provide insights into dog behaviour and training. Together they help ensure the dogs go to loving homes.

Filmed in observational documentary style, The Dog House offers an inside look into an animal shelter’s tireless efforts to give deserving dogs a second chance. With its heartwarming premise and lovable canine stars, the show has become a hit with British audiences looking for feel-good family entertainment.

Filming Location

filmed at woodgreen animal shelter

The Dog House is filmed at the Woodgreen Pets Charity Centre in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dog_House_(TV_series)). The 43-acre centre has picturesque grounds, well-maintained dog kennels, and facilities for the staff and production crew. Woodgreen Pets Charity has been rescuing and rehoming animals since 1924, making it an ideal filming location for the heartwarming show.

The main reception area, meeting rooms, and dog kennels at the centre are used for filming. The production crew sets up lighting and cameras in the various rooms to capture the interactions between families and potential new pet dogs. The grounds also allow the crew to film the families taking the dogs for walks so they can see how they get along.

Filming on location at the Woodgreen Pets Charity Centre allows The Dog House to authentically portray the pet adoption process from start to finish. The charming rural setting and real-life shelter environment are integral parts of the show’s emotional appeal and viewer experience.

Behind the Scenes

The Dog House is filmed at the Wood Green animal shelter in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, where crews have been given special access since the show first aired in 2019 (The Sun). The shelter houses around 300 dogs at any given time, with 10-15 staff members caring for the animals around the clock.

For filming, fixed rig cameras have been installed inside the shelter to capture footage continuously. According to Mirror reporter Ariane Sohrabi, who went behind the scenes, there can be up to eight camera operators on set plus sound technicians and riggers. The crew films seven days a week, 12 hours a day, to capture all the action.

A key part of filming involves matching families with potential adoptees. The crew spends time getting to know each dog’s personality and needs in order to find the right fit. While adoptive parents have some choice, the shelter staff have the final say based on their expertise and bonding observations (Express).

The Dogs

dogs come from woodgreen shelter

The dogs featured on The Dog House come from [https://support.woodgreen.org.uk/dog-house/meet-the-dog-house-stars/](https://support.woodgreen.org.uk/dog-house/meet-the-dog-house-stars/) Wood Green, The Animals Charity’s rehoming centre in Cambridgeshire, England. Wood Green rescues and cares for over 10,000 animals each year.

The dogs selected for the show have often been abandoned, neglected, or faced other challenges that make rehoming difficult. According to Wood Green, their team looks for dogs with big personalities who deserve a second chance at finding a forever home. The diverse mix of breeds, ages, and temperaments featured on the show enables viewers to see all kinds of dogs get adopted.

While Wood Green has rehomed dogs since 1924, The Dog House provides a unique inside look at their rehoming process and the bonds formed between dogs and new families. Viewers get to know the dogs’ unique stories and personalities as the staff works tirelessly to match them with compatible owners.

The Families

Families work with Wood Green animal shelter to be considered for adoption. The shelter aims to find the right dog for each family based on their home situation, experience with pets, and specific needs. According to Wood Green’s website, “We take the time to match the right dog with the right owner and we won’t let a dog go until we’re confident it’s the perfect home.”

families screened before adoption

Families looking to adopt must fill out an extensive application and be interviewed in their own home by one of Wood Green’s adoption specialists. The specialists evaluate if the home is suitable, whether everyone in the family wants a dog, and what type of dog would be the best fit. Families may have specific preferences for breed, age, temperament and energy level.

The show provides background on what led each family to look into adopting a rescue dog. Some may have just lost a beloved pet and want to welcome a new four-legged friend. Others might have children asking for a puppy. There are often touching reasons behind their search for a furry companion.

According to Wikipedia, the families selected for the show have already passed the screening process when filming begins. Cameras then follow as Wood Green’s staff work to match families with the right dog [1].

Adoption Process

The adoption process for dogs featured on The Dog House is handled by Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshire, England. Wood Green has an extensive adoption process designed to find the most compatible home for each dog https://support.woodgreen.org.uk/adopt-a-dog-how-we-rehome/. When a dog first arrives at Wood Green, it undergoes a veterinary health check and behavioral assessment. The charity learns about the dog’s needs, personality, and ideal home environment. Meanwhile, potential adopters fill out a detailed application about their lifestyle, home, family, other pets, and experience with dogs. Wood Green’s team carefully matches each dog to the right adopter based on the dog’s needs and the adopter’s circumstances. Potential adopters must have a meet-and-greet at the shelter to ensure they are a good fit before taking the dog home. The adoption process aims to set up each dog for success in their forever home.

extensive adoption process used

Impact and Reviews

The Dog House has received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers and critics alike. On Reddit, many users praised the show’s uplifting tone and focus on finding the right home for each dog [1]. Common Sense Media gave the show a glowing review, writing that it “inspires hope in humanity” by showcasing the adoption process in a thoughtful, realistic manner [2].

The heartwarming stories of adoption have resonated with audiences. Many fans say the show leaves them feeling happy and renewed faith in human kindness. Even critics admit the show tugs at the heartstrings. The Dog House has shone a positive light on animal rescue and adoption, leading to increased interest and applications at many shelters featured on the show.

Overall, The Dog House has had an overwhelmingly positive impact by providing an inside look at the adoption process. Viewers come away uplifted, finding hope in the bonds formed between dogs and their new families. The show has inspired more people to consider adoption when looking for a new furry friend.


The Dog House has inspired a few spin-off shows since its debut in 2018. In 2019, Channel 4 aired The Dog House Ireland, which had the same premise but was set in an animal shelter in Ireland. The show followed families in Ireland looking to rescue and adopt a new furry friend.

Channel 4 also created The Dog House Australia in 2021. This spin-off brought the show’s format down under to an animal shelter in New South Wales. Viewers got to see Australian families go through the adoption process and meet pups hoping for forever homes.

Most recently, The Dog House launched an American spin-off called The Dog House USA in 2022. This version is set in a shelter in Los Angeles and features families in the United States looking to adopt. It retains the same emotional, heartwarming formula that has made the original British series so popular.

While the spin-offs showcase different locations, they stay true to The Dog House’s core mission – showing the touching process of finding the right adoptive match between dogs and humans.

Future of the Show

The Dog House has proven to be a popular program for Channel 4 and has been renewed for additional seasons. The show’s unique concept of matching families with rescue dogs makes for heartwarming television.

According to the show’s Facebook page, there are plans for future episodes that will continue to document dogs finding their forever homes. The producers plan to showcase more inspiring adoption stories in seasons to come.

While the core format will remain the same, some changes are expected. There may be an increased focus on special needs dogs, senior dogs, or dogs that require extra patience and training before being matched with a family. The show wants to emphasize that all dogs deserve a second chance.

Overall, the heartwarming premise has resonated with viewers, so The Dog House looks poised to continue its mission of dog adoption for many more seasons on Channel 4.

Where to Watch The Dog House

The Dog House is available to stream on several popular platforms. In the United Kingdom, the show airs on Channel 4 and can be viewed on demand on Channel 4’s streaming service All 4 (1). All episodes from the current and previous seasons are available to stream for free on All 4.

For viewers in the United States, The Dog House is available on HBO Max. The first two seasons are currently streaming on the platform (2). HBO Max offers a free trial for new subscribers.

The show can also be purchased on Apple TV in certain regions like Canada. Individual seasons and episodes can be bought to own digitally (3).

So whether you’re based in the UK, US, or elsewhere, there are streaming options available to start watching this heartwarming show about dog adoptions.

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