My Dog Won’t Follow Me Anymore – Here’s How to Fix It


In Fallout 4, many players choose Dogmeat as their companion to accompany them on quests across the Commonwealth. However, a common issue arises where Dogmeat suddenly stops following the player and refuses to move or teleport to the player’s location.

There are several potential reasons why this “Dogmeat not following” bug can occur:

  • A bug or glitch in the game coding
  • Accidentally dismissing Dogmeat and not realizing it
  • Dogmeat gets stuck or lost somewhere
  • Dogmeat goes into a “downed” state and won’t recover

This article will explore the main causes of the “Dogmeat not following” issue and provide potential solutions so players can regain their loyal canine companion.

Changing Companions

One of the most common reasons Dogmeat may stop following the player is when you switch to a different companion. In Fallout 4, you can only have one companion travel with you at a time. When you recruit a new companion, your previous companion will be dismissed and sent back to their default location.

For example, if you have been traveling with Dogmeat but then recruit Piper as a companion, Dogmeat will automatically be dismissed and sent back to your settlement or one of his default spawn points. This is by design in the game in order to allow you to adventure with human companions who offer perks and dialogue.

Some players don’t realize that switching companions dismisses the previous one, so they think Dogmeat has suddenly disappeared or stopped following them. However, he has simply been dismissed so the new companion can join you. If you want Dogmeat as your companion again, you’ll have to go find him and recruit him again.

recruiting new companion dismisses dogmeat

So in summary, recruiting a new companion will dismiss your current one, which is why Dogmeat may suddenly stop following you after you get a new companion. Check where you sent Dogmeat when dismissing him, and recruit him again if you want him by your side.

Dismissing Dogmeat

Dismissing Dogmeat to a settlement is one common reason he may stop following you. When you send Dogmeat to a settlement, he will head there and remain indefinitely unless you specifically recruit him again as a companion. According to discussions on Steam Community, you can dismiss Dogmeat to a settlement where he will stay until summoned again.

This is intended functionality – when you dismiss a companion to a settlement, they become a settler there until you recruit them back. As the GameFAQs board discusses, if you dismiss Dogmeat to a particular settlement he will be waiting there next time you visit.

So if you want Dogmeat to stop following you for a while, dismissing him to one of your settlements will make him stop accompanying you on missions. He’ll wait at that settlement until you decide to interact with him and add him back as a companion. Just keep in mind where you dismissed him to so you can easily find him again when needed.[1] [2]

Bug or Glitch

There are some known bugs or glitches in Fallout 4 that can cause Dogmeat and other companions to suddenly stop following the player. One Reddit user reported that after dismissing Dogmeat to make room for another companion, Dogmeat simply disappeared and they were permanently stuck with the new companion (source). Others have experienced a glitch where after telling Dogmeat “goodbye”, he will stop following them entirely (source). These types of bugs seem to randomly occur for some players and prevent Dogmeat from being re-recruited. There is no known fix within the game itself other than reloading to an earlier save. Bethesda has released some patches to address companion bugs, but some issues still persist.

Dogmeat Getting Lost

One common reason that players can no longer find Dogmeat is because he has gotten lost somewhere in the vast open world of Fallout 4. With the game’s sprawling landscapes and complex pathing, it’s not uncommon for Dogmeat to get “stuck” in the environment and be unable to path back to the player’s location.

There are a few key ways this can happen. Sometimes Dogmeat will get caught on terrain or objects in a way he can’t navigate around. Other times, engaging in combat across a large distance or transitioning through loading zones can cause him to lose track of the player. There also seem to be issues with Dogmeat struggling to navigate complex multi-level environments like buildings.

Whatever the specific cause, the end result is Dogmeat becoming displaced and unable to relocate the player. He can end up stranded far away, alone somewhere like a deserted shack or cave. The worst part is Dogmeat will stay there indefinitely waiting and unable to move. He won’t come back on his own.1

dogmeat getting stranded and unable to path back to player

Players can attempt to backtrack and check previous locations to find Dogmeat lost somewhere in the world. But this is like finding a needle in a haystack across the Commonwealth. Thankfully, there are better solutions than wandering aimlessly.

Dogmeat’s Downed

One common reason that Dogmeat may stop following the player is if he gets downed in combat. As explained on the Steam Community Fallout 4 companion guide (source), “if your companions are there too, dogmeat gets downed.” If Dogmeat is downed in battle and you don’t revive him before the battle ends, this can sometimes lead to a bug where he stops following the player.

Once Dogmeat is in this downed state and not following, he can be difficult to find and interact with again to re-enable following. On Reddit (source), players confirm that “if your companion is actively following you … not following you. (Even in regular mode, not survival).” So Dogmeat getting downed can clearly lead to issues with him not following the player anymore.

Console Commands

If Dogmeat disappears or gets lost, you can use console commands to teleport him back to your location. This is done by entering commands into the developer console in the game. Here are some useful commands:

To teleport Dogmeat to your current location, use the command:

player.moveto 0001d162

This will instantly move Dogmeat to where your character is standing. The code 0001d162 is Dogmeat’s NPC ID in the game.

You can also teleport your character to where Dogmeat is, using his ref ID:

prid 0001d162

moveto player

This will first select Dogmeat, and then move you to his location. Useful if you don’t know where he’s disappeared to.

To open the console, hit the tilde (~) key on your keyboard while playing the game. Make sure to save your game first before using console commands, in case anything goes wrong.


Ark Teleport Command To Player

Ark Teleport Command To Player

Mod Solutions

There are a few mods that can help fix issues with Dogmeat’s AI and pathfinding to keep him by your side. The Unlimited Companion Framework mod allows you to have multiple companions at once, including Dogmeat, so he won’t have to be dismissed for other companions. It also fixes issues with companions getting lost or stuck.

companion mods that fix issues with dogmeat getting lost

Another option is the Better Companions – All in One mod which fixes various bugs with companion commands, getting stuck, and pathfinding. There are options to increase Dogmeat’s speed to keep up and prevent him from lagging behind. It also makes companions immortal so Dogmeat won’t die if he goes down in battle.

Finally, some recommended mods like Dogmeat’s Backpack give Dogmeat more inventory space so you don’t have to worry about overburdening him, allowing him to keep up better.

Preventative Measures

There are a few things players can do to prevent Dogmeat from getting lost or not following them in Fallout 4:

Use console commands like “moveto player” to teleport Dogmeat to your location if he gets stuck or lost. This Reddit thread provides console command solutions:

Install mods that fix companions getting lost like the “No Companions Falling Behind” mod suggested in this Reddit post:

mods preventing companions falling behind and getting lost

Frequently check the Fallout 4 map to locate Dogmeat’s position and fast travel to him if gets left behind. Interactive maps can help track companions:

Make sure Dogmeat doesn’t get downed in combat. Use stimpaks to revive him and keep his health up.

Avoid commanding Dogmeat during complex navigational sections that may cause pathfinding issues.


In summary, there are a few key reasons why Dogmeat may stop following the player in Fallout 4. One possibility is a bug or glitch in the game causing the companion AI to break. Dogmeat could also simply get lost or stuck while exploring the vast open world. His health may also reach zero, downing him and preventing him from following until revived. While frustrating, there are solutions for rectifying a disobedient Dogmeat. Using console commands can reset the companion AI. There are also mods that can fix bugs or make Dogmeat invincible. And players can take preventative measures, like dismissing Dogmeat before entering certain interiors. With some strategic troubleshooting, the trusty canine companion should be back at the player’s side once more.

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