The Mystery of the Missing Long Dog at Bluey’s Beach Adventure

Introduce Bluey and The Beach Episode

Bluey is an animated television series created by Joe Brumm and produced in Australia. The show centers around Bluey, an energetic six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, and her family and friends. Bluey premiered on ABC Kids in October 2018 and has since become a global phenomenon.

“The Beach” is the seventh episode of the first season of Bluey. In this episode, Bluey, her younger sister Bingo, and their parents Bob and Chilli head to the beach for a fun family outing. As with many Bluey episodes, the kids engage in creative pretend play throughout their beach adventures.

Summary of The Beach Episode

The Beach episode follows the Heeler family on an outing to the beach. It focuses on Bluey and her sister Bingo pretending to be the Long Dog ( The premise of the episode involves imaginative play, as the two siblings invent a game where they pretend to be a very long dog exploring the beach. Their father eventually joins in the fun.

Throughout the episode, Bluey and Bingo engage in creative, imaginary adventures as the Long Dog. They pretend to dig holes, build sandcastles, and more, as the elongated canine. The Long Dog acts out exaggerated movements and silly antics across the beach. For example, the character slithers through the sand, splashes in the water, and interacts with other beachgoers in humorous ways.

The tone of The Beach episode is lighthearted, capturing the boundless creativity and imagination of children at play. Bluey and Bingo fully commit to being the Long Dog, with sound effects and dramatic gestures. Their make-believe world helps them explore the beach from a new, imaginative perspective. The episode celebrates imaginative family play, showing its value in stimulating creative thinking and bonding.

What is the Long Dog?

The Long Dog is an imaginary giant dog that Bluey and Bingo pretend to be in the episode. As explained on the Blueypedia Fandom site, “The long dog is a recurring visual easter egg present in the background of various Bluey episodes. Originally, the Long Dog was used as a way to check that each environment was built to the correct scale.” (

In The Beach episode specifically, Bluey and Bingo use their imagination to become the Long Dog, exploring the beach and going on adventures. The Long Dog serves as a fun imaginary character that lets Bluey and Bingo roleplay and engage in creative, imaginative play.

Bluey and Bingo Pretend to be the Long Dog

bluey and bingo wiggle their towels to embody the movements of the long dog.

In the Beach episode, Bluey and Bingo use their imagination to create the Long Dog. After arriving at the beach with their parents, the two sisters grab their beach towels and use them to make a long, snake-like shape in the sand. Bluey decides this will be their Long Dog for the day.

Through the power of imaginative play, Bluey and Bingo bring the Long Dog to life. They take turns moving the towel “dog” around the beach, making barking sounds and pretending the Long Dog is exploring its surroundings. This simple act of creativity transforms the beach towels into a dog with its own personality that Bluey and Bingo can play with.

Pretending to be the Long Dog allows Bluey and Bingo to immerse themselves in shared storytelling. As one sister acts as the head of the Long Dog, the other will be the tail. They collaborate to decide where the Long Dog should go next on its beach adventures. This kind of imaginative play strengthens their relationship as sisters.

The Long Dog highlights the ability of children like Bluey and Bingo to see the world differently through the lens of imagination. Their beach towels may look inanimate to adults, but to the kids they become a fun character for exciting escapades on the sand.

The Long Dog Explores the Beach

In the episode, Bluey and Bingo pretend to be the Long Dog as they explore the beach. As the Long Dog, Bluey and Bingo dig in the sand, play in the water, and interact with other characters.

One of the first things the Long Dog does is dig in the sand. According to a YouTube video of dog antics at the beach, “Dogs love to dig in the sand at the beach. It’s an instinctual behavior and provides mental stimulation.” (Source)

The Long Dog also plays in the ocean, splashing through the waves. As shown in images of dogs at the beach, playing in the water is a favorite activity for many dogs (Source). The Long Dog’s antics splashing in the waves add to the sense of imaginative fun.

As the Long Dog interacts with other characters, Bluey and Bingo have silly conversations and make funny noises. This shows how pretend play allows children to be creative. Overall, the Long Dog exploring the beach highlights the sense of adventure and imagination.

Dad Plays Along

As Bluey and Bingo pretend to be the Long Dog exploring the beach, their dad spots them and decides to join in on the fun. He enthusiastically plays along with their imaginary game, fully embracing the role of their dad interacting with the Long Dog.

Dad spots the Long Dog coming near and pretends to be surprised, asking “What’s this creature? I’ve never seen anything like it before!” He plays along as the Long Dog pretends to sniff and lick him. Dad laughs and pets the Long Dog, saying “You’re just a playful fellow aren’t you!”

The Long Dog moves on to explore more of the beach, and Dad trails along, watching the Long Dog’s adventures. He makes comments like “Oh my, look at you wiggling your long body along the beach!” and “Where are you off to next?” Dad’s enthusiasm helps make the game more exciting and imaginative for Bluey and Bingo.

As the girls wiggle and bounce as the Long Dog, Dad asks “How did you get to be so long?” He pretends the Long Dog is grows even longer as it explores, playing into the imaginary world Bluey and Bingo have created. Dad’s participation increases the fun and magic of their game.

bluey and bingo's dad enthusiastically plays along as the long dog.

The Long Dog’s Adventures

The Long Dog goes on many adventures while exploring the beach with Bluey and Bingo. Some highlights of the Long Dog’s adventures include building an elaborate sandcastle complete with towers and a moat according to DOG TV. The Long Dog also goes surfing, catching some totally awesome waves while hanging ten on the surfboard. One of the most fun parts is when the Long Dog plays sharks and lifeguards with Bluey and Bingo, taking turns being the shark who pretends to attack while the lifeguard tries to save the day.

Throughout all the adventures, the Long Dog’s imagination allows Bluey and Bingo to explore the beach in new and exciting ways. Whether building sandcastles or surfing big waves, the Long Dog transforms an ordinary day at the beach into an epic adventure tale.

Ending the Game

After exploring the beach and going on many adventures, the Long Dog game starts to wind down. As Bluey and Bingo continue to playfully bound around the sand as the Long Dog, their towels eventually come loose and begin to unravel. This signals the end of their imaginary game, as the Long Dog can no longer stay intact once the towels come undone.

There’s a bittersweet feeling as Bluey and Bingo giggle while the towels come apart, with Bingo exclaiming “Oh no, the Long Dog is unravelling!” As the towels fully detach, the Long Dog has disappeared. Just like that, their game has reached its conclusion.

This lighthearted ending shows how imaginary games often come to a natural stopping point, rather than being definitively “won” or “lost.” Bluey and Bingo don’t seem disappointed that their game has ended. Rather, they had their fill of fun pretending to be the Long Dog and exploring the beach. Now, they’re ready for a snack and whatever their next adventure might be.

According to the Long Doge Challenge, unraveling is an inevitable fate for any Long Dog, real or imagined. The Long Dog in Bluey’s beach adventure was no exception. But the joy and creativity leading up to the unravelling is what matters most to Bluey and Bingo.

Significance of Imaginative Play

bluey and bingo gain developmental benefits from imaginative play as the long dog.

The Beach episode highlights the importance of imagination and creative play for child development. As Bluey and Bingo pretend to be the Long Dog exploring the beach, the show demonstrates many benefits of imaginative play.

Imaginative or pretend play allows children to practice skills like language development, storytelling, cooperation, role-playing, problem solving, and empathy (The Importance of Pretend Play). By pretending to be the Long Dog, Bluey and Bingo engage their creativity and practice their communication as they collaboratively go on adventures. Their dad joining in the game also models the give-and-take of social play.

In addition, imaginative play builds cognitive flexibility and helps children learn to see things from new perspectives (Imaginative Play Benefits for Kids). As Bluey and Bingo pretend to be a dog exploring the beach, they experience the world through the Long Dog’s eyes. This allows them to develop empathy and theory of mind.

Furthermore, the sense of wonder and make-believe cultivated through imaginative play contributes to children’s joy, self-confidence, and emotional resilience (What is Imaginative Play and Why is it Important for Young Children?). By fully immersing themselves in being the Long Dog, Bluey and Bingo are having fun and strengthening their imaginations.

By spotlighting Bluey and Bingo engaging in rich pretend play, the show champions the developmental and social-emotional benefits of imagination and make-believe for young children.


bluey, bingo, and dad smile together after a fun day of make-believe at the beach.

In the Beach episode of Bluey, the popular Australian children’s show, Bluey and Bingo pretend to be the Long Dog, using their imaginations to go on adventures along the beach. Their dad happily plays along, adding to the fun. This episode showcases the sweet family dynamic of the show and the innocent joy of make-believe play. Even just briefly embodying the Long Dog allows the sisters to explore the beach in a new way. This kind of creative, imaginative play is a core part of Bluey’s enduring appeal. With its realistic family relationships and humor that resonates with both kids and parents, it’s no wonder the show has gained such immense popularity worldwide.

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