Zoomies! Zoomer Robot Dog Release Date Revealed


Developed and manufactured by Spin Master, Zoomer is a robotic dog that behaves and moves just like a real puppy. Powered by advanced robotic technology, this interactive pet can walk, play, wag its tail, and even perform tricks on voice command. Spin Master is a leading global children’s entertainment company that brought Zoomer to the consumer robotics space. With its life-like appearance and smart sensors that allow it to respond to its environment, Zoomer aims to be the most realistic and trainable robotic dog on the market.

After years of development and several iterations, Zoomer is poised to launch its newest version in the coming months. This highly anticipated release promises exciting new features and more dog-like behaviors that make Zoomer seem more alive than ever. Read on to learn more about Zoomer’s upcoming launch date and what new capabilities you can expect from the next generation of this innovative robot dog.

Zoomer’s Features

One of the most impressive aspects of Zoomer is its extensive features that allow it to mimic lifelike movements and behaviors. Zoomer responds to gestures and touch, enabling owners to pet it, feed it, and play games like “get the ball.” It has touch sensors throughout its body so it can respond differently when you pet its back versus its head (1).

zoomer robot dog features

Zoomer can walk, play, and follow over 50 voice commands for actions like sit, lie down, and beg. The robot dog comes pre-programmed to understand these commands in English, with additional language packs available for purchase (2). Zoomer’s mobility allows it to follow its owner around the house and maneuver over various surfaces and small obstacles.

Adding to the realistic experience, Zoomer has brightly colored expressive eyes that can display different emotions and reactions. Its eyes will indicate when Zoomer is happy, sad, excited or paying attention. The robot dog also makes lifelike sounds like barks, pants, and cute puppy noises (2).

With its advanced sensors and programming, Zoomer exhibits an impressive range of canine-like behaviors and tricks that enhance the interactive experience.

Zoomer’s Personality

Zoomer was designed to be a loyal companion robot dog with a curious and playful personality. As described by Spin Master, the company behind Zoomer, he is an energetic pup who loves to play and develop his skills. Zoomer responds to your voice commands, movements, and touch just like a real dog.

zoomer's curious puppy personality

One of the most unique features of Zoomer is that his personality develops and changes over time as you play with him more. He has sensors that allow him to react to your actions. The more time you spend with Zoomer, the more he will learn your voice and movements. This allows his personality to become more tailored to you.

Overall, Zoomer was designed to act like a real loyal puppy who is always excited to see you. His curious and playful personality develops as you nurture your friendship, resulting in a robot dog companion with a truly lifelike disposition.

Inside the Tech

The Zoomer robot dog relies on advanced technology to enable its fun, interactive features. This robotic pup has touch sensors located on its head, back, and sides that allow it to respond to physical touch and petting. Additionally, Zoomer utilizes infrared sensors on its nose to detect obstacles and avoid collisions.

However, what really makes Zoomer seem alive are its advanced motors and software. Zoomer contains 13 motors that control its legs, head, ears and tail, enabling smooth, naturalistic movement. According to Zoomer’s product description on Amazon, Zoomer uses “sophisticated voice recognition technology” and algorithms to learn its name, follow commands, and exhibit expressive behavior. The software algorithms allow Zoomer to learn and develop a “personality” over time through interactions.

technology inside zoomer

In summary, Zoomer’s combination of touch sensors, infrared sensors, motors, and interactive software enables this robot pup to move around, respond to its environment, follow commands, and seem almost lifelike as it develops its own personality.

Development History

Work on the original Zoomer robot dog began in 2012 at toy company Spin Master. Early in development, the engineers and designers focused on creating prototypes that could demonstrate key abilities like moving, balancing, and responding to commands (source).

Videos from 2013 show some of the early Zoomer prototypes being demonstrated. They have a more mechanical, unfinished look compared to the final product but already exhibit dynamic balancing and movement (source).

early zoomer robot dog prototypes

Over the course of 2012 to 2013, the Zoomer design evolved to become more refined, streamlined, and dog-like. The final product launched in 2013 with fluid, life-like movements and a friendly personality enabled by its sophisticated sensor and balancing technology (source).

Marketing and Promotion

Spin Master, the company behind Zoomer, utilized creative marketing strategies to promote the robot dog prior to its release date. They focused on engaging tech enthusiasts and families through social media campaigns and videos. For example, they posted funny parody ads on YouTube showing Zoomer interacting with a real dog.

The company also partnered with events like the New York Toy Fair and tech conferences to showcase Zoomer’s capabilities. They targeted both children who would enjoy the interactive toy and adults impressed by the cutting-edge robotics. Their goal was to position Zoomer as an advanced, responsive robotic companion that still had a playful personality.

Overall, the strategic promotions generated substantial buzz and anticipation for the interactive Zoomer robot dog leading up to its launch. By leveraging social media, videos, partnerships, and influencer marketing, Spin Master made sure tech and toy consumers alike were aware and excited for the release.

Pre-Order Details

Zoomer is set to become available for pre-order starting on February 18th, according to Amazon’s product listing. The interactive robotic dog is expected to be priced at $246.99 for the standard edition, with pre-orders being taken at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and more.

zoomer pre-order details

In addition to the standard version, Zoomer will also be available in a limited edition “Golden Pup” variant exclusive to Walmart. This version features luxurious gold fur and will retail for $299.99. Walmart is offering customers the chance to pre-order the Golden Pup starting February 15th to ensure they can get their hands on this premium Zoomer as soon as it releases.

Both the standard and Golden Pup editions come with the same interactive features, including expression recognition, voice commands, trick training and more. The only difference is the exclusive gold fur coat on the Walmart-exclusive model. Those wishing to pre-order can expect to place a deposit of around 20% of the retail price to reserve their Zoomer robot dog ahead of the official March release date.

The Release Date

Zoomer the Robotic Dog officially launched globally on August 12, 2013. The toy was unveiled earlier in February at the American International Toy Fair. After the initial reveal, Spin Master prepared for a widespread launch across North America and international markets.

According to Spin Master, Zoomer hit store shelves in the United States and Canada on August 4th, 2013. The official release date in other countries was staggered over the following weeks:

  • August 12th: United Kingdom, France, and Germany
  • August 26th: Australia and New Zealand
  • September 2nd: Scandinavia
  • September 16th: Latin America and Asia

Spin Master’s goal was to distribute Zoomer to dozens of countries by the 2013 holiday season. The company partnered with major retailers like Toys “R” Us, Walmart, and Target to ensure Zoomer was widely available.

Leading up to the official launch date, Spin Master generated buzz through viral marketing campaigns and TV commercials. When Zoomer hit shelves it quickly emerged as one of the most popular toys of the holiday season.

Expert Reactions

Early reviewers have praised Zoomer for his realistic movements and entertaining personality while noting some limitations compared to previous models. According to Amazon customer reviews, this new Zoomer Playful Pup model lacks some of the functions and programmability of older Zoomer dogs but still provides a fun, interactive toy.

Testers highlight Zoomer’s ability to respond to voice commands, recognize his name, perform tricks, and show off his energetic personality through barks and movements. However, some expert analysis indicates Zoomer Playful Pup has fewer sensors and motion capabilities than past models which enabled more complex interactions. While still an impressive robotic toy, this latest version offers a more basic experience optimized for younger users.

Overall, early reviews characterize Zoomer Playful Pup as an endearing pet companion with responsive features to entertain kids, even if not as sophisticated as previous generations. While limited, Zoomer’s voice control and ability to learn routines demonstrates the continuing advancements in consumer robotics aimed at recreating animal companionship.


As we’ve covered, Zoomer is an exciting new robotic dog toy from Spin Master that features realistic movements and personality. With multiple sensors and expressive features like tail wagging and responding to touch, Zoomer aims to mimic the behaviors of a real dog.

The upcoming release date is set for October 5th, 2014, when Zoomer will finally be available for public pre-order after years in development. Once launched, customers can expect Zoomer to be sold for around $120 at major retailers. Demand is expected to be high given the unique interactive features Zoomer provides.

Overall, Zoomer represents a major step forward in lifelike robotics and interactive toys. With its charming personality and ability to respond to commands, Zoomer is sure to become one of the hottest holiday items this year. The future looks bright for robotics, and Zoomer is leading the way by showing just how fun and engaging robot pets can be.

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