Behind Bars. The Reason Butch Landed Himself in Dog Pound Prison

Introducing Butch and Dog Pound

Butch is the main protagonist in the 2010 Canadian psychological thriller film Dog Pound directed by Kim Chapiron. The film centers around Butch, a rebellious 17-year old who is sent to a youth correctional center nicknamed “Dog Pound” for assaulting a police officer [1]. Butch struggles to survive and assert his dominance in the harsh and violent prison environment.

Dog Pound is a loose remake of the British film Scum from 1979. It depicts life inside a youth detention center where troublemaking teenagers are subjected to strict rules and harsh discipline from the guards. Fights, power struggles, and abuse are common among the juvenile delinquents as they vie for status and control. Butch stands out as a tough, defiant inmate who refuses to be submissive and frequently clashes with both the guards and fellow prisoners [2].

Butch’s Personality and Behavior

Butch has an aggressive and confrontational personality. From the beginning of his time at the detention center, he establishes his dominance through intimidation and violence. As noted in the review on Cinematic Adventures, Butch “rules the roost” at the facility through savage beatings of the other boys, especially Banks (Priscilla Eyles, 2010).

The Wikipedia summary of Dog Pound highlights Butch’s bullying and violent tendencies. He frequently threatens and assaults the weaker kids at the detention center as a show of force. His brutal physical attack on Banks cements his position as the top dog ruling through fear and aggression (Wikipedia, 2023). Butch continues this pattern of violence throughout the film, assaulting other boys like Angel and Davis to maintain his status.

Butch’s cruel behavior and short temper ensure that the other inmates give him a wide berth, not wanting to become the next target of his fury. As the Villains Wiki analysis notes, he has no issues with confrontation and readily uses his aggressive nature to dominate the other juveniles (Villains Wiki, 2023). His menacing personality combined with his physicalpower makes Butch the most feared teen at the detention facility.

The Fight with Banks

a pivotal scene shows butch brutally beating another inmate named banks in the bathroom.

One pivotal scene in Dog Pound shows the fight between Butch and Banks that ultimately lands Butch in solitary confinement. After Banks threatens Butch and his friends, Butch decides to confront Banks in the bathroom. Butch savagely beats Banks, who is unable to defend himself against the violent onslaught [1]. This visceral scene establishes Butch’s dominance in the prison hierarchy. However, it also leads directly to severe consequences for his reckless actions.

After the fight, Butch is immediately sent to solitary confinement. The prison guards restrain him as they forcibly take him away. This dramatic scene underscores how Butch’s violent temper and lack of self-control continue to get him into serious trouble, despite already being incarcerated. His rash decision to attack Banks causes him to lose his freedom within the prison walls. While the beating helps protect Butch’s friends in the short term, it eventually sets off a chain of events that lead to his lengthy incarceration.

Further Troublemaking

After being released from solitary confinement, Butch continues to cause trouble at the detention center. According to the Wikipedia summary of Dog Pound, Butch “immediately exacts revenge on Banks, Eckersley, and Loony” after getting out of solitary ( He seems to hold grudges and feel the need to retaliate against anyone who has crossed him.

Reddit users discussing the film also note Butch’s aggressive behavior, with one commenting “Butch wasn’t that strong he was just fearless and cunning this gave him a lot of fighting experience since he’s not the type to get pushed…” ( Butch is portrayed as a confrontational and violent young man who is quick to assert his dominance through physical means. His time in solitary does not reform him, but rather seems to make him more intent on proving himself through intimidation and assault.

The Attack on Davis

butch leads a vicious attack on a prison guard named davis, beating him mercilessly.

A pivotal scene in Dog Pound shows Butch leading an assault on guard Davis. After Davis refuses medical help for Angel, who is severely ill, Butch rallies the other boys to attack Davis in retaliation. In a graphic and disturbing scene, the boys, led by Butch, viciously beat Davis. They punch, kick, and stomp on him relentlessly. According to Reddit users discussing the film, Davis is “beaten within an inch of his life.”

The savage beating leaves Davis bloodied and unable to move. As noted in a review on Cinematic Adventures, Davis receives an extremely “brutal attack” from the boys ( Butch initiates and takes part in the merciless assault that shows how far he has descended into violence.

Consequences of the Assault

The brutal assault on Mr. Davis left him hospitalized with serious injuries. According to reports from the Fallout Archive, Davis suffered broken bones, facial injuries, and a concussion from the beating by Butch and his gang.

Although Butch did not act alone, he was quickly identified as the ringleader behind the attack on Mr. Davis. Witnesses from Vault 101 spoke to the authorities and confirmed Butch initiated the assault and encouraged the others to participate. Butch’s history of violence and troublemaking made him the primary focus of the investigation into the attack on Mr. Davis.

Butch’s Criminal Charges

butch faces serious felony charges for the brutal assault on the prison guard davis.
Butch faces serious criminal charges for his violent behavior both inside and outside of the detention center. His most severe charge stems from the vicious attack on Davis, another inmate at the detention center. According to the Tribeca Film synopsis, Butch assaulted and beat Davis so badly that he ended up in a coma (Tribeca Film). This aggravated assault resulted in felony charges being filed against Butch.

In addition to the charges for the assault on Davis, Butch racked up further charges for other acts of violence and troublemaking within the detention center. As noted in an analysis of the film, Butch frequently got into fights with other inmates and guards, displaying aggressive and threatening behavior (Ivypanda). His continual disturbances and attacks led prosecutors to pile on extra criminal charges and extend Butch’s potential sentence.

Butch’s Trial

After being charged with aggravated assault on a correctional officer, Butch is brought to trial. The prosecution presents a strong case against Butch for his violent attack on Davis in the bathroom. According to accounts, Butch showed no remorse during the trial and refused to testify on his own behalf (

Given the brutality of the assault and Butch’s lack of remorse, the prosecution pushes for the maximum sentence. Butch declines to express regret or provide any explanation for his actions. Ultimately, the evidence and testimony make it clear that Butch violently beat Davis, leaving him permanently disabled. Without any defense or mitigating factors, Butch is found guilty of the assault charges.

The Verdict

After a trial, Butch was convicted on charges of assault and other offenses for his attack on Davis and troublemaking in the detention center (Dog Pound (film)). The judge ruled that Butch’s actions were premeditated and violent enough to warrant trying and sentencing him as an adult despite being 17 years old. As a result, Butch was sentenced to 4 years in an adult prison (Dog Pound | 2010 Tribeca Festival). This harsh sentence was intended to send a message that violence would not be tolerated, even from teenagers.

butch is convicted and sentenced to 4 years in adult prison for his violent assault on davis.

Why Butch Ends Up in Jail

Butch ends up in jail due to his ongoing aggressive and criminal behavior throughout the movie Dog Pound. Soon after arriving at the correctional facility, Butch gets into a fight with another inmate named Banks, showing his tendency towards violence (Wikipedia). Later, Butch instigates a full-blown riot, viciously attacking a guard named Davis and leaving him gravely injured (IMDb).

As a result of his assault on Davis and other criminal actions, Butch is arrested and put on trial. Despite a lawyer arguing for leniency due to his difficult upbringing, the justice system determines that incarceration is the appropriate consequence. Butch is found guilty and sentenced to adult prison for his crimes (Reddit). His pattern of violence and lack of remorse leaves the court no choice but to remove him from society. So in the end, Butch’s own aggressive behavior is ultimately what lands him behind bars.

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