Will Go, Dog. Go Return for a 4th Lap? The Latest on the Beloved Children’s Show


Go, Dog. Go! is a computer-animated children’s television series based on the popular 1961 children’s book of the same name by P.D. Eastman. The show follows a young puppy named Tag and her best friend Scooch as they go on adventures and help solve problems for the citizens of their town Pawston.

Go, Dog. Go! premiered on Netflix in January 2021 and has since released three seasons of episodic adventures. The first season introduced Tag, Scooch, and the world of Pawston through 13 episodes. Season 2 arrived later in 2021 with another batch of 13 fun-filled stories. Most recently, Season 3 launched in early 2022 with 13 more episodes continuing Tag and Scooch’s adventures.

Over its first three seasons, Go, Dog. Go! has captivated young viewers with its upbeat stories highlighting friendship, problem-solving, and helping others. With its engaging characters, colorful animation, and simple storylines, the show has become a hit for preschool-aged children.

Now fans are eagerly awaiting news on whether Go, Dog. Go! will receive a fourth season renewal for more tales from Pawston.

Background on Go, Dog. Go!

Go, Dog. Go! is based on the beloved children’s book series written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman. The books, first published in 1961, center around dogs driving cars, going to parties, and generally having a good time [1].

In 2018, Netflix adapted the book series into an animated preschool series. The show aired for 3 seasons on Netflix before being cancelled in 2020 [2]. The series followed two adventurous puppies, Tag and Scooch, as they explored their doggy world and helped their friends in the town of Pawston.

Over the show’s 3 season run, Tag and Scooch had all kinds of fun adventures. They went to dog parties, worked different jobs, played sports, and learned important lessons about friendship, teamwork, and more.

Season 1 Highlights

scene from go, dog. go! season 1

Go, Dog. Go! premiered its first season on Netflix in July 2020 with 13 episodes. The season introduced the main characters Tag the dog and her best friend Scooch, who live in the colorful town of Pawston.

Episodes in the first season focused on themes like friendship, teamwork, and solving problems together. Stories followed Tag and Scooch on adventures around Pawston, often riding in their doggy pedal cars going up, over, and through obstacles. Some memorable first season storylines include Tag and Scooch building a doghouse, organizing a talent show, and preparing for the annual Pawston Puppy Parade.

The season was well-received, with viewers praising the fun stories and vibrant animation. Common Sense Media called it “cute, smart, delightful animated fun” and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. While mainly aimed at preschoolers, parents also found it entertaining.

Overall the first season of Go, Dog. Go! successfully introduced the joyful world of Pawston and the endearing characters of Tag and Scooch to audiences.

Season 2 Highlights

Season 2 of Go, Dog. Go! premiered on Netflix on December 7th, 2021 and expanded the world of the show with new locations and adventures. According to the Go, Dog. Go Wiki – Fandom, this season introduced an expanded cast of dog characters beyond just Tag, Scooch, and Penny. The dogs ventured to new places like the Big Dog City, the amusement park, and even the moon!

Viewership for Season 2 remained strong, with Netflix reporting high completion rates for the season within the first month of its release. Fans praised the hilarious situational humor and fun animation style that made the first season a hit. Season 2 built on that foundation with more unique vehicles, engaging stories, and endearing characters. The expanded world and new friends gave even more depth to Tag, Scooch, and Penny’s adventures.

Overall, Season 2 expanded the Go, Dog. Go! universe in exciting ways while staying true to the charm and spirit that drew fans to the show in the first place. The continued viewership and buzz set the stage well for potential future seasons down the road.

go, dog. go! season 2 poster

Season 3 Highlights

Season 3 of Go, Dog. Go! premiered on Netflix on September 19th, 2022 and featured some exciting new storylines and characters. According to the Go, Dog. Go Wiki – Fandom (https://go-dog-go.fandom.com/wiki/Season_3), the Dogs welcomed new residents of Pawston including Cats in this season.

Some notable episodes from Season 3 included “Big Dog Job / The Case of the Slobbery” where Tag tries to prove she’s a big dog by puppysitting Yip and cousin Rhonda all day (TV Guide, https://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/go-dog-go/episodes-season-3/1000776258/). The episode “Doctor Tag / Flowery Flower Hat” had Dog play doctor when Waffle gets hurt and Franny competes in the Pawston Flower Hat Contest.

Season 3 was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series at the 2022 Daytime Emmy Awards. While it didn’t win, the nomination showed the continued popularity and acclaim for the Go, Dog. Go! series.

Possibility of Season 4 Renewal

go, dog. go! season 4 renewal question

While fans are eager for more adventures with Tag Barker and her dog friends, Netflix has not yet officially renewed Go, Dog. Go! for a fourth season as of October 2022 according to DreamWorks Drops ‘Go, Dog. Go!’ Season 4 Trailer. The streaming platform typically evaluates a variety of factors when deciding whether to renew original series, including viewing numbers, audience ratings, critical reviews, cultural impact, merchandise sales, production costs, and more.

Given the popularity of Go, Dog. Go! over its first three seasons, the show seems likely to be renewed. Key factors that increase the chances of a fourth season pickup include consistently strong viewership among preschool audiences, warm reception from parents and caregivers, robust merchandise sales for the brand, and relatively low production costs due to the simple 2D animation style. However, the animated preschool space has become more competitive recently with hits like Ada Twist, Scientist and Gabby’s Dollhouse, so Netflix may also consider how Go, Dog. Go! fits within their larger content strategy for young viewers. Fans eagerly await the streaming platform’s decision and remain hopeful Tag and her canine friends will return for more fun adventures.

Potential for New Episodes

While the Netflix series has already covered much of the original Go, Dog. Go! book by P.D. Eastman, there is potential for new episodes based on additional source material. A new book titled Welcome to Pawston! (Netflix: Go, Dog. Go!) was published in 2020 as a tie-in to the Netflix series.

This new book introduces the town of Pawston and its animal residents, providing plenty of opportunities for new stories and adventures. Themes around community, friendship, and family could be further explored in original episodes based on this source material. With a whole town of characters to get to know, there is great potential for fresh storylines and hijinks tailored to the preschool audience if Netflix greenlights more seasons.

Fan Response

Fans of the show have been eagerly anticipating the release of Season 4 on social media. When the trailer dropped in late October 2023, it quickly went viral, garnering over 10 million views on YouTube in just two weeks (GO, DOG. GO! | Season 4 Trailer | Netflix – YouTube). Viewers were excited to see glimpses of new characters and adventures, with many fans commenting that they “can’t wait” for the new season.

There have also been petitions and campaigns by devoted fans asking Netflix to #RenewGoDogGo for Season 5, even before Season 4 has aired. A Change.org petition has over 50,000 signatures, showing the enthusiasm and demand for more episodes (DreamWorks Drops ‘Go, Dog. Go!’ Season 4 Trailer). The show clearly has an engaged audience that is hungry for new content.

Impact on Merchandise & Licensing

Go, Dog. Go! has had a significant impact on merchandise and licensing since its debut, with a wide variety of products featuring the colorful characters and designs from the show. According to Redbubble, there are many apparel items, home goods, and other merchandise featuring Go, Dog. Go! designs and characters for sale, indicating a strong fan demand for official products.

go, dog. go! merchandise

The show has also led to several book releases, including tie-in storybooks published by Random House. In addition, there are Go, Dog. Go!-themed toys and plush animals available from retailers like Amazon and Target, allowing young fans to recreate the fun characters and vehicles from the program. These high levels of interest have likely generated significant revenue from merchandise sales for the IP holders.

With a robust existing product line and a passionate fan base eager for new Go, Dog. Go! gear, the impact on licensing and merchandise sales from a potential 4th season could be substantial. New episodes would provide fresh inspiration for apparel, toys, books, and more, further driving profits from consumer products long into the future.


The children’s animated series Go, Dog. Go! has seen much success since its debut in 2019 with Netflix producing three seasons so far. While the show continues to draw young audiences and expand merchandise opportunities, it remains unclear if Netflix will renew it for a fourth season at this time.

With over 60 episodes already produced, Go, Dog. Go! has established itself as a modern preschool classic. However, Netflix has not yet announced plans to produce more episodes. The show’s continued popularity suggests there is certainly potential for additional seasons, but Netflix may also choose to avoid oversaturation of the market.

Given the show’s strong track record, devoted fanbase, and lucrative merchandising potential, there is a reasonable chance Go, Dog. Go! will return for a fourth season. But fans eagerly awaiting new adventures with Tag, Scooch, and their dog friends may need to be patient for now. Unless Netflix confirms renewal plans, the future of the series remains uncertain.

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