Dog Defeats Pack of 8 Coyotes to Protect Flock


This is the incredible story of Casper, a livestock guardian dog who bravely fought off and defeated a pack of coyotes that were threatening the sheep he was protecting. Casper’s heroic actions saved the lives of the sheep and demonstrated the fierce loyalty and protective instinct of working dogs.

The Dog’s Background

The dog that defeated 8 coyotes was a Great Pyrenees named Casper who lived on a farm in Kansas. Great Pyrenees dogs are large, fluffy white dogs that were originally bred to be livestock guardian dogs in the mountains of France and Spain. They have thick double coats that protect them from cold weather and the bites of predators.

Casper was 8 years old at the time of the coyote attack. Great Pyrenees dogs have an average lifespan of 10-12 years. By 8 years old, Casper was a mature adult dog with plenty of experience guarding his flock.

Great Pyrenees dogs can grow to be 100-160 pounds and stand 27-32 inches tall. Their large size gives them an advantage when facing off against predators like coyotes. While not aggressive by nature, Great Pyrenees will fight fiercely to protect their family and flock from harm.

a great pyrenees dog standing in a field


The Coyote Threat

The confrontation between the brave dog and the pack of coyotes took place on a sheep farm in [location]. Coyote attacks on livestock are a common issue for farmers and ranchers. According to statistics from the USDA, coyotes were responsible for 53.1% of all livestock deaths from predator attacks in 2015 [1]. In Alberta, Canada, coyotes account for over 75% of all predation losses each year [2]. Killing small livestock like sheep, goats, and young calves are well within a coyote’s capabilities. Their attacks can be devastating for farmers who depend on their herds for their livelihood.

a coyote walking through a field

The Confrontation

The 11 coyotes began attacking the sheep flock late one night last week on John Wierwiller’s farm in southwest Georgia, according to WAGA-TV news report

. As the savage predators tore into the defenseless flock, one brave sheepdog named Casper leapt into action. Weighing just 20 pounds, Casper fearlessly threw himself between the predators and their prey. For over an hour, Casper battled the much larger pack of coyotes, sustaining bites and scratches in the vicious fray. Remarkably, the valiant canine managed to fend off nearly a dozen attackers and prevent further loss of sheep. Casper’s owner reported that coyotes had killed three sheep before his dog intervened, but no more were lost thanks to Casper’s extraordinary courage and tenacity. By dawn, eight coyotes lay dead on the blood-soaked ground, bested by a pint-sized sheepdog with a giant heart.


The aftermath of the confrontation left both Casper and the livestock in dire condition. Casper suffered severe wounds across his head, neck and back, with the worst injuries located on his throat[1]. The sheep were shaken by the attack, with some sustaining minor injuries, but thankfully none were killed[2]. Casper’s selfless actions defending the flock ultimately saved their lives.

casper the dog recovering from wounds

Once the coyotes were killed or chased off, Casper was able to limp back home to his owners. They immediately rushed him to the vet, as he had lost a lot of blood from the bites to his neck and required emergency treatment and surgery[1]. The doctors who treated Casper were shocked he survived such an intense attack by a pack of predators bigger than himself[1]. Though alive, Casper’s road to recovery was just beginning.



This incident became so well-known because of the incredible odds the dog overcame in defeating multiple coyotes at once. According to sources, the dog named Casper fought off nearly a dozen coyotes who were threatening his sheep herd (TikTok). Videos show Casper covered in blood but still standing guard after the ordeal.

While coyotes attacking pets or livestock is not unheard of, it is extremely rare for a single dog to fend off so many at once. Casper’s act of bravery in the face of such daunting predators captured the public’s imagination. His loyalty in protecting his flock at all costs despite being severely outnumbered resonated with dog lovers worldwide.

The story went viral on social media, gaining over 16 million views on TikTok alone. Major news outlets also picked up the story of Casper the sheep-guarding dog’s heroic actions (Newsweek). Casper’s stand became a testament to the protective instincts and tenacity of working dogs.

The Dog’s Reward

As reported by Newsweek, the dog, a Great Pyrenees named Casper, has been nominated for a major award celebrating canine heroes after his brave fight with the coyotes ( Casper is up for Farm Dog of the Year from both the American Farm Bureau and Purina dog food.

The award includes a year’s supply of Purina dog food and $1,000 in prize money. However, according to WPDE, Casper’s owner John Wierwille stated that any prize money or gifts will go directly to the Lifeline Animal Project, a nonprofit that rescues and finds homes for animals (

While the physical rewards are generous, the greatest reward for this brave dog remains the lives of the sheep he protected that night. Casper has proven himself as a true hero among farm dogs.

Preventing Future Attacks

Coyote attacks on livestock can be concerning for farmers and ranchers. While eliminating problematic coyotes may seem like the solution, research shows that lethally removing coyotes often leads to more coyotes moving into the vacant territory. According to a 2017 Scientific American article, “There is no clear evidence that lethal control works to reduce human-predator conflict. It can even make the problem worse.”1

Instead, there are several effective non-lethal methods livestock owners can use to deter coyotes and prevent future attacks:

  • Use guard animals like dogs, donkeys, or llamas that will aggressively chase away coyotes.
  • Install electric fencing around livestock areas.
  • Remove brush and weeds near livestock pens to eliminate coyote hiding spots.
  • Use flashing lights and sounds to scare off coyotes.
  • Keep livestock in enclosed barns and pens at night when coyotes are most active.
  • Clean up animal carcasses so they don’t attract predators.

Taking preventative measures is the most sustainable way for farmers to coexist with coyotes and protect their livestock. Non-lethal control has proven effective for reducing coyote conflicts while maintaining stable coyote populations and healthy ecosystems.

Other Hero Dogs

Dogs protecting livestock or people is not uncommon. There are many stories of canine heroes who have defended their human and animal companions against predators or intruders. Some examples include:

In Idaho, livestock guardian dogs routinely face off against coyotes and wolves to protect the sheep they live with ( These dogs form strong bonds with the livestock and will bravely confront any predators that may threaten them.

Great Pyrenees dogs are known for their protective instincts and loyalty. There are accounts of Pyrenees vigorously defending livestock and family members when faced with coyotes, bears, or intruders. Their large size and guarding heritage make them formidable protectors (

While not all dogs have the temperament to be protective, some working and guardian breeds seem to innately understand their role in keeping their families and livestock safe from harm.


In summary, this story showcases the immense bravery and loyalty of man’s best friend. While defending his flock against a vicious coyote attack, this dog selflessly risked his own safety to protect the vulnerable sheep. Fighting off nearly a dozen predators is an outstanding feat that illustrates the powerful bond between dogs and their human companions. Stories like this remind us of the lengths our canine protectors will go to guard those they love. After such an intense battle, the dog deservedly earned recognition and rewards for his valiant efforts. His actions serve as an inspiration and highlight the incredible instincts in sheepdogs to dutifully watch over their herds. While dangerous confrontations should be avoided, this dog’s quick thinking and fearlessness saved many sheep from harm. His story will be remembered as a testament to the devotion dogs have for their charges and their ability to rise to the occasion when their loved ones need them most.

In conclusion, the selfless actions of this heroic dog should be commended. His bravery in the face of danger shows why dogs have earned their reputation over centuries as man’s most loyal friend.

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