The Origin Story of the Hilarious ‘This is Fine’ Meme Dog


A meme is an image, video, or piece of text that becomes popular online and spreads rapidly through culture. Memes often convey a shared experience or idea through humor and are easily customizable for different purposes. In the digital age, memes have become a ubiquitous part of online communication and internet culture.

Since the early 2000s, memes have grown enormously in popularity and reach. Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and others, memes now spread at lightning speed across the internet. Whereas memes used to be an inside joke among niche online groups, today memes are a global language of comedy, commentary, and community. From current events to pop culture, memes influence conversations and reflect the zeitgeist of the times.

Memes have left an indelible mark on internet culture. They reflect shared thoughts, experiences, and emotions in ways that resonate across borders and cultures. While sometimes frivolous, memes can also make serious statements on society. Their impact is far-reaching, shaping everything from slang to politics. Understanding the power of memes is key to understanding the modern internet.

This Is Fine Dog Meme

The ‘This is fine’ meme features an image of an anthropomorphic dog sitting at a table, with the room around him engulfed in flames, nonchalantly saying “This is fine.” The dog has a relaxed posture and carefree expression, oblivious to the surrounding chaos and danger.

The meme originated from the webcomic “On Fire” created by KC Green and published on in 2013. In the 6-panel comic strip, the dog maintains a blissfully ignorant demeanor even as the room literally burns down around him. The final panel zooms in on the dog’s smiling face as he says “This is fine.”

The comic strip visualizes the concept of ignoring obvious problems or dangers, with the dog’s calm demeanor signifying a refusal to engage with reality. The ironic disconnect between the dog’s words and theenvironment depicts a state of denial or willful ignorance [1].

The zoomed-in panel of the dog declaring “This is fine” became the source for standalone reaction images and memes, often with the image captioned or labeled to indicate a problematic or dangerous situation someone is ignoring.


origin of 'this is fine' meme

The “This Is Fine” meme originated from a webcomic called “Gunshow” created by artist KC Green in 2013. In the six-panel comic titled “On Fire”, a dog named Kenny sits at a table drinking coffee as the room around him burns down. Despite the dire circumstances, Kenny’s repeated words are “This is fine” as flames engulf the room. The comic highlighted the absurdity of remaining complacent in the face of disaster.

According to The Verge, the comic quickly spread across the internet after its release, becoming a popular reaction image to express “pretending everything’s okay in an obviously not-okay situation.” The meme took off in popularity on sites like Tumblr and gained even more recognition when zoomed-in panels of the nonchalant dog were shared as reaction GIFs.


The “This is Fine” meme depicts a dog sitting in a room that is on fire, while remarking that everything is fine. This represents pretending that everything is okay or acceptable, even in absurd or terrible situations. It has come to symbolize ignoring or downplaying problems, often with a sense of helpless resignation.

meaning of 'this is fine' meme

The image originated from the webcomic “Gunshow” by KC Green in 2013. In the full comic, the dog refuses to leave the burning room despite the urging of another character. This highlights how the dog’s mentality represents accepting hardship or danger rather than taking action to address it.

Psychologists have analyzed how the meme resonates with people who feel overwhelmed by forces beyond their control. It can represent living in denial or suppressing emotions when faced with stressful circumstances. Both laughing at the absurdity and identifying with the feeling may contribute to the meme’s popularity.


The “this is fine” meme exploded in popularity in 2016 during the U.S. presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As the contentious election cycle dragged on, the meme resonated with people across the political spectrum who felt a sense of impending doom about the future of the country. According to Know Your Meme, use of the meme spiked significantly in the summer of 2016 leading up to the election, as more people began sharing it to express their anxiety and unease with the political climate. The meme seemed to capture the feeling that everything was on fire figuratively, even as people tried to pretend that everything was fine. The meme’s popularity endures today as people continue to use it as a way to jokingly express denial or complacency in the face of disaster.

popularity of 'this is fine' meme


The “This is Fine” dog meme is commonly used to express frustration, sarcasm, and feeling overwhelmed in an ironic or sarcastic way. By picturing a dog calmly saying “This is fine” while its surroundings are on fire, the meme conveys that things are clearly not fine at all 1. People use the meme to humorously communicate that they are managing a difficult, stressful, or disastrous situation. It allows them to acknowledge the absurdity of acting like everything is normal when it clearly is not.

Some examples of using the meme include:

  • Posting the meme with the caption “Me pretending I have my life together” or “Me acting like everything is fine during finals week.”
  • Sending the meme to a friend going through a tough time with a message like “Hang in there!” or “I know it doesn’t feel like it now but this too shall pass.”
  • Using the meme to express frustration with political events, world news, or a chaotic work environment.

The ironic humor and exaggeration in the meme allows people to vent about stressful situations in a lighthearted way. By conveying that they are just barely holding it together, the meme resonates with the feeling of being overwhelmed yet carrying on anyway.


The This Is Fine dog meme has spawned many creative variations since its inception. Artists and meme-makers began placing the nonchalant dog in different absurd or disastrous situations, yet still calmly saying “This is fine.”

adaptations of 'this is fine' meme

For example, one popular adaptation shows the dog surrounded by fire as the world floods around him, proclaiming “This is fine” (Fahmi, 2021). Another shows the dog in a burning house, unconcerned as everything crumbles and melts around him.

Some versions edit the text itself to convey different messages. One version says “Everything is alright” as the world burns down. Another says “I’m okay with the events that are unfolding currently” in an ironic tone.

These meme adaptations allow people to insert the indifferent dog into any disastrous scenario imaginable. No matter how absurd the situation, the core joke remains the same – the dog insists everything is fine despite clear evidence to the contrary.


The ‘This is fine’ dog meme has become one of the most influential and widely recognizable memes. It permeated internet culture and became a popular reaction image to express a delusional or complacent attitude towards an absurd, hopeless, or catastrophic situation. According to Buzzfeed News, it was one of the most defining memes of 2021, retaining its relevance and relatability many years after its creation.

The meme’s simple yet absurd premise allows it to be adapted to all kinds of disastrous scenarios in politics, pop culture, and everyday life. The nonchalant dog sipping coffee amid rising flames resonated with internet users as an embodiment of keeping calm and carrying on even when the world seems to be falling apart. It became shorthand for remaining unbothered in the face of chaos and catastrophe. The meme’s ironic yet poignant commentary on being resigned to one’s fate or powerless to change circumstances contributed to its endurance as a cultural touchstone.


Some find the meme makes light of dire situations or tragedies. The nonchalant attitude of the dog saying “This is fine” as catastrophe unfolds around him can come across as dismissive or insensitive when applied to serious real-world events.

For example, some criticized the use of the meme in response to devastating wildfires, political upheaval, or human rights issues, arguing it trivializes people’s suffering. The meme’s popularity as a reaction to alarming news stories strikes some as an example of normalization or complacency in the face of existential threats like climate change.

As artist KC Green, the creator of the original comic, said, “A lot of people have been like, ‘This is about our collective complacency as the world burns.’” While he appreciates the meme’s adaptability, he worries it may promote apathy or surrender in truly dire circumstances.


In summary, the “This is Fine” meme has become a cultural phenomenon that represents complacency in the face of catastrophe. Originally created by KC Green in 2013 for his webcomic “On Fire,” it depicts a dog sitting in a burning room drinking coffee and saying “This is fine” as everything crumbles around him. This image of ignoring imminent danger for the sake of remaining calm has resonated with internet users, making it one of the most widespread and recognizable memes.

The meme’s simplicity gives it versatility to be adapted to various disastrous situations, both real and fictional. People have used the meme to satirize politics, climate change, the pandemic, and more. While some criticize the meme as making light of serious issues, its ironic humor highlights important problems that society seems content to ignore. Overall, “This is Fine” encapsulates society’s tendency towards apathy and inertia even in the face of its own destruction.

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