A New Hero Rises. Meet the Man Stepping Into Brandon’s Shoes on Lucky Dog

Introducing Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog is a TV show that premiered in 2013 on CBS. The show focuses on animal trainer Brandon McMillan as he rescues unadoptable and untrained dogs from shelters and turns them into perfect pets. McMillan then finds the right family for each dog based on their needs and lifestyle. The series films at McMillan’s Lucky Dog Ranch in California, where he trains the rescued dogs over a period of 4-6 weeks. According to Wikipedia, the premise of Lucky Dog involves taking dogs “deemed ‘untrainable’ from shelters…and finding them new forever homes.” The show has aimed to find homes for over 200 dogs since it first aired.

Brandon McMillan’s Time on Lucky Dog

Brandon McMillan was the original host of Lucky Dog when it premiered in 2013. According to the Wikipedia page on Brandon McMillan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandon_McMillan_(animal_trainer), Litton Entertainment discovered McMillan in 2012 and developed Lucky Dog as a show where McMillan would rescue unadoptable dogs and find them forever homes. McMillan was an experienced dog trainer, having worked with animals for over 30 years according to his website https://canineminded.com/about/. He hosted Lucky Dog for 7 seasons from 2013 to 2020, using his expertise to train rescued dogs and match them with loving families.

brandon mcmillan was the original host of lucky dog for 7 seasons starting in 2013.

Brandon’s Departure

After hosting Lucky Dog for 7 seasons, Brandon McMillan announced in October 2020 that he would be leaving the show at the end of that year (Source). Brandon later revealed that he wanted to leave the show to pursue other projects and interests. While fans were sad to see him go, Brandon felt it was simply time to move on to new challenges (Source).

Brandon’s last episode as host aired on December 26, 2020. In a statement, Brandon said “I’m forever grateful to CBS and Lucky Dog for turning my passion for working with dogs into a successful series…It’s been an incredible experience, but life brings change.” While the details of Brandon’s departure weren’t fully clear, it appeared to be an amicable split between him and the network.

The Search for a New Host

After Brandon McMillan’s departure, CBS needed to find a new host for Lucky Dog. They wanted someone who could seamlessly take over hosting duties and continue the show’s mission of matching dogs with loving families. According to an inside source, CBS considered both internal and external candidates before deciding on Eric Wiese (https://www.fidofriendly.com/article/new-hosts-of-lucky-dog).

Eric had previously worked at the Lucky Dog Ranch and assisted Brandon in training the dogs. He had built up experience and knowledge working hands-on with the animals. CBS felt that Eric’s existing rapport with the dogs and understanding of their training would help provide continuity for viewers (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/emmy-award-winner-brandon-mcmillan-returns-to-host-lucky-dog-on-cbs-television-network-301932080.html).

In the end, Eric’s passion for animal welfare and his intimate knowledge of the Lucky Dog program made him the perfect choice to take over hosting duties.

Introducing Eric Wiese

Eric Wiese is an experienced dog trainer who took over hosting duties on Lucky Dog when Brandon McMillan left the show. According to his LinkedIn profile, Wiese is the Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Happy Puppy L.A., Inc, a dog training company based in Los Angeles. He has over 20 years of experience in the pet industry and is certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) (Eric Wiese, IAABC, APDT – Co-Owner and Co-Founder).

Prior to joining Lucky Dog, Wiese worked as a Hollywood animal trainer and handled animals on numerous film and TV productions. Some of his credits include Water for Elephants, Marley & Me, and Cats & Dogs. According to IMDb, he also served as the lead dog trainer for the first season of Lucky Dog under Brandon McMillan (Eric Wiese – Biography). So when McMillan left the show, Wiese was the natural choice to take over hosting duties given his extensive experience training dogs.

eric wiese, an experienced hollywood animal trainer, took over hosting lucky dog after brandon left.

Eric’s First Season

Eric Wiese took over as host of Lucky Dog for its eighth season, which premiered on October 3, 2020 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm12236705/. As the new host, Eric had big shoes to fill, taking over from Brandon McMillan who had hosted the previous seven seasons. However, Eric was no stranger to working with dogs. Along with his wife Rashi, he runs The Rare Hound Foundation, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating homeless and abandoned dogs https://www.instagram.com/ericrashiwiese/.

In his first season as host, Eric demonstrated a kind, gentle, and patient approach to training the dogs featured on the show. He focused on positive reinforcement techniques to build trust and bring out the best in each dog. Eric’s compassion for the dogs was evident as he guided fearful and untrained pups to become calm, obedient pets ready for adoption.

While adjusting to the new host, the fundamental format of Lucky Dog remained the same. Each episode followed Eric as he rescued an untrained dog from a shelter, brought them to his training facility, and worked with them over the course of several weeks to overcome their behavioral issues. At the end of the training, Eric surprised the dog’s new family with their newly trained companion.

Comparing Hosts

Viewers had mixed reactions when Brandon McMillan exited Lucky Dog after 7 seasons and was replaced by Eric Wiese. Brandon brought a tough but compassionate approach and excelled at rehabilitating troubled dogs. As the original host, Brandon helped establish the show’s formula and tone as an uplifting series where dogs get a “second chance at life.” According to https://www.distractify.com/p/lucky-dog-new-host, many fans felt Brandon’s departure left big shoes to fill.

Meanwhile, Eric has brought his own unique style and strengths to Lucky Dog. With his background in marine biology, Eric specialized in training animals through positive reinforcement. While Brandon used firmer methods at times, Eric relies on food rewards and patience. As described in https://peepswiz.com/tv/eric-and-rashi-lucky-dogs-beloved-hosts-status-is-being-questioned-as-brandon-mcmillan-returns/, Eric aims to win the dogs over through building trust. While their techniques vary, both hosts share a gift for canine connection.

Viewer Reception

When Eric Wiese took over as host of Lucky Dog in 2021, it marked a major transition for the show after 7 seasons hosted by renowned dog trainer Brandon McMillan. Audiences were initially skeptical of how the new host would fit into the show’s formula.

viewers were initially skeptical when eric replaced brandon as host, but warmed up to him.

According to reviews on IMDb, many longtime viewers felt Eric had big shoes to fill as Brandon had become synonymous with Lucky Dog. However, after the first few episodes with Eric as host, most fans warmed up to the change. Eric’s friendly personality and obvious passion for dogs came through on screen.

While Brandon brought a calm assertiveness, Eric engages with the dogs in a more playful way. Fans appreciated that Eric still focuses on training and preparing the dogs for their forever homes, while putting his own stamp on the show. The ratings remained steady with the new host, indicating viewers were willing to give him a chance.

There was some criticism that the show relies more on Eric’s personal life now, including his wife Rashi and their baby. But many viewers enjoyed seeing the more personal side. Overall, while Brandon is missed, Eric has proven himself as a capable new host that viewers have embraced.

The Future of Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog has been renewed for future seasons on CBS, with the long-running show set to continue its mission of pairing rescue dogs with families in need. According to a press release from CBS, Emmy Award winner Brandon McMillan will return to host the 11th season of Lucky Dog premiering October 7, 2023.

Fans can expect more heartwarming stories of adoption and training as McMillan works with a new set of dogs each week. His expertise in canine behavior helps transform frightened and untrained pups into well-adjusted pets ready for their forever homes. While each episode tells a distinct story, the overall theme of compassion and second chances for both dogs and humans remains at the heart of the show.

With 11 seasons under its collar, Lucky Dog shows no signs of slowing down. McMillan’s natural rapport with the dogs and ability to connect with their new owners has built a loyal viewership over the years. The upcoming season is sure to deliver all the tail-wagging moments fans have come to love. While the rescued dogs may change every week, Lucky Dog’s inspirational message of the human-canine bond remains the same.

The Importance of Lucky Dog

lucky dog has raised awareness of pet adoption and demonstrated positive training methods.

Lucky Dog has made a huge impact on animal rescue and training since its premiere in 2013. The show follows Brandon McMillan as he rescues untrained and unadoptable dogs from shelters and rehabilitates them through intensive training. Lucky Dog works closely with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, which saves thousands of homeless and abandoned animals each year. The show provides exposure for adoptable dogs in need and inspires viewers to consider rescuing.

Lucky Dog demonstrates positive reinforcement training techniques to rehabilitate and socialize shelter dogs. Brandon’s expert training provides a model for pet owners on proper animal care and behavior modification. The show educates audiences about various dog breeds and their temperaments. Each episode tells heartwarming adoption success stories. Lucky Dog highlights the rewards of pet adoption for families and communities.

The impact of Lucky Dog’s life-saving work is clear. In the Washington, D.C. area, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue has saved over 17,000 animals since 2009. The show and affiliated rescue organization have together found homes for hundreds of dogs. Lucky Dog continues to inspire a new generation of pet rescue in America.

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