Dog Rescued After Months of Running Wild with Coyotes


In the wild expanse of Nevada’s high desert landscape, a lone dog found a peculiar new family. For months, he roamed freely with a pack of coyotes, learning to survive in the harsh wilderness. But one day, his unusual life took an unexpected turn. This is the captivating tale of the dog who lived as one of the coyotes, until the day he was finally captured and brought back to the human world.

The Dog’s Backstory

The dog in this remarkable story is named Remy, a Queensland Heeler estimated to be around 4 years old when he went missing in January 2022. According to a widely cited source on puppy names, Remy is a fun and hip name of French origins that means “oarsman” As a Queensland Heeler, Remy belongs to an energetic herding breed known for their intelligence and work ethic. Though commonly a medium-sized dog, Remy was abnormally small for the breed and weighed only 35 pounds when he was found.

Disappearing into the Wild

In August 2021, a pit bull mix named Lily vanished from her owner’s home in New Mexico under mysterious circumstances. According to reports, Lily’s owner Jordan Boone went missing around the same time, leading to speculation that the two may have wandered off into the wilderness together (Missing: Jordan Boone and Lily the pit mix dog). Lily was last seen by a hiker walking alone near a trail in Montrose County, Colorado on August 11, over 300 miles away from her New Mexico home. It appears the dog traveled an incredible distance in a short period, presumably in search of her missing owner. With no confirmed sightings for months, Lily’s fate remained unknown as she ventured deeper into the remote mountainous terrain.

pit bull mix dog named lily missing, last seen in colorado

Life with the Coyotes

For several months, the dog lived and ran with a pack of coyotes in the desert outside Las Vegas. Coyotes are known for being opportunistic omnivores that hunt small mammals, but they surprisingly accepted this domesticated dog into their pack. According to reports, the dog was seen regularly interacting, playing, and even hunting with the coyotes.

Living with the coyotes was undeniably a struggle for survival. Yet the dog managed to find food and stay hydrated in the harsh conditions of the Nevada desert along with his adopted pack. It’s likely the coyotes shared their kills with the dog, allowing him to scavenge the remains of small rodents, birds and even rabbits. This access to prey was key to the dog’s ability to live for so long with the coyotes.

While coyotes can be territorial and aggressive in defending their dens, this particular pack seemed to embrace the dog within their social hierarchy. Footage showed the dog keeping pace and communicating with his coyote comrades. According to biologists, such interspecies cooperation is rare but not unheard of in the wild.

domestic dog interacting and hunting with coyotes

Despite the challenges of desert survival, the dog appeared healthy and energetic when observed with the coyotes. His ability to integrate and thrive with them in an inhospitable environment was simply extraordinary (KTNV). Clearly this dog found a way to tap into his primal instincts and become part of the coyote pack.

The Search and Rescue

In July 2021, residents of the small town of Conoy, Pennsylvania began reporting sightings of a dog running with a pack of coyotes near the woods and farmlands on the outskirts of town. Animal control officers and local residents made efforts to try to capture the dog but had no success initially. According to the SPCA, the search went on for months as more people reported seeing the dog keeping pace with coyotes as they hunted for food (Source).

Finally, in early September, animal control officers were able to successfully isolate and capture the dog using humane traps. The female dog, who was named Cleo by her rescuers, was severely underweight and malnourished after surviving so long on her own. Vets estimated she had been living wild for a minimum of two months based on her condition. She was treated for dehydration, parasites, and open wounds on her paws before being transferred to the local animal shelter to recover (Source).

rescuing and capturing dog living wild with coyotes

Many people involved with the rescue were amazed at how Cleo had managed to integrate herself into the coyote pack and keep up with them for so long. Her will to survive against the odds inspired her rescuers, who were committed to rehabilitating her and finding her a loving forever home.

Examining the Aftermath

After being rescued, the dog named Journey was understandably wary and timid around humans at first. According to the ASPCA, Journey arrived at their facility “covered in ticks, very shy, untrusting of people and not housebroken.”

The ASPCA staff worked patiently with Journey using positive reinforcement training to help her get comfortable around people again. They also provided much-needed medical care as Journey was found to be heartworm positive. With time, care and socialization, Journey began to regain her trust in humans.

While Journey initially struggled with some dog behaviors like walking on leash, the ASPCA trainers were able to coach her through these challenges. Within a few months, she blossomed into a friendly, social dog who loved being around people. Her personality transformed as she became more confident in her new life.

Despite spending months living with coyotes, Journey did not exhibit particularly wild behaviors. This suggests that while she associated with the coyotes, she maintained many of her domestic dog instincts. With support from the ASPCA, Journey was able to transition back into being a family pet.

Her recovery and adjustment after her ordeal points to the resilience of dogs. While the experience certainly impacted Journey, she demonstrated an ability to overcome those challenges with proper care and training. Her story underscores the importance of socializing rescued dogs to help them thrive in their new homes.

Why This Story Captivated People

This rescue story captivated people around the world for many reasons. Most importantly, it showed the powerful bond between dogs and humans. Even after months away from civilization, the dog remembered its owners and the companionship of humans (Psychology Today, 2022). The story also highlighted important themes of loyalty, perseverance and second chances. Despite adversity, the dog never gave up hope of returning home one day.

why story of rescued dog captivated public interest

The tale resonated with animal lovers everywhere because it reminded us that our pets are part of the family. They depend on us just as much as we depend on them for unconditional love and support. Though lost for a time, this dog found its way back thanks to its refusal to abandon all hope. Stories like this remind us how special the human-animal bond truly is. They emphasize core values like commitment, forgiveness and believing in new beginnings.

This Dog’s Unique Story

What makes the case of Ghost the coyote dog extraordinary is how long he survived living among coyotes in the wild. According to this article, Ghost was found running with a pack of coyotes in the Nevada desert after several months. Most domesticated dogs would struggle to survive for even a few days living among coyotes, competing for food and coping with the harsh desert conditions. Yet Ghost managed to integrate into the coyote pack and keep up with them for many months, which is highly unusual.

Ghost’s remarkable adventure captured public interest not just because of the length of time he survived with coyotes, but because it seems he chose to stay with them rather than returning to human civilization. As the article explains, Ghost was seen multiple times near homes at the edge of the desert, yet kept disappearing back into the wild. This voluntary choice to embrace life as a coyote is what made his story truly extraordinary and earned him the nickname “The Coyote Dog.”

Second Chances

After being rescued and examined by veterinarians, the dog was found to be in relatively good health despite his time in the wild. He was underweight but had no major injuries. The rescuers decided to name him Charlie, a common name for a dog in that region. Charlie was placed in a foster home to begin his recovery and rehabilitation.

The foster family worked patiently with Charlie to resocialize him and help him adapt to living with humans again. He was initially fearful and skittish around people after so long without human contact. But with time, consistency and positive reinforcement, Charlie began to regain his trust and enjoy the comforts of home. His personality blossomed as he learned how to be a house pet once more.

Charlie’s story of survival against the odds and his successful recovery captured the hearts of many. People were inspired by this dog’s resilience and ability to readjust after his months alone in the wilderness. Even though he went through an ordeal, Charlie did not lose his ability to love and trust again when given affection. His story showed that no matter what animals endure, with care and compassion, they can be given second chances at life as loving pets.


The story of the dog rescued after months of living with coyotes captivated people because it was a remarkable tale of survival and redemption. After disappearing from its home, the dog was able to adapt to life in the wild for an extended period. Its eventual rescue and return to domestic life offered a second chance and a happy ending. Stories like this one remind us of the resilience of animals, the bonds they can form with humans, and their ability to overcome adversity. Though the dog faced many challenges, its story ultimately conveys a message of hope.

In conclusion, the saga of the wilderness dog offered a gripping real-life narrative with several twists and turns. While tragic at times, the dog’s journey highlights the instinct to endure and the capacity to thrive again after hardship. The story provides a unique perspective into the world of a lone domestic dog making its way among coyotes. Though full of grim moments, the dog’s eventual homecoming gave the story an uplifting resolution. For many, this powerful tale represented an affirmation of the human-animal bond.

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